10 Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

This is a truly awesome list and we had a lot of fun compiling it. The debate about who is better will continue in the long term but meanwhile let’s enjoy both the lists of the series compiled!

10. Women “grow” other human beings inside them

Beautiful pregnant woman
Women have the capability to grow an entire new person inside them. Men on the other hand make sperms that look like tadpoles and don’t even know which way to go until they accidentally budge into an egg inside the female’s body. That is all the role they play while a woman carries a “moving”, “kicking”, “grown” baby inside her!

9. They can tolerate pain

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men
Like having a baby push through yourself is not enough once, they do it again and yet again. Women have a greater tolerance for pain as they would go on doing all their chores for the whole nine months. Men on the other hand would hide under the sheets if they have flu.

8. Multi tasking

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men
Women can reply to emails on the smartphones, cook, watch over the baby and listen to TV news at the same time. Men? hahaha! See also Best Jobs for Women.

7. Female brain has better healing ability

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men
Let’s say if both a man and woman met an accident at the same time, a woman would be up doing her daily tasks even before the man opens his eyes. That is because a female’s neurons are interlinked while the brain of a man is compartmentalized.

6. Communication experts

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men
Women can talk to anyone, anywhere. They know how to socialize with the bus driver, the teacher of their kids, the cleaner, the salesperson or anyone sitting with them in the bus. Advances in human life are because of communication and we owe that to women.

5. Women get things done

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men
If men don’t find anything interesting, they will not do it. Likewise, they will not do anything again if they aren’t encouraged and appreciated the first time- even if it is something like washing dishes. Women on the other hand will get things done when they have to.

4. Women have super powers that get things done

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men
The utility boy will leave the power on, the policeman will let the woman off without charging a ticket and she will get her way around any problem. This super power is tears!

3. Detail oriented

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men
Women can categorize things like task lists, birthdays, shopping lists, assignments and whole calendars in their brains while remembering smaller details like what their boyfriend likes for dinners and other basic facts. That is downright impossible for men.

2. Women live longer

Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men
Women are stronger than men when it comes to nerves which is probably why they live on average, a year longer than men. Women are also better decision makers regarding their diet, duties and health check ups.

1. Psychic powers

Beautiful Woman in Office
Not only can women tell why their baby is crying, they can also be absolutely sure if their husband is cheating or their friend is having a problem. She will already have figured you out so there is no point lying about it. A woman has strong intuition.

Written By: Wardah Maaz

  • Dank Donkerson

    they are also terrified of spiders, but lets let that be for a moment.
    women “don’t” have a higher tolerance for pain and what they are referring to is the chemical women’s body release during pregnancy “and only during pregnancy” that helps then through it, men have a higher tolerance for pain because our bodies are made that way.
    look at the guy who cut his own arm off when it got pined by a rock and than walked out until he found help by hikers, and that was after standing 5 days and dehydrated.
    men and women are different, why do women feel the need to compare themselves to men?

  • jay

    Wow, sounds very sexist to me. Need I even point out, imagine if someone wrote an article titled, “Top 10 Reasons why men are superior to women”.

    • James

      My thinking precisely!

      • bliglum .

        Gotta love those double standards… Same thing with racism. See Black Entertainment Television (BET), United Negro College fund, and various black centric magazines etc… Wonder how well a White folk only college fund would go over! Haha!

    • jay

      Let me add a year later (this was just brought back to my attention because somebody upvoted me): If this was meant to be cute and fun and the same writer posted an article elsewhere on “10 reasons why men are superior to women”, I’m happy to laugh along with light-hearted humor. If it’s meant to be serious, then no. 10 and 2 are provably true. 8 and 3 are probably true. 5 is sexist and dumb: lots of men do hard, unpleasant jobs. 9 is confusing one factor with the total equation: men routinely put up with much more pain than women do. 4 is bizarre. Men are sympathetic to women and will give a woman a break when they’d hold a man’s feet to the fire. How does that make women superior to men? I hope that one’s a joke. Of course I figure #2, “women live longer”, at least part of the reason is because men protect women from harm, often at the risk of their own lives. 7 I don’t know. Is that just something the writer made up or is there actual evidence for it?

    • SjhjnjBsjICggg


      • Ryzler

        1) Animals were waging wars before humans, this behavior can be observed in modern primates.

        2) Women fight in wars alongside men.

        3) Women have started their own wars. From the mythical Helen of Troy cheating on her husband and plunging all of the Greek states into war, to the British Empire that was notably led by queens. And let’s not forget Russia’s Catherine the Great! She screwed over half over Europe because she wanted to make the Tsars great again.

        People, get your head out of your asses. Gender has nothing to do with anything and every single thing in this list comes down an individual basis (including childbirth and pregnancy).

        One last note: Sperm don’t know which way to swim, yes. But what the Hell can your egg do besides sit and wait? Nothing. Your egg can’t do nothing on its own.

        • Jack Hoff

          Fucking destroyed LOL.

  • Steve Shaw

    Aside from the fact that most of these are false, it’s not a bad list. By the way, women may “grow” human beings inside them, but men do the planting.

  • James

    Not sexist at all 😛 Not like I care, but as far as I can make out only the first one is accurate, all others are either entirely dependant upon individual in question, completely reversed or simply ridiculous (super powers). We get it, you love yourself and other woman, I googled your name and every single article of yours I could find was about woman. Try basing your articles on FACTS for a change, not just what you think or would like to believe. I struggle to believe that you get paid for this rubbish.

    • jay

      Like #1, “they can also be absolutely sure if their husband is cheating or their friend is having a problem”. Yeah, like I remember when I was going through my divorce. My wife and our female marriage counselor regularly talked about how they just knew what I was thinking, and I would tell them, “Umm, no, that’s not what I was thinking at all”, but they dismissed this because they just KNEW. Like I was guilty of wife abuse because, even though I had never hit her or hurt her in any way, she just knew that there were all these times when I was going to hit her but then someone else entered the room or some other event stopped me. So I was guilty based on what she “knew” I was going to do but never actually did. At least that you could plausibly say I was lying, but often she would say this about things where I had absolutely no reason to lie. Like the time I wanted to spend some time playing with the kids but instead my wife hired a babysitter, which ruined the evening for me because I was too self-conscious to play baby games with a 5 year old while a teenage babysitter was sitting there watching. But my wife insisted she just knew “from the look on my face” that I didn’t want to play with the kids that night so she hired the babysitter as a favor to me so that I could do something else. It became pointless to try to give my side of the story because they decided they already knew my side. [end of rant]

  • Yash Vora

    for me women r best when they r mothers – nothing can b as pure & priceless ; rest all can b managed

  • Steve

    Women have vaginas and breasts; that’s good enough for me. Until some snot-nosed brat comes into the world and ruins both. heh!

    • MehnNieIC

      Ur a guy, Steve.
      Nice try! Faking to be a female and posting comment like that!
      Go play outside kid!

  • cal

    They are different, not better. Women may be able to communicate better, but men can do it more efficiently amongst themselves, often only needing one or two words in the same sitiuation a woman would need five or six. In addition to that, it isn’t true women can undergo more pain. In fact(no joke here) getting kicked in the nuts is 160 times as painful as giving birth and is the equivalent of breaking 3200 bones, or breaking everything in your body 16 times over.

  • Wardaah Maace

    definitely feminist
    whoever wrote this is a dumb retarded mofo

  • Jaks

    But forget all the men who go to war, work in more dangerous jobs. And do you seriously belive a sperm, A FUCKING SPERM, is spoosed to now where the fucking egg is?

    • BarackNdIC


  • DJ Zest


  • Jessfromtex

    Yes women are the best we should extract sperm from men and then kill them all even the new burns should only be women

    • Alex James

      You should be arrested for those extreme views. If they were political views you would be called a terrorist!!

  • Lee Duhamel

    Holy fuck this is disgusting. Do you fucking people know why women average a year more than men? That is because men are the ones fighting over seas and dieing on job sites so these stupid cunts can treat men like shit.

  • Marathon-Youth

    Wrong on so many aspects. I will address just some.
    Men have a greater tolerance for pain than women and we heal faster. That is proven by science. We have our legs and hands blown up in war. -Men have our guts on the ground defending a nation men created. Maybe women should be on the front lines of a machine gun while men stayed at home.

    -Women have the ability to grow life in them as long as there is a man to help them with it, but even a woman who is dump as a flatulent cow can give birth. Men on the other hand have to be exceptional to invent, innovate and discover. Over 99% of our world is the creation of men, not women. Men are the greatest force of creation and it is not dictated by nature. If a man does not make that effort then nothing is discovered or invented.

    -Communication skills. Men invented the age of Information, men invented and perfected language, all the great philosophers to founders of all the major faiths are men. that takes the most extraordinary communications skills.

    • HdindinIC

      I see that you loves men and loves bragging about them but

      All of these things you are complimenting on your men, is it true? Maybe, BUT if u don’t experience it in real life and seeing it with YOUR OWN 2 EYES then I can’t help but knowing that you won’t know the full details. KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE are 2 different things, knowledge is not enough to cover the truth.
      both genders have its own different hardships.
      Gay or lesbian or transgender or queer.

  • I.N.

    oh dude, find a proof , thats not enough to change ones mind

  • VuygvIC

    This is general view on women, but basing on a larger perspective, there are many different traits that plays a role. Gender women don’t always define a person.
    PERSON is define by their personality, lazy or active. Stubborn or shy. Strong or weak. And ECT.
    And society plays a role too. Weather Gay or Lesbian, trangender and queer and ECT.
    And environment plays a role in a persons life.
    Also people who they get influences from can affect the outcomes
    What they sees on social media and television can effect their way of life.
    Technology have becoming more larger and bigger over years which can affect human beings.
    Health is an important factor playing a roles in others people weather they have Depression or Anxiety , traumatized or physically hurt and ECT….
    Also ECT. I’m telling you, there are many things come into play before you judge others.

  • Kato

    Just what i was looking for, something amazingly stupid to laugh at to pass the time. Having your own personal views is fine, but statimg any of this as facts is amazingly ignorant. Human individuality is a thing everyone. Meaning every single person on this planet is physically, mentally and genetically different. Girls who say guys are inferior to guys are self centered and same goes for guys who say vice versa. And for fuck sake men and wemon are responsible for war. If you honestly believe that men single handedly created war, then you have some personal issues.

  • notafraidofyourbs

    And women are better because they have it better than men. Who else can decide to marry a man, divorce him, and get half? Who else can cry rape, have it proven to be not true, and not get in any trouble for lying? Who else can decide to have an abortion without the Father’s input? Who else can marry for money and not do a thing for her husband? You ladies are superior for those reasons. Women’s privilege is an amazing thing. Kinda makes you feel bad for those oppressed men who enjoy none of the’s privilages. Oh….and the wage gap is a lie. Look at the real statistics, not the one the oppressors rigged up. Enjoy the truth you scummy pigs.

  • Newb

    Smh, When I finished reading this, I knew that there’s was going to be at least this one person who will say something like “This is soooo sexist!” Come on! This was probably for the fun of it, this was probably a joke! So don’t start thinking it’s saying something like “Women are best!” We’re all human so, there’s no point in this argument.

  • John Anthony

    fuck this article.

  • JiWiK

    11 – they can argue about things in their head what never happened,.. 12 – hate lies but lies all the time about everything – who it was? nobody, What is wrong? nothing… 13 – hate hypocrisy – are two-faced bitches about other womens… 14 – don´t makes mistakes – everything is fault of the partner… 15 – start argument about every single small thing and pretend to be victim and blame partner… 16 – partner can´t have a female friend – womens can have dozens male friends… 17 – partner can´t have a hobby – womens can… 18 – partnec cant go out with his friends and have to sit in silent with her in front of the boring TV show – womens can… etc etc