Top 10 Most Expensive Gold Items in the World

Gold is one of the most popular and expensive metals. There are so many people all over the world that have a great liking for gold and prefer investing in it over any other schemes. The value of gold may go low at times but you can be sure it will rise up again in the future. This metal indeed is expensive and so long you may have bought gold coins, chains, earring, rings, and other accessories that may even have affected your budget. But there are many gold items that are crazily expensive that perhaps you never even will imagine buying, nonetheless, they are so attractive and amazing that you must at least know about them. So, let’s not waste time and get to learn about the 10 most expensive gold items.

10. Golden Phoenix Gold Cupcake – $972

World's most expensive cupcake
World’s most expensive cupcake.

Many food items have been created with little edible gold specks and dust and come at a high price of course. However, the Golden Phoenix cupcake is different and comes at a huge price of $972. This gold-wrapped cupcake is available in Dubai at Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes. It is made of the costliest ingredients, be it the butter, the chocolate, the organic flour, and of course the 23-carats edible gold sheets. To help create the perfect mood the cupcake is served on a beautiful Mary Antoinette gold-plated tea trolley and cake stand that is painted of gold.

9. Eames Golden Chair – $2,122.36

Most Expensive Gold Chair
Most Expensive Gold Chair

The Eames brand ottoman, chairs, and furniture have always been popular for its high price, refinement, and class. Though the standard furniture of this brand is made of finest leather and wood, gold has also been used to break the monotony. The Eames golden chair is simply classy, beautiful and pricey.

8. Clic Gold Reader – $75,000

Most Expensive Gold Reading Glass
Most Expensive Gold Reading Glass.

A reading glass is a necessity for so many people and you surely must have invested in the best quality, perhaps also paying a decent price for it. You definitely will not mind owning a gold reader either but are you ready to pay a little high price for it, just $75,000? This Clic Gold Reader that we are talking about is made using 18-carat gold and is the most expensive optical jewelry. The House of Solid Gold, its seller, claims that it took 50 hours to create this pair and the side stems, back piece, and the frame are all made of solid gold. 300 pieces of this frame have been made so if you are ready to invest this amount you perhaps can own one. You may like to see the list “Most Expensive Sunglasses” in the world, also.

7. Gold Beefeater Barbeque Grill – $160,710

Most Expensive Gold Grill
Most Expensive Gold Grill

How about placing a gold barbeque in your kitchen as you will certainly not keep this anywhere out of your house? This Beefeater Barbeque Grill, its rack, side, nuts, and bolts are all made using 24-carat gold. This golden grill was made by BeefEater for the Sydney home Show in 2007. This stunning real gold barbeque was priced at $150,710. See also; the list of top 10 most expensive useless things.

6. Datta Phuge Gold Shirt – $240,000

Most Expensive Gold Shirt
Most Expensive Gold Shirt.

Datta Phuge, an Indian gold investor, owns this shirt that is crafted of gold weighing more than three kilograms and costs $240,000. This clothing was designed by Rankar Jewelers, an Indian jeweler, who took 15 days to complete making this shirt. The golden top is lined with velvet and has images of Indian kings. Though it is not washable, is certainly stunningly beautiful.

5. Gold Valentine Stiletto by Christopher Michael Shellis – $268,000

Most Expensive Gold Shoes
Most Expensive Gold Shoes

Christopher Michael Shellis, the popular bejeweled shoe designer of Britain has created many expensive shoes, and some are so costly that no one ever bought them. He also is the creator of the most expensive Valentine shoes that is a gold stiletto worth £200,000. This beautiful strappy design has stunning heels made of solid gold and the straps and sole sides are studded with 2,000 diamonds. The backside has a carmine sole pad in a heart shape that makes the pair soft and comfortable. According to dailymail, the shoes come with a 1,000-year guarantee and easily replaceable heel and sole.

4. Canadian Giant Gold Elizabeth Coin – $997,000

Most Expensive Gold Coin
Most Expensive Gold Coin

You, of course, must have seen many gold coins and also own a few. But there is a gold coin that is huge, pricey, and can leave everyone’s mouth wide open. It is the Elizabeth giant gold coin of Canada that is created of 99.999 % pure gold. Moreover, it is 1.2 inches thick, 21 inches in diameter and weighs 220 pounds. It was created to promote the one-ounce bullions of Canada and has Queen Elizabeth on its head and on the reverse side maple leaves have been etched.

3. Custom White Gold Poker Set Designed by Geoffrey Parker – $7.5 million

Geoffrey Parker Custom-Made White Gold Poker Set
Most Expensive Golden Poker Set

If you love playing poker then this one is for you, the costliest poker set just for $7.5 million. This has been designed by Geoffrey Parker, the deck game designer of Britain. The case itself has suede lining and is made of alligator skin. The poker gems have 18-carat white gold and a diamond frame with 384 18-carat gold chips. Each of the chips has precious stone studded. And, the dealer button is made of 18-carat white gold and has two rows of diamonds. There are 4 decks of poker cards and each of them is platinum-plated.

2. Gold and Black Diamond iPhone 5 by Stuart Hughes – $15 million

Stuart Hughes Gold and Black Diamond iPhone 5
Stuart Hughes Gold and Black Diamond iPhone 5

Though many people do find even the most expensive latest gadgets affordable, the bar has been set higher by jeweler Stuart Hughes when he mixed technology with lots of gold and some diamonds and created the Gold and Black Diamond iPhone 5. The case of this phone is made of 24-carat solid gold and the Apple logo and the edges are studded with a total of 600 diamonds. The home button has a beautiful 26-carat black diamond which also is its main attraction. A Chinese billionaire is the one who owns this golden bling phone.

1. Patek Philippe Super complication Gold Pocket Watch – $24.4 million

expensive gold items
Patek Philippe Gold Pocket Watch.

The Henry Graves Supercomplication watch is the most expensive in the world. The watch made in 1933 by Patek Philippe, the luxury watchmaker. It was sold at an auction for $24.4 million in 2014. The sale holds the world record for the costliest watch ever sold at an auction, and the record was earlier held by the same watch when Sheikh Bin Mohammad Bin Ali Al-Thani bought it for $11 million. The watch weighs about a pound and 73.2 mm wide in gold and has many interesting features.

Gold Lamborghini

Here comes the top among “most expensive gold items” The Lamborghini that is made of pure gold, platinum and is further enhanced with diamonds.

Lamborghini, made out of gold and gems, is sure to turn heads. The estimated value of this Lamborghini is $62 million. It is a small version of the original car but is much expensive than the real one. It is made from 500-kilogram block of pure solid gold.

Hope you enjoyed the list of most expensive gold items list. True that these gold items are far more expensive than any gold item you own but even learning about them is such a delight. People do create such wonders and there are also people who buy some of them, surprising, yet true!