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Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas to Watch in 2018-19

Who are the hottest WWE divas in the world right now? Here is a list of top 10 hottest women wrestlers to watch in 2018-19. They’re some of the most gorgeous WWE divas that have the most beautiful curves. You will be fascinated by their beauty and talent as well. Have a look!

10. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss Hottest Women of WWE
Alexa Bliss

The 27 years old Alexa Bliss has been in NXT since back in 2013. Recently, she just has been drafted to the main roster apart of Smackdown Live. She started to grow more popular in 2015 when she joined the NXT tag team champions at the time. Blake and Murphy which is when she turned away from her baby-face gimmick of wearing a tutu and being all about sparkles to being a top heel in the company.

She is the first competitor to hold the title “SmackDown Women’s Champion ” twice. Also, she has won the Raw Women’s Championship in 2017. In that way she became the first woman to have won both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles in WWE. In addition, she has won the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match in 2018. With the 2018 Money in the Bank ladder match and cashed and her third Raw Women’s Championship, she became a five-time overall champion.

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9. Carmella

Carmella Hottest Women of WWE

Leah Van Dale “Carmella” also known as “the princess of Staten Island” was signed to NXT in 2013. She made her first in ring TV debut in 2014 while coming out as apart of a trio with fellow NXT wrestlers, Enzo and Big Cass. She has just been drafted to Smackdown Live and is now apart of the main roster while Enzo and Big Cass are now apart of the RAW brand which leaves them going their separate ways leaving her to pursue her singles career. Carmella is the winner of the inaugural women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

8. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks Hottest Women of WWE

Sasha Banks was signed to NXT way back in 2012 as she also made her first on TV debut in 2012. She is a former NXT women’s champion and was apart of the first ever women’s Iron Man match apart of WWE against Bayley as the main event on October 7,2015 also leaving it to go down in history as the first time women were the main event. She first became apart of the main roster in 2015 during the “Divas Revolution” apart of the team of Naomi and Tamina Snuka which they called themselves “Team B.A.D”. After the brand split she was put on RAW and is now the current WWE women’s champion leaving her to be the second ever to hold the title after Charlotte.

7. Lana

Hottest WWE Divas LANA

Lana is best known for the role as the WWE superstar, Rusev’s valet and fiance who is also her real life, fiance. She started that gimmick all the way back in her NXT days in 2013. She debuted to main roster in 2014 making her first appearance on an episode of Smackdown. Lana made her first and only in ring debut being apart of the kick off show for Wrestlemania 32 in a tag match where she teamed with Team B.A.D in which wrestlers, Emma and Summer Rae were also apart of.

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6. Paige

Paige Hottest Women of WWE

Paige also known as the “anti-diva” was signed with “FCW” in 2011 which was known as WWE’s developmental territory before NXT came along. In 2012 she became apart of the new NXT brand. Paige became the first ever NXT women’s champion after winning in a match against Emma. The day after Wrestlemania 30 in August 2014 Paige made her main roster debut on RAW winning the WWE divas championship. She made history becoming the youngest hottest WWE divas champion also leaving her to be the first ever diva to win the title on the same day as her debut. Paige is now a 3x divas champion.

5. Renee Young

Renee Young Hottest Women of WWE

Renee Young is currently most known as a WWE backstage interviewer. She signed with WWE in 2012 later making her debut in 2013. She has done commentary for both NXT and the show Superstars. Young was the first full time female to do commentary in over a decade. Currently she has her own show on the WWE network called “Unfiltered” where she has WWE superstars on the show to interview them.

4. Maryse

Maryse Hottest Women of WWE

After her long hiatus from WWE she returned the night after Wrestlemania 32 to help her real life husband known as “The Miz” win the Intercontinental Championship from Zack Ryder. Maryse’s plan was successful and “The Miz” won the match and still currently holds the title. After that night she earned the title of being his manager and now makes appearances with “The Miz”. Maryse is also known as a 2x divas champion. She hold the fourth position in our list of hottest WWE divas right now.

3. Emma

Emma Hottest Women of WWE

Emma was first signed to WWE’s former FCW. In 2012 she made debut on NXT. Emma was in the first ever NXT women’s championship match against Paige but did not pick up the win. She first went up to the main roster in 2014 with WWE former superstar Santino which was short lived before she headed back to NXT in 2015 where she grew in popularity after becoming a tag team with Dana Brooke. Emma then made her return back to the main roster in 2016 where she became apart of Team B.A.D, Summer Rae and Lana. They had a match at the Wrestlemania 32 kickoff show but did not win.

2. Eva Marie

hottest WWE divas

Eva Marie known for her catchphrase “All Red Everything” first became known after being apart of the very first season of E!’s hit reality show, “Total Divas” in 2013 which she still is apart of to this day. Eva made several appearances on the main roster but was not taken seriously due to the lack of ring ability and on mic ability. She was then placed in NXT in 2015. She went back up to join the main roster for the Wrestlemania 32 kickoff apart of Team BELLA, Paige and Natayla. Eva has currently been drafted to Smackdown Live.

1. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella Hottest Women of WWE

Although Nikki was not apart much due to her injury which kept her out of the WWE scene since 2015. But, she is still apart of the roster and is returning very soon after finding out. She is now cleared to perform. Nikki was signed to WWE’s former brand FCW way back in 2007. She made her first appearance on the main roster in 2008 as a tag team with her twin sister Brie which they became most popular as “The Bella Twins.” In 2012 won the divas championship for the first time but her run was short lived.

Nikki now is known to be the longest reigning divas champion of all time and will forever be since the divas championship belt has been replaced with the Women’s championship belt. She also appears on the reality TV show Total Divas and has her very own show coming to E! as well with her twin sister, Brie “Total Bella’s”.

Nikki is a two-time WWE Divas Champion. Rolling Stone was named her “Diva of the Year” in 2015. Also, she has won the award for “Choice Female Athlete” alongside her sister at the Teen Choice Awards in 2016.