Top 10 Most Famous Churches in the World

Churches are considered one of the most beautiful places of worship. The composition and architecture of churches are wonderful. There are about 37 million churches on this planet and amongst them, there are some that are famous all over the world not only as a place of worship but also because of their beautiful architecture. So would you want to know more about the top 10 most famous churches in the world? Well then, continue reading.

These are top 10 most famous churches in the world.

10. Sagrada Familia

Most Famous Churches Sagrada Familia

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Roman Catholic Church was planned by the architect Antoni Gaudi and started being built in 1882. An interesting fact is that the church is incomplete even to this day. This is mainly owing to its huge size. By the time the whole building would be successfully completed it would be time to renovate the earliest construction and the process would thus go on and on. It has been estimated that if you want to take a full tour of this church it would take nearly a week.

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9. The Basilica of Sacred Heart

The Basilica of Sacred Heart

The Sacred-Coeur or The Basilica of Sacred Heart is situated in Paris, France. It has a basilica style architecture and it is a Roman Catholic church. This church has been dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus Christ and thus is known as sacred-Coeur which means sacred heart. The Basilica of Sacred Heart is built at an altitude of 130m above sea level on the hilltop of Montmartre, and it was designed in 1919 by the architects Lucien Magne, Paul Abadie, and Honoré Daumet.

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8. Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

This popular church is situated in Moscow and is present in the center of the city. Its construction got complete in 1561 under the rule of Ivan the Terrible and it has a very colorful architecture that you will not likely find in other churches. This also is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one the most popular churches in the world. You may even have seen it appear in many movies.

7. Borgund Stave

Most Famous Churches Borgund Stave

Located in Borgund village, Norway, this church is different and beautiful. The stave style construction of this structure using woods gives the church an authentic and rustic look. This church was constructed in 1180 and is believed to be one of the best-preserved churches amongst the 37 other stave churches that Norway has. The Borgund church now serves as a museum and no regular church practices happen here.

6. St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica

Situated in the Vatican City. This is a Roman Catholic Church and is the seat of Papal power. It was designed by the popular artist Michelangelo at the height of the Renaissance period and is known for having the tallest dome in this planet, measuring over136 meters. It is the most popular Vatican church and also one of the most famous European tourist sites. St. Peter’s Basilica is even the largest church on this planet and is more than 186 meters in length and covers an internal area of 15160 square meters.

5. Notre Dame De Paris

Notre Dame De Paris

Notre Dame de Paris, a medieval Catholic cathedral is situated in Paris, France. It was designed by the well-known artists Pierre de Montreuil and Eugene Viollet-le-Duc and is famous for its architectural style. It is considered to be the best example of a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture. As mentioned in the official website of the church, the cathedral is more than a historical monument, it is mainly the house of God and abode of men as it is responsible for the Christian and human experience.

4. Westminster Abbey

Most Famous Churches Westminster Abbey

This famous church is amongst the most iconic buildings in London. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built in the 10th century. The Westminster Palace and the Thames River are both situated close to the Abbey and the beautiful Gothic architecture attracts many tourists every year. Also, the Westminster Abbey is the burial place for the Royal family and the national heroes and thus is of great national importance.

3. St. Sophia Cathedral

Most Famous Churches St. Sophia Cathedral

Situated in Kiev, Ukraine, this church is a beautiful architectural monument. It was designed by the famous architect Octaviano Mancini and is believed to be one of the most attractive churches in the world. This church derives its name from the Greek word ‘Sophia’, meaning wisdom. The St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the oldest and most popular churches in Ukraine and also is the country’s first world heritage site. It was built by Prince Yaroslav the wise in the 11th century and has been a political and social center of Kiev.

2. Church of Nativity

Most Famous Churches Church of Nativity

Situated in Bethlehem, this Basilica is the place where Jesus Christ was born and thus is the holiest place in this Earth. The first basilica was started in 327 c by Saint Helena at this place. The church got destroyed due to fire in the 6th century and it was restored and preserved in 527 c. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site today.

1. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This church is even known as the Church of Resurrection because it is believed to have been built on that very land where Jesus was crucified and resurrected. It is situated within Jerusalem in the Old City and was built by the very first generation of Christians on this earth. This has been worshiped by the Christians since the 4th century. And, also it is one of the holiest places for them.

These churches are no more a symbol of Christianity alone. They have historical relevance and also are known for their beautiful architecture. So, if you visit either of these cities, do take out some time to visit these churches as well. These are some of the most famous churches in the world.