10 Best Tips to Quit Smoking

10 Best Tips to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is probably the hardest task to do. But with a strong will power and proper techniques you can get rid of this deadly habit. Here are 10 tips to quit smoking. Read them and follow the instruction. I am sure it will help you.

10 Best Tips to Quit Smoking

Top 10 Best Tips to Quit Smoking.

1- Make a decision

OK, so you decide to quit smoking. The first thing is to make a firm decision. Prepare yourself that you are going to do a great job. It is the test of your will power. Smoking is not necessary for you. It is much harmful for you and you are going to prevent your body from many deadly diseases.

2- Check your smoking routine

So you made the decision. Now check your smoking routine. At which time you feel to smoke. Many people do it after taking meal or when they wake up or before going to toilet. Some do it when they are in parties or in hang out with friends. Some do it casually. So identify when you smoke more often and make a plan to manage the routine without smoking.

3- Make a plan to quit smoking

Make a promise, “I’m gonna quit today” and stick to it. Don’t be put off by a wedding, party or other time when you’d normally smoke. Have a system of rewards, a support system, a person to call if you’re in trouble. Write down what you’ll do when you get an urge. Print it out. Post it up on your wall, at home and at work. If you wait until you get the urge to figure out what you’re going to do, you’ve already lost. You have to be ready when those urges come.

4- Take a clean start

You made the decision. You already checked your routine. It’s time to take a clean start. Throw away your cigarettes, ashtrays and other stuff involve in smoking. Clean up your room, car every place where you smoke. A cigarette free environment will give you much more motivation to achieve your goal.

5- Make it public

Tell your friends and family members that you are going to quit smoking. Share it on your social network e.g. (Facebook, twitter). Immediacy people will encourage you.it will boost you to manage your plan.

6- Plan the alternatives

Quit coffee, Alcohol and other stuff which enhance the need of smoking. Plan alternatives instead of them. Drink water more often. Meet with nonsmoker friends. Tell them about your decision. Try to change your lifestyle as a nonsmoker. Adopt some healthy habits.

7- Set a non-Smoking policy

Don’t allow other people to smoke in your home or car. Try to spend much more time in non-smoking zone. Tell other people that you quitted smoking so don’t do it in front of you. It will work for you and make your image as a non-smoker.

8- Nicotine replacement therapy

If you smoke heavily may be it is difficult for you to quit immediately. You can join the quit smoking program nearest to you or you can use nicotine patches. Nicotine chew gum is also a god idea to reduce smoking gradually.

9- Celebrate your success

You made the decision. You follow all the instructions and now you are a non-smoker. Celebrate your achievement. Arrange a party with friends or plan a hangout. You will surely feel more energetic and motivated.

10- Never give up

The average smoker takes 10 to 11 attempts to quit smoking. But probably you did it in your fist try. So remember these three words “Never Give Up”.