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10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia

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Mostly in every developed country you found the monuments of famous personalities, figures of animals, pictures of some characters truly enormous. But in Australia, it’s amazing to see something so big. No exception about the big things in Australia. Installing the giant copies of objects and animals in this country has become a tradition. There are estimated to be over 150 such objects around the country. These big things have become something of a cult phenomenon, and are sometimes used as an excuse for a road trip, where many or all big things are visited and used as a backdrop to a group photograph. Many of the big things are considered works of folk art and have been heritage-listed.

The 10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia

10. The Big Galah

10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia
Top 10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia

Located at the “Halfway Across Australia Tourist Shop” at Kimba, South Australia. The Big Galah was built from fiberglass over a steel frame by Robert Venning, and was opened in 1993. Modeled on the Galahs that frequent the region, it stands at 8 meters (26 ft) high and 2.5 meters (8 ft 2 in) wide, and weighs in the vicinity of 2.3 tonnes.

9. The Big Pineapple

Big Pineapple
10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia

On the Sunshine Coast in South-East Queensland is a larger version of the Pineapple is a tourist attraction. It is 16 meter high and was originally opened on the 15 of August 1971. It is situated on a 165 hectare site. The Big Pineapple features two rides: One on a Nut Mobile, the other on a small train that takes passengers on a tour of the plantation and lets them optionally disembark at a small zoo situated on the property.The rides take visitors around the plantation while the driver broadcasts information about the plants at the plantation, along with a history.

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8. The Big Merino

Big Merino
10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia

The Big Merino is a 15-meter tall concrete merino ram, located in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. Nicknamed “Rambo” by locals, the Big Merino contains a gift shop on the ground floor and a wool display on the second floor. Visitors can climb to the top and look out through the Merino’s eyes to view the local area. The Big Merino was officially opened on 20 September 1985.

7. The Big Lamb

Big Lamb
10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia

Located in Guyra NSW,The Big Lamb is built in 1988. Erected by the town and district to promote the lamb and potato industries in New England. The lamb is stood over a potato plant. >> Top 10 Fascinating Wonders of Australia.

6. The Big Bicycle

Big Bicycle
10 Most Fascinating Big Things of Australia

Located in the Chullora Recycling Centre, Sydney. The bicycle built by Jonh Ridley, Andy Lugiz and Phillip Becker adorns the entrance to the Chullora Waste Transfer Station, Chullora. >> Planning a Trip to Australia: 10 Things you should know.

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5. The Big Bowl

Big Bowl
Located at Lake Cathie, A 10-foot high replica of a lawn bowl, consisting of one and a half tonnes of steel and concrete.

4. The Big Beer Can

The Big Beer Can
The Big Beer Can has a Tooheys New design, and is located above the entrance to the Grand Hotel. It is 5m high x 2.5m wide and holds 22,000 litres

3. The Big Axe

Big Axe
Located In the town of Kew Visitor Information Centre. The original sculpture was replaced in 2002 as a result of ant induced damage.

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2. Giant Mushroom

Giant Mushroom
Cheerful attraction for children in the suburbs of Canberra was built in a huge Mushroom. Located in the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets, the Giant Mushroom shelters a children’s playground. It was officially launched in 1998 by the ACT Chief Minister.

1. The Big Banana

Big Banana

One of the first Australian giants is Banana in the city of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. The Big Banana tourist complex includes a banana-themed souvenir shop, tours of the surrounding plantation and an indoor ski slope.

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