Top 10 Celebs Who Suffered From HIV / AIDS

AIDS is among the world’s most deadly diseases and is caused by a virus called HIV virus. It’s been 30 years since it was first recorded. Since then 36 million people have died by AIDS. What the virus does is that it attacks the immune system of a human body and breaks it down, often leading to death. And this isn’t any poor man’s disease, because there are several celebs who suffered from HIV / AIDS.

AIDS is one of the most controversial diseases to have gripped the world. Scientists believe that the disease had its origin in non-human primates which later somehow got transmitted to humans in West-Central Asia. Over the years the disease has claimed several lives including those countless celebs who suffered from HIV / AIDS. Some survived, some didn’t. Here’s a list of some most famous of them:

Top 10 Famous Faces of HIV and AIDS:

10. Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson, a American musician was born on 19th march 1953 and died on 12th October 1985. He used to play guitar and was a member of the popular band B52. His was first diagnosed with the illness in 1983 when, Ricky, along with his band was recording their upcoming third studio album named ‘Whammy!’ After fighting for survival for 2 long years, Ricky died at an age of 32 in the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre. He was later buried in Oconee Hill Cemetry.

9. Gia Carangi

celebs who suffered from HIV / AIDS

She was absolutely gorgeous but could not fight for long and succumbed like other celebs who suffered from HIV / AIDS. Gia Carangi was born on 29th January 1960 and died on 18th November 1986. She was a American model by profession. Gia modeled for some of the top most brands like Giorgio Armani, Levi, Maybelline etc. during her flourishing career. Her career graph started to fall only after she got addicted to heroine and had to be admitted to Warminster General Hospital due to pneumonia. A few days later the doctors diagnosed the presence of HIV virus in her body. She was transferred to Hahnemann University Hospital where she ultimately died at the age of 26.

8. Pedro Pablo Zamora

Pedro Pablo Zamora

Pedro was born on 29th February 1972 and died on 11th November 1994. He was probably one of the first open gay men of the last century when homosexuality was still a crime in the US. He even had a partner named Sean Sasser. Pedro first came into limelight when he appeared on MTV’s ‘The Real World: San Fransisco’ where he talked about his life as a member of the LGBT community and about his illness due to AIDS. He died at 4:40am EST on 11th November after the final episode of the reality show was aired. Sean, his partner too suffered from AIDS and died at an age of 44. After Pedro’s death, US president Bill Clinton said in public that Pedro’s tremendous courage and audacity was inspiring.

7. Rock Hudson

Rock and Doris Day

Handsome hunk Rock Hudson was born on 17th November 1925. He was a top class actor during his era. Reports said that the cause of his AIDS was due to the affected transfused blood which he had to take during his heart bypass operation. He publically confirmed that he was suffering from AIDS on July 1985 after a year since he was diagnosed with the disease. He died on 2nd October 1985 becoming one of the celebs who suffered from HIV / AIDS.

6. Brad Davis

Brad Davis HIV AIDS

The American actor Brad Davis was born on 6th November 1949 in Florida. One of his most famous film was ‘Midnight Express’. Doctors diagnosed him with HIV in the year 1985 but Davis never talked publicly about his health. Later, just before his death, he published an autobiography where he wrote that he had to keep his illness a secret so that his family could survive and get work. Even when suffering from AIDS, Brad consumed narcotic drugs. Then one day he did a drug overdose and had to be taken to hospital by his family. There he decided to end his life by Euthanasia. He died on 8th September 1991 surrounded by his family and close friends.

5. Timothy Patrick Murphy

Timothy Patrick Murphy

Timothy was an American actor, born on 3rd November 1959. At the age of 29 he died from Aids. becoming one of the celebs who suffered from HIV / AIDS. He was linked with Brad Davis who was a bisexual and also died from AIDS, as we’ve already mentioned above. It has been rumored that Murphy might have had a sexual affair with Brad and it was from him that he got infected. His body now rests at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Hollywood Hills. Timothy died on 6th December 1988.

4. Eazy-E

Eric Eazy-E Wright

Eric Lynn Wright a.k.a. Eazy-E was a very popular rapper. He was so good that he was often called “The Godfather of Gangsta Rap” by his fans and critics. He was born on 7th September 1963 and died on 26th march 1995 at the age of 31. Eric was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after an asthma attack. Following which he was diagnosed with AIDS. After 2 months of his diagnosis, he publicly admitted what he was suffering from. It has been reported that he was in relation with several women over the course of his life and may have received the disease from one of them. His body now rests at Rose Hills.

3. Keith Haring

Keith Haring

Keith was born on 4th may 1958 and died on 16th February 1990. He was an artist known for his ‘Crack is wack’ work. His death was a result of AIDS related complications. Doctors diagnosed him with AIDS in July 1987. The disease became a part of his work and inspired many pieces. He was determined and pushed himself to work more and make a mark. After his death, Madonna, the singer, dedicated a show after Keith and donated money she earned by selling tickets of her own show to AIDS charities.

2. Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ash

The famous Arthur Ashe was a great professional tennis player of America and unfortunately ranks among the celebs who suffered from HIV / AIDS. He was born on 10th July 1943. Arthur was the first black player who represented US Davis Cup team and the first black man to win Wimbledon US Open. After being diagnose with AIDS, he founded Arthur Ashe Foundation to fight against AIDS and he even went on to educate common people about safe sex.  Arthur died on 6th February 1993 due to AIDS related complications at New York Hospital. His body was kept in Governor’s Mansion in Richmond till 10th February. The memorial service was held at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in Manhattan.

1. Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson HIV AIDS

Earvin Magic Johnson was a professional basketball player born on 14th august 1959. He used to play for National Basketball Association a.k.a. NBA. He is the only person in this list who is still alive with HIV virus in his blood. After being diagnosed with the disease, Earvin founded the Magic Johnson Foundation to eradicate AIDS. He was the chief speaker for the United Nation’s World AIDS Day Conference in 1999. He admitted publicly that he was a drug addict and had several relationships including homosexuals during his career peak.