10 Most Intense Questions Of Human Spiritual Quest

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual Journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts” – Marianne Williamson

No human can go astray on a spiritual journey because we are born with that inner light that guides us. Listen to those desperate questions that rise within you and the light shall show you the path.

Human Spiritual Quest

1. What is the real purpose of existence?

There has to be more to life then getting up and chasing dreams in this materialistic world. Human life has to be more than just a vicious circle of never ending wants and desires. If we were given human form and placed at the highest level of evolution, there has to be some purpose behind it.

2. What lies beyond the cycle of birth and death?

We come to this world, pass some seventy – eighty years and then die. All this while, we suffer in one or the other form. Is there an end to such sufferings? Is there something that goes beyond the cycle of birth and death? If we were born ‘humane’ then why there is so much suffering in the world? Is there a way to overcome human sufferings, a way to rise above our own petty selves?

3. Is there a power, a source of energy that gives birth to all life forms?

People say that God made humans. But truth is that human made religions and different Gods for every religion. Generation after generation people go on believing and worshiping that ‘God’ which finds place in temples, mosques, churches or any such place of worship. And so the question of who really made humans, all other life forms, the planets and the universes.

4. Why am I not at peace when I am by myself?

We have made our lives so busy that we are left with no time to be alone. And if a moment like that arrives, we get so restless! Why is it that our mind is not at peace? We continuously need to keep it engaged or else it starts taking over us.

5. Is it possible to become egoless completely?

Ego is the root cause of all evil in the world. Why is it then that despite knowing it we go on nurturing our egos? We hurt and get hurt. And that goes on our entire life, like a never-ending drama. Is it possible for a human to overcome his ego and let go all that holds him back?

6. Why is it so difficult to connect with my inner-self?

With hyper-active minds, it is extremely difficult to quiet the mental chatter. Even those who meditate reach the state of calmness after much effort. And equally tricky is to maintain that calmness. If reaching a state of silence is so daunting, how is it possible to connect with our true, inner-selves?

7. Is it possible to transcend normal, mundane life?

Even if we awake to the misery of human life, how are we to leave our lifestyles, social relations and ambitions? Despite knowing the impermanence of our conditioned lives, how can we break its monotony?

8. Is it okay to think such deep stirring thoughts?

In life, one may have many friends and people one can trust. But when it comes to deep soul-stirring thoughts, we are usually left alone to deal with them. That is the essence of spirituality and life philosophy. In the process, many a times, one may reason his own thoughts; whether it is all right to find oneself amidst such questions and the idea to pursue them.

9. Why do I feel like a stranger in this world?

Ground-breaking life questions demand lots of alone time. A person needs to go within to realize their essence. As the picture of one’s inner world reveals, the outer world realities start obscuring. One may find himself disconnected from the outer world, its frenzy, demands and aspirations.

10. Are there others who also feel a need for spiritual liberation?

As a person turns inward, his social circle starts shrinking. One comes to realize that the people who share similar thoughts and wavelength are few. Our hearts guide us to those who can be our friends on such odyssey.