• David

    How do you leave off Kimberly Gilfoile?

    • Will

      EXCATLY? That is one smoking hot lady!!! She is a Jamie, a Patti, and an Andrea in one package. Would pay to watch her walk and breathe.

    • TMZ

      He only had ten slots. And Fox News uses a lot of people.

    • John M.

      Kimberly Gilfoile is toxic Hot

    • sickofthebs

      She is smoking!

  • Rick Cromack

    Ummm…Alisyn Camerota? SERIOUSLY? Where’s she on this list?

    • jebrayshaw

      Alison is now on CNN and not that hot.

  • me

    stupid list . . . Kimberly, Andrea, Jedediah, Meghan and Gretchen . . thats the list ! PERIOD

    • Roger54

      Gretchen is unbelievably hot; no doubt of that.

    • Joyce McQueen

      Is Sheppard GAY, everyone says he is???

  • Anthony Evans

    Dont find any of them attractive.

    • oldtoothlesslion

      Obviously you like dudes.

    • FeralPundit

      Only two reasons for that, 1) Gay or 2) are a leftist jealous troll because we have all the pretty, smart and attractive women in journalism/TV

    • jebrayshaw

      Unbelievable, unless see comments below.

  • b2burns

    Among others, I scan FOX News daily. It’s obvious that it wishes to critically and professionally investigate and report news while pleasing the eye.

  • Troy Allen

    Where’s maria molina.

    • jebrayshaw

      You are right. The weather is news. They just were not thinking

  • 7962

    This list needs to be expanded to 30. Where are Kimberly, Martha, Jedidiah, Harris, Anna, Juliet, etc etc ect

  • Dean in Cleveland

    Kimberly Guilfoyle should be #1 and she is left off the list entirely?

  • Soldier

    Andrea Tantaros is my favorite.

  • Roger54

    Where is Gretchen on this list?

  • http://www.southparkstudios.com/news Abdullah Oblongata

    I would only screw Megyn or Gretchen. Dana has really small tit in comparison. She is hot but I like hot boobs.

    • jebrayshaw

      Dream on fool. Your comment is crude.

      • peterp77

        He’s a Muslim. Infidel women are nothing but sex objects to him.

  • SamuraiCop101

    heather childers,ainsley earthardt,anna kooiman

  • Vinchenzo C

    God, those girls are hot!
    Guilfolye is definitely in the top ten though. For my money she’s the hottest woman on TV.

  • Bertram Allen

    Pay them enough and these Ladys will say, and wear just about anything. Too bad their not on CNN.

  • Vince Davis

    Any woman who reports the news in an honest, unbiased, straightforward way gets props. If they are attractive to boot, that’s even better.

  • Vince Davis

    To help clarify my earlier post, women of Fox News get my wholehearted vote for best-looking in the news biz.

  • Sabino Morla

    Tantaraos is my favorite as well. But where is Simmonetti?

  • Arthur Reich

    What about Greta.

    • TMZ

      Greta used to dress sexier at CNN but she tones it down now.

  • Michael Hurnovich

    Hey..Anna Kooiman is really hot!

  • TMZ

    My Top Ten:(Fox Business people not included)
    10. Heather Childers
    9. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
    8. Julie Banderas
    7. Harris Faulkner
    6. Andrea Tantaros
    5. Jedidiah Bila
    4. Dana Perino
    3. Katie Pavlich
    2. Megyn Kelly
    1. Anna Kooiman

  • SamuraiCop101

    Anna Kooiman Ainsley Earhardt Heather Childers

  • Jack Simpson

    Dana Perino is one of the most beautiful women in the world. How could she not crack the top ten?

    • Stephen Crane

      I concur. Sometimes you just need to get past the flash to see the substance.

  • Phil Chicago

    Martha McCallum’s sense of humor and wit make her more attractive.


    too much makeup!!!…they look like manniquins!!!…Treasures in Heaven
    MATT. 6:19-20
    “JESUS SAID” “Do not store up for
    yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves
    break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where
    moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

  • RolandDeschain1 .

    No love for Joanne Nosuchinsky?

  • dirk diggler

    fox news corporate whores are even worse than street whores, at least the whores on the street do an honest job

    • whocanwefooltoday

      Make believe they said Obama is great JA; Than they would not be whores

      • dirk diggler

        obama is a zionist puppet

        • whocanwefooltoday

          He is a fool; not GD thing to do with any religion. GFY

          • dirk diggler

            zionism is not a religion, it is political ideology

          • dirk diggler

            he openly support zionism which isn’t a religion. Zionism is racist political ideology

        • sam wilkinson

          Fuck u nigger

          • Joyce McQueen


    • senfoghorn1

      dirk diggler: Keep up the good work, dirk. What would we do without an authority like yourself out there checking that the working girls on the street do an honest job? I know some would call you a pimp but I think female evaluator extraordinaire sounds better.

      • dirk diggler

        i think men who use working girls for pleasure deserve more respect than corporate apologists like yourself

      • dirk diggler

        i will always evaluate corporate apologists, the lowest class of human on earth

    • sam wilkinson

      Must be a fucking demorat. Or a nigger.

    • Joyce McQueen

      Good for you,& your a guy!

    • sickofthebs

      hate women?

      • dirk diggler

        hate corporate apologists, men or women …..no people on earth are lower

    • Jim Tapia

      Give me news corporate whores you can have the vibrator duche bag

      • dirk diggler

        i bet your mother owns vibrators

        • SamyyCiao

          Poop on you – are so boring and dumb!

  • Brian

    No offense, but Patti in the Top 10 doesn’t sound right to me. Where are Martha McCallum and Harris Faulkner?!?

  • Faux News

    Beauty without brains! How sad!

    • sickofthebs

      LOL, whatever you say douche.

  • Barley

    Whoever did this poll did it right. Jenna is so beautiful and down to earth….She has not let her beauty and brains go to her head like many of them do … Kelly for instance. I loved Kelly when she first started but now she is so full of herself I don’t watch her any more. I like Martha and I cannot believe she didn’t make this list. Ainsley and Andrea are wonderful. Yes, they got it right this time….except like I indicated, Martha should have been in Kelly’s place. Anyone agree?

  • dee walker

    I am a faithful Fox viewer, but I don’t appreciate Julie Banderous, preaching to those of us you hold the Religious belief that marriage is between one man and one women, she like the rest of us can believe differently, but don’t preach to those who hold a different belief. I am not some crazy uneducated southerner, just a believer in the Bible and in God’s word..I hope someone will read this and from now on when she is on I will change the channel.

  • Joyce McQueen

    andrea & her crotch shots!!!

  • John

    Ainsley Earhardt is the most beautiful woman in the world. Kimberly Gilfoile is an extremely close second.

  • Gary

    Wow. This just proves all of the best looking ones are on Fox LA!

  • SamyyCiao

    Megan K and Harris F are 1 and 2 with their recent makeovers – look fantastic for their age!