Benefits and Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

10 Interesting Ways to Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil Outside the Kitchen

Almost all of us use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) for cooking purposes. After all, it is so healthy and also helps make our dishes turn out perfect. We use olive oil to cook pasta, drizzle it over salads, and use it for cooking so many other dishes. But do you know you can use the EVOO for various other purposes? If you are wondering how then just keep on reading.

Benefits and Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Below are top 10 Interesting Ways to Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil Outside the Kitchen:

10. For a beautiful mane

Extra virgin olive oil can be used on your hair in many different ways to serve different purposes. However, the best thing that it can do is to help you get rid of frizzes. You just need a drop or two of EVOO, rub it in between your palm, apply it to your dry or wet hair and then comb as you normally do. Not only will it control the frizz it will also give your hair a beautiful shine.

9. Make your shoes shine

Just like EVOO can make your hair shine it can do the same for your shoes as well. The next time you feel your loafers are not looking attractive anymore, just take a few drops of olive oil and rub it lightly over your shoes. However, before applying, just make oil can be applied on your shoes and will not damage them.

8. Fight the diaper rash

Yes, it is true EVOO is great for your babies too. So long you must have tried using various expensive diaper rash cream, now it is time you give olive oil a try. As extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamin E and various other antioxidants, it easily helps cure various kinds of irritation and inflammation and it is also perfectly safe for your baby’s skin.

7. Mute the squeaky doors

Are you annoyed by the squeaky noise that your door’s hinge makes? Well, you would be glad to know your bottle of EVOO can come to your rescue here as well. Just take a paper towel and apply a little olive oil on it. Next, rub it on top of the hinge and close and open your door again. You will not hear the irritating sound anymore.

6. A shaving cream

Owing to its natural moisturizing properties olive oil serves as an amazing shaving cream particularly for those who have sensitive skin. You will love the effect this oil has on your skin. You will enjoy a good shave, certainly, but more than that your skin will be left completely smooth. Anyway, why should you opt for chemical laden shaving cream when you can opt for a natural one?

5. A body moisturizer

EVOO can work wonders for your body if it is used as a moisturizer. Many people are sensitive to harsh and artificial ingredients, and for them, olive oil can prove to be a perfect choice. You can take a few drops of EVOO and apply it all over your body right after you have taken a shower and your body is still slightly damp. Rub the oil until it is fully absorbed and be ready to flaunt a soft and glowing skin.

4. Get rid of the paint

You have just helped your friend paint her new room, and after that, you realize you have paint marks on your hands. If you have tried getting rid of them using all kinds of soap it is time you give EVOO a try. You need to follow a very simple method. Just apply a little olive oil on your skin and allow it to stay for some time. Next, just wash off with soap and water and the paint spots must have vanished.

3. Get rid of dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff and have tried everything else to eliminate it with little to no results, olive oil may prove to be of help. It is a natural and effective solution, and many people have enjoyed great results. You simply need to apply olive oil to your hair and let it stay for about one hour and then wash your hair the way you normally do. Alternatively, you may add a few drops of tea tree oil to olive oil and then apply it on your scalp for even better results. See also; how to get rid of dandruff permanently.

2. A safe makeup remover

Though of course there are many makeup removers in the market that work the way they are supposed to, using olive oil for the purpose can save you money, be gentle on your skin, and give the exact desired results. Just dab a little EVOO on a cotton ball and use it on your face to get rid of any makeup.

1. Eliminate acne

Acne creams and gels can be really harsh and be drying on your skin and thus should be avoided if possible. EVOO can be used instead as it can help eliminate acne gently and leave your skin moisturized and glowing. Just use it as a spot treatment, to begin with. If it suits your face you can use it as desired and within a short period of time, your face will be acne-free, healthy, and glowing.

Extra virgin olive oil is a miraculous product. If you have just one bottle of this oil in your home, not only can you cook healthy and look great, but can also use it for so many different purposes.