10 Modern Bedroom Ideas

Top 10 Modern Bedroom Ideas

From sprawling master bedrooms to cozy one-room apartments, where you sleep at night is an integral part of how you see yourself. Here, we are going to share 10 modern bedroom ideas. Each of these bedrooms offers not only a beautiful, quiet space, but says so much about the people who retreat there each night. If you have a fresh, modern contemporary bedroom that you would like to share with us and that you consider could be added to this list, feel free to leave a comment, for everyone to see and comment. So… which one do you prefer?

10. A feature Headboard Idea

feature Headboard Idea

If you made up a mind to keep your old bed, a feature headboard will be an excellent method of adding a stimulating component to your room. This may be something you would like it to be – nice wood panel, some bright plain-woven fabric or perhaps an integrated shelf. A feature headboard can add some modernity to your room without you having to make any big changes. You may check: 10 Cool Headboard Ideas to Improve Your Bedroom Design.

9. Accessorize

Accessorize Bedroom Ideas

To avoid your bedroom getting boring, you can use accessories to decorate it up and add interest to an otherwise monochrome style. There are simple techniques you can use to accessorize your bedroom so that it becomes your private sanctuary for restful sleep and not just a place to lay your head. Add some brightly coloured artwork, pictures you like, or decorating frames with beads, stickers, and scarves.

8. A Feature Wall Bedroom

A Feature Wall Bedroom

Feature walls aren’t just for living rooms and dining rooms, you can create vignettes of interest all over the house and especially in the master bedroom. Whether you opt for a fun wallpaper fabric or a cool paint colour, having one wall unlike the other three instantly makes your room look edgy. There’s plenty to choose from, be it a glossy finish or an exciting print; adding something a bit different to one wall can really make it stand out. Mirrors hung in multiples also make great wall features, arrange them over a dressing area for extra oomph!

7. Nature in Bedroom

Nature in Bedroom

The use of nature in designs can be a common theme, but one place we feel it is really appropriate is in the bedroom. While camping or “glamping” is fun, what better way to feel like you are part of nature every day than to use nature based elements in your bedroom. Studies show that just looking at nature can lower blood pressure. Flowers and plants signal new growth to your subconscious—and a positive outlook brings peace.

6. Black and White

Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Black and white is a bold combination that has incessantly been a staple in the fashion cosmos, constantly finding its way into interior design as well. The sublimity about this junction lies in balancing beautifully with any decorating style and being very versatile, particularly if you add a pinch of colour. Monochrome shades of grey, black and white is an immediate way to transform your room into a contemporary dream. White bed linen adds a crisp, clean touch, creating the perfect blend between classic and modern.

5. Alternative Hotel Bedroom

Top 10 Modern Bedroom Ideas

Sometimes less area suggests that a lot of ability. This one room apartment makes careful use of the assigned house with a platform bed-frame featuring built-in storage and an eclectically outfitted kitchenette. A combination of saved wood patterns manage to bring a arbitrary interest while not busying up the simplicity of the house.

4. Writers Sunny Bedroom

Writers Sunny Bedroom

Serene white walls adorned sparsely with poetic quotes create this contemporary bedchamber a tribute to writers and readers alike. The little writing table with creatively adorned integrated shelving appearance out onto associate in nursing desirable outside reading nook, excellent for wiling away hours or perhaps days.

3. Modern Platform Bedroom

Modern Platform Bedroom

Platform beds are taken to subsequent level with this platform upon a platform. An absence of shelving and superfluous furnishings makes it that a lot of easier to nod off into peaceful dreams. Slippery doors open out onto a terrace for early morning low, ought to the dreamer ever move to wake.

2. Sunny Rustic Wood Bedroom

Sunny Rustic Wood Bedroom

This room takes components from different palettes and designs to form a heat and hospitable atmosphere. an important cloth quilt contrasts with the birch-coloured flooring and dark wood media centre. Natural light streams in from a front window whereas fashionable vacant bulb lighting fixtures supply night time choices.

1. Green Sunny Bedroom

Green Sunny Bedroom

There is no avoiding the natural inspiration for this green and white bedroom. Different shades of green thread their way through quilt, curtains, walls, and floors. White windows open inward to let in lightweight and breeze however will shut tightly and be draped off for any necessary sleeping in.

source: home-designing.com