10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia

Mostly in every developed country you found the monuments of famous personalities, figures of animals, pictures of some characters truly enormous. But in Australia, it’s amazing to see something so big. No exception about the big things in Australia. Installing the giant copies of objects and animals in this country has become a tradition.

There are estimated to be over 150 such objects around the country. These big things have become something of a cult phenomenon, and are sometimes used as an excuse for a road trip, where many or all big things are visited and used as a backdrop to a group photograph. Many of the big things are considered works of folk art and have been heritage-listed.

The 10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia

The Big Galah:

Big Galah

Located in Kimba, South Australia, the Big Galah stands tall as a tribute to one of Australia’s most iconic birds. This giant pink and grey cockatoo sculpture captures the essence of the Outback in a whimsical way.

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The Big Pineapple:

Big Pineapple

Found on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the Big Pineapple is a towering tribute to one of Australia’s favorite tropical fruits. Visitors can explore the surrounding pineapple farm and learn about the region’s rich agricultural heritage.

The Big Merino:

Big Merino

Standing proudly in Goulburn, New South Wales, the Big Merino is a tribute to Australia’s wool industry. This colossal ram serves as both a tourist attraction and a symbol of the country’s rural heritage.

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The Big Lamb:

Big Lamb

Another oversized ode to Australia’s agricultural roots, the Big Lamb can be found in Guyra, New South Wales. This quirky sculpture celebrates the country’s love for lamb, a staple of Australian cuisine.

The Big Bicycle:

Big Bicycle

Located in the town of Chinchilla, Queensland, the Big Bicycle is a whimsical addition to Australia’s collection of oversized sculptures. This giant bike pays homage to the town’s cycling culture and eco-friendly initiatives.

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The Big Bowl:

Big Bowl

Situated in Taree, New South Wales, the Big Bowl is a larger-than-life representation of the region’s love for lawn bowls. Visitors can marvel at this colossal sporting equipment and even enjoy a game on the adjacent bowling greens.

The Big Beer Can:

The Big Beer Can

Nestled in Cobar, New South Wales, the Big Beer Can is a quirky tribute to Australia’s love for a cold brew. This oversized aluminum can is a must-see for beer enthusiasts and roadside attraction aficionados alike.

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The Big Axe:

Big Axe

Found in Kew, New South Wales, the Big Axe pays homage to Australia’s timber industry. This massive tool serves as a reminder of the country’s pioneering spirit and the importance of forestry in shaping its history.

Giant Mushroom:

Giant Mushroom

Tucked away in Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory, the Giant Mushroom is a whimsical addition to the country’s collection of oversized sculptures. This larger-than-life fungus captures the imagination of visitors and adds a touch of whimsy to the urban landscape.

The Big Banana:

Big Banana

Perhaps the most famous of Australia’s big things, the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, has become an iconic symbol of the country’s tourism industry. This colossal fruit offers visitors a range of attractions, including a banana-themed amusement park and educational tours of a working banana plantation.

From towering animals to oversized fruits, Australia’s big things are a testament to the country’s creativity, sense of humor, and cultural identity. Whether you’re road-tripping across the Outback or exploring the urban landscape, these quirky sculptures are sure to capture your imagination and leave a lasting impression.