• http://milano.bbakeca.com/ BBakeca

    they are all amazing!

  • http://www.glitzyworld.com/ Maria Khan

    They are beautiful!

  • S. Rathore

    That’s it!

    • catlover

      Sardar! Its you

  • Aslam

    Beautiful! I,ve a cute Mudi, named “Sheela” I love my sweet white Sheela.

    • Sheela

      My name is sheela. Sheela ki jawni

  • Balooh

    I’m not really fond of dogs. But for a long time have thought would love to have number 8. Tibetan mastiff. Gorgeous looking dog. Really cool.

    • Notadog

      But I cant. Because its too much castly

  • Notadog

    Oh my favorite Karelian Bear. I love it. Cute pupy

  • Notadog

    There are some dogs in my area that I think totally unique but you not include here even one from those. I am going to send you som pics and details. Hope you must like

    • http://www.wonderslist.com/ Ejaz Khan


  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    Oh my favorite Karelian Bear. I love it