7 Most Important Locations for Gambling Enthusiasts

There are lots of places to visit in the world and some of them may be on your bucket list. Some people go for glitz and glamor while others prefer to visit more peaceful places. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that casino players go for casino destinations.

Most of them might be enjoying their favorite games online due to the dominating presence of online casinos. So, slot fans will be looking for their favorite slots everywhere, while poker fans will be looking for poker titles on various sites. They will go for poker sites Ireland has to offer, and even go for sites in Canada, the US and other countries, just so they can enjoy their favorite kind of poker titles.

But slouching on front of the PC or phone will take its toll, which is why they might be looking to take a break. Traveling can provide that break and thanks to several casino destinations, they can enjoy a good time while traveling and playing their favorite games. Here are seven such destinations:

Las Vegas

No casino fan is a true fan if they haven’t visited Vegas at least once. This is the casino destination for any casino fan, and anyone looking for an unforgettable experience. Once you arrive in Sin City, then you’ll need to visit the Strip for some of the best casinos known to man. The Bellaigio, Ventian, Caesar’s Palace and many other striking locations should be on your must-visit list. These sites also have various exclusive restaurants and bars, and some of them even offer live shows and films, offering an amazing casino experience for anyone visiting. Vegas remains a top destination for punters across the world.

Atlantic City

The West Coast is booming with several destinations that cans be considered hot spots for tourists. Atlantic City in Jersey is one of them, a city that’s well-known among casino fans and travelers. The city is ideal for anyone looking for a vibrant atmosphere as there are plenty well-equipped casinos that will cater to your needs.

These venues offer several table games and slot machines for the avid punters visiting from across the world. These casinos also offer bars and restaurants to visit for a drink or a nice meal if you’re looking to take a break from gaming. Alternatively, New Jersey has some of the top beaches in the US, so make sure to visit a couple of them when in Atlantic city.


When it comes to the east, China seems like an unlikely destination for casino fans. It’s culture and civilization has a attracted many tourists. However, the Macau region has also attracted many casino travelers. This is the one spot in China where punters can visit many casinos from international brands. Aside from the classic casino games, Macau casinos offer some traditional Chinese games any punter can try for a change. Just like the joints in Vegas, these casinos also offer additional entertainment options such as places to grab a bit or a drink.

Locations for Gambling Enthusiasts

Monte Carlo

The thing about Monte Carlo is that it’s one of the most luxurious casino destinations of the world. In other words, don’t go for Monte Carlo if you’re looking to travel on a budget. Monte Carlo is situated in Monaco and both the state and the city are known for their high life.

The Monte Carlo casino is one of the best in the world and it has a strict dress code so make sure to bring a suit. If you get tired of the table games and slot machines you can roam about Monte Carlo as there are plenty of things to do while you’re there. 


Another destination in the East gets the attention of casino travelers. Singapore is the destination in question and it offers several casino hotspots such as the Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. These are quite modern establishments and will offer all sorts of attractions for any casino fans. There are table games galore as well as loads of slot machines.

Since these are resorts, players can book a suite and enjoy the full casino experience. Aside from casinos Singapore has lots of other locations to offer as well as a vibrant nightlife for anyone looking to enjoy a good time.


London is known for Big Ben, the royal family and to casino fans is known as a casino destinations for its many casinos and betting shops. Racetracks are available all across London if you’re looking to get into that, then you’re free to do so. Otherwise, the Hippodrome Casino should be one of your destinations when you’re in London looking for a casino to visit. When you’re looking to take a break, you can visit one of the many pubs, or local museums depending on your taste in culture. 


Australians like to play casino games and they have some amazing local casinos to offer which is why Sydney is another casino destination to consider. There are several resorts punters can visit and they can stay there or at a nearby hotel. The Star Sydney Casino and Hotel is one of the many destinations that caters to casino fans. You’ll find lots of casino games such as slots and table games available there. When you’re looking to take a break you can experience the nightlife Sydney has to offer or go for other interesting activities.

To Sum Up

Seven is considered a lucky number and a bit of luck can help you increase your chances of winning in any casino games. This is why there are seven casino destinations in this article. Each is unique in its own way making it a must-visit site for any traveling punter. You can go for a more urban setting filled with loads of interesting activities, or a casino-centric approach by visiting the casino meccas of the world. You can dress it up or down depending on the casino you choose. What’s important is to enjoy the traveling casino experience.