Brands Taking a Stand on Social Issues

There are so many social issues facing our society today. While these prevalent problems might seem too big for one person to solve, the world is quickly realizing that when we join hands together in unity, we overcome obstacles faster. There are, however, some groups who are more liable to reach more audiences due to the large platform and resounding media voice they have. 

According to research, more than 68% of US consumers expect brands to take a stand on these issues.

While so many brands pretend to do this for PR or marketing purposes, we are thankful that there are some who understand the gravity of the situation and are treating it as such. Read further to find out:

Top Brands Taking a Stand on Social Issues

Why Is It Important to Have More Brands Take on the Social Issues Campaign 

The internet is expanding every day, which has been more accommodating to business spaces. More people now shop online than ever before. This has caused the platform for most brands to grow exponentially. From travel brands to entertainment and fashion brands, they have a wide virtual consumer base that seems to be growing every day. 

One major reason brands should take a stand is that they have the voice and platform to reach millions of people with just one post. That is one big feat when it comes to social issue marketing. After the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, Nike took a stand. Not just any stand. They took their major trademark and made a big campaign out of it. 

Everyone knows Nike’s label is “Just Do it.” To support black lives during the BLM movement, they put a spin on their famous trademark. “Just Do It” became “For once, don’t do it. Don’t pretend there’s not a problem in America. Don’t turn your back on racism.” This single post reached millions of people, transforming and uplifting them all at once.

Top Travel Brands Taking a Stand on Social Issues

  • Cuban Adventures USA
  • Impulse Travel
  • MEJDI tours
  • Heart of a Thousand Hills
  • Eposak
  • Justice Travel 

You might wonder what travel brands have to do with social issues and what difference they can make. The above brands are located in different locations of the world; and here is how they make a difference: 

Travel BrandThe Stand
Cuban Adventures USAExploration of the rich, cultural values in Cuba; Support of underprivileged communities
Impulse TravelsReinventing Colombia’s image against the myth of drug and substance abuse
MEJDI toursEducating tourists against the myths of Israel and Palestine’s political, religious, and cultural backgrounds.
Heart of a Thousand HillsActively supporting underprivileged children and communities in Rwanda; Conservation and appreciation of cultural beauty and wildlife
EposakPromotes the development of sustainable tourism; money lending services to college students and tourism entrepreneurs in Venezuela
Justice TravelWorking to perfect travel and human rights in all sections of the world. The team is always working to educate every tourist they encounter and to make sure they perform actively in one or two human rights movements before they leave.

Social Justice Brands Working on Education

While many brands take stands on climate change, poverty eradication, provision of health and infrastructure to rural areas, etc, it’s easy to see why the expansion of education goes unnoticed.

Thankfully, several brands hold up the fort and make provisions for this. These brands are: 

  • BodyForm
  • IBM
  • Khan Academy
  • Microsoft 

Here is how each of these brands contributes to uplifting the educational system in our world today: 

BrandsThe Stand
BodyForm● Freely educating thousands of people on women’s health
● Shining light on issues such as endometriosis, fertility, menopausal flushes, etc
IBM●   Using technology to reach children across the globe
●   Creating cognitive campuses for college students
●   Customized learning and increased research capacity
Khan Academy●   Free practice exercises and instructional videos, and material samples on their site
●   Personalized learning dashboards
●   Skill mastery in any STEM subject
●   Distance learning support
Microsoft●   Free virtual educator
●   Free student training
●   Professional development training with certificates
●   Online aptitude  training


We are thankful that so many brands are choosing to stand up and fight social problems in our world today instead of just sitting back. With these huge platforms in support, we only have a little more to go. However, as individuals, we still have roles to play, and with these brands as inspiration, we can only hope to do better!