10 Ways You Can Start Using Aloe Vera Today

The humble plant growing in your garden or on your balcony that does not need too much attention or too much care yet offers you a never-ending list of benefits is none other than Aloe Vera. The gel that this plant produces is very mild yet is immensely beneficial, safe to be consumed and also applied externally. This one plant can help you look beautiful and stay healthy without having to spend a fortune. Let us now learn about the many benefits that Aloe Vera enables you to enjoy if you do not know about them already.

Ways You Can Start Using Aloe Vera

TOP 10 Best and Simplest Ways to Use Aloe Vera:

10. To prevent early aging

Wrinkles and fine lines are the first signs of early aging skin. Though there are many products available in the market to fight the same, instead of spending a fortune on them, and thus also introducing your skin to so many chemicals, it will be wise to start using Aloe Vera from an early age. You simply need to apply the gel of this plant on your face every day and let it work wonders for you. The leaf of Aloe Vera is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and other antioxidants that are just amazing for your skin.

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9. To treat cuts and rashes

Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera gel can effectively calm insect bites and any rashes on your skin. Even if you have small cuts on your skin you can give this plant a try straight away. As this gel is very soothing in nature it can also be used as a safe after-shave lotion. You may also choose to apply it on your skin after waxing or shaving and calm your skin down.

8. To reduce infection and acne

If you suffer from acne then you must give the gentle antimicrobial and cleansing properties of Aloe Vera a try. Its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties keep your skin protected from bacteria and other pathogens that can cause inflammation and infection. It also contains substances – polysaccharides and gibberellins that helps in the growth of new cells, and glycoproteins reduce redness and inflammation. So the next time you see a pimple or acne pop up, apply fresh aloe gel on the area right away.

Different Ways To Use Aloe Vera

7. To prevent dandruff

Dandruff has many causes like fungal infection, dry skin, oily and irritated skin. Aloe Vera can help with each of these conditions. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties fight fungus, and the gel also balances oiliness and keeps the scalp hydrated.

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6. To enjoy healthy hair growth


Aloe Vera can improve the blood circulation to your scalp, and deliver essential minerals and vitamins, and thus encourage new hair growth. It is rich in proteolytic enzymes which helps repair any dead cells present on the scalp. This healing gel can rejuvenate your hair and improve its elasticity. As your hair elasticity improves, there will be less hair breakage, and thus nothing will come in way of better hair growth.

Ways You Can Start Using Aloe Vera

5. To cure periodontal disease

Aloe Vera, according to certain studies, can prove to be very helpful in treating gum diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis. It reduces swelling of the gums, inflammation, and bleeding. It is a great antiseptic in pockets where it is not possible to clean normally. Owing to its antifungal properties, it proves to be of immense help in case of denture stomatitis, split and cracked corners of the mouth, and aphthous ulcers.

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4. To promotes better digestion

Aloe Vera, when consumed, offers as many benefits as it does externally. It can help improve digestion and also relieve ulcers. Some people say this happens because it is a laxative and others say this effect is because of its digestive qualities. The juice of this plant is also good for those suffering from rheumatism and arthritis.

3. To Provide deep conditioning to hair

If you have problems like tangled hair, frizzes, or extremely dry hair then Aloe Vera certainly can be of great help. It can make your hair soft and shine with health. All you need to do is apply the gel of the plant straight away, or you can mix it with coconut oil and then massage it on your scalp and leave it overnight. Next morning, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and you certainly will love your tangle free, smooth, and silky hair.

Provide deep conditioning to hair

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2. To exfoliate skin

Exfoliation is really important and must not be neglected if you want a fresh and glowing skin. Aloe Vera can serve as a perfect base for your homemade chemical-free exfoliator. It will provide oxygen to your cells, soften your skin, and strengthen the tissues, to make your skin look more vibrant. You can combine a half cup of Aloe Vera with a little baking soda or brown sugar to get a gritty texture (not sharp though). Rub this on your arms, elbow, heels, or whichever part of your body needs an exfoliation, and then wash off with fresh water.

1. To get rid of bad breath

Add one-fourth cup of pure Aloe Vera gel to half cup of apple juice or water and drink this concoction. Aloe Vera is rich in B-sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory compound, which will soothe acid indigestion that most commonly causes bad breath. However, do not consume Aloe Vera in too great an amount as it may work as a laxative.

get rid of bad breath by aloe vera

So, now that you are aware of the many ways others are using the humble Aloe Vera plant, do not let it sit alone in your garden anymore. Grab a leaf, scoop the gel out, use it, and enjoy the many benefits.