Best Demolition Technologies for Residential and Commercial Projects

Best Demolition Technologies for Residential and Commercial Projects
Photo by Kerry Rawlinson on Unsplash

Renovation and refurbishment aren’t always the best options. Some structures can be poorly designed, in poor condition, or no longer fit for purpose. Space can also be at a premium in built-up areas. As a result, it can often make more sense to demolish a structure and put a new one in its place. 

However, experts’ decisions on how to demolish buildings can depend on their location and the surrounding structures. Even the incredible technological advancements available at the time can play a part. Here are some of the best demolition technologies experts rely on to raze structures: 


Demolition can be messy. This is especially true in built-up areas where there often isn’t room for a significant amount of mess. While you’ll still need a dumpster rental service to manage demolition waste, a deconstruction demolition method may keep it to a minimum.

Deconstruction describes demolishing a building by taking it apart piece by piece. The goal is to salvage as much of the building materials as possible. These could then be used for other building projects in the future. 

Stop Motion

Demolishing buildings in high-density areas can be problematic from a safety perspective. That’s why Japanese construction company Kajima Construction invented Stop Motion. After all, Japan has an astounding population density of 344.81 inhabitants per square kilometer. Any demolition efforts in major cities need to be well thought out. 

The Stop Motion demolition technique involves lowering a building one floor at a time. Demolition experts use computer-controlled hydraulic jacks to function as the supporting columns of the bottom floor. The floor is then lowered, and the process is repeated for each floor. 

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is more than just a popular song. It’s a demolition technique that has been used since the 1950s. However, it’s no longer among the most popular technologies. While masonry is no match against a wrecking ball, it’s typically inefficient and hard to control. However, some demolition companies still use wrecking balls to lower structures to more manageable heights. 


If you need to remove a building surrounded by valuable engineering wonders, you’d likely want to avoid using the implosion demolition technique. One tiny error with this technique can cause the failure of surrounding structures. 

Implosion involves putting explosive charges in a building to remove its support structures. The goal is to make it fall onto itself and be non-damaging to surrounding structures. This demolition technique is particularly favorable for tall buildings in built-up urban areas. However, it’s generally considered a last-resort demolition method. This is due to the risk of damage to other structures.

Crusher Demolition

Construction technology has grown exponentially, greatly benefiting the demolition industry. We can now use hydraulic crusher machines to break down concrete structures. Machine-mounted hydraulic crushers make it easy for operators to separate concrete, frames, and steel bars. 

Many demolition experts also see crusher demolition as resulting in less pollution and being suitable for more demolition projects. This method may even be less dangerous as it doesn’t involve working at height. 

Not all demolition technologies and types will suit all structures. However, the more options we have at our disposal, the easier it can be for experts to choose the most fitting method for safe demolition.