10 Bizarre Things that the Ultra Rich Spend their Money On

Do you know that the Ultra Rich think differently when it comes to spending money? Usually, we think that they spend their money on big brands and costly things only.

Well, they do like to have good things, this is not the only way they spend their money. Rich or the ultra rich people know about things that common people do not know about. Here, we have discussed those things which are bizarre but on which rich people do append their money.

Bizarre Things that the Ultra Rich Spend their Money On

10. Registries of Luxurious Items

Rich people love to possess luxurious and rare items but they do not shop as we do. Let’s say a super rich person is looking to buy a rare car or an expensive and exotic item, he will go to duPont Registry and approach the owner of the item. Once the deal is done, the name of the new owner is added in the registry. What makes this crazy is that they never ‘physically’ possess the item.

9. Buy an AAirpass

In 1981, the price of this American Airlines pass was $250,000 and with an additional $150,000, you can also add a partner to it. The price rose to $3 million in 2004. Before, the number of flights were unlimited for the card holders and there was no expiration date. Now, the ‘unlimited’ part has been altered.

8. But Things from their own Craigslist Version

Yes, the ultra rich has their very own version of Craigslist or online shopping site. They do not wait for sales and discount deals and buy things from luxury sites like JamesEdition.com. The site lists a great deal of luxury items like real estate, jets and yachts.

7. Rent Fancy Watches

Why would they rent when they could just buy everything? This is where the rich people differ from us. Instead of buying everything, they decide wisely and refrain from investing in low value items. Instead of buying the watch, whenever a rich person wants to impress his equally rich peers, he visits BorrowedTimeWatches.com to rent a luxury watch.

6. Buy Black Russian Cigarettes

What makes these cigarettes so special and unique? Their filter is made out of gold. Rich smokers want something that could flaunt their style and help them display their style and status. Thanks to the luxury tobacco brand Sobranie that produces luxury cigarettes with gold filters.

5. Private Jets Co-Own or Timeshare

Of course they can buy the whole private jet but why invest in something that you can simply co own or rent? Rich people know where to invest and a private jet is definitely not on the top. Instead, they visit online marketplaces like NetJets.com to lease, rent or co-own these luxurious jets. Definitely a wise decision!

4. Buy Stocks in Berkshire Hathaway

Buying stocks in Berkshire Hathaway means that you are super rich. This is a conglomerate of different impressive companies with Warren Buffett being the Chairman, President and CEO. To buy the share in this company is not for the faint hearted and pocket of course.

3. Get Extremely Expensive Phones

That are also, most probably, customized to the owner’s taste. Instead of looking for functionality and design, rich people like to do something different and this is where gold plated phones and custom ringtones step in. Since the rich people has all the new technologies, they demand something more and with all the riches, they afford it all.

2. Have Kidnap Insurance

Since the rich people are always in the spotlight, there are high chances that they may get kidnapped for ransom. This is why they have kidnap insurance to cover this situation. What happens if they get kidnapped? Does the insurance company pay the ransom amount? Though there is a high chance of it, it is quite possible that they will send a badass rescue team to rescue you.

1. Spend on Pet Cloning

We all know the grief of saying goodbye to a beloved pet. However, the rich have a way out for this also and get their pet cloned. Viagen Pets helps them do it and bring their dead pets back to life, figuratively actually. They charge $35,000 for cats, $50,000 for dogs and $85,000 for horse cloning. Though this does not mean that your pet will be alive again but the process will produce babies that are genetically identical to the actual animal.

Besides there are a lot of other things on which the rich spend their money and those things could be so weird that we could not understand it. Rich people have loads of money and many times, this is because those people are wise and make sensible decisions.

What other things do the rich spend money on and are weird? Tell us in the comments below.