Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in the World

All of us have a variety of apps installed on our phones, after all, they help make things a lot easier. There are apps for watching movies, listening to music, shopping, exercising, playing games, booking flights and trains and even making payments. Most apps are available free of cost but there are some that require you pay a small amount and offer good features in return. There are also apps that do offer good features but come with such a high price tag that they are beyond the reach of the average smartphone users. Let us get to learn about 10 such most expensive apps right now.

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in the World:

10. iDIA – Diagnostic Imaging Atlas (Price: $399.99)

If you are a pet owner who has small pets or you work with animals but do not have much knowledge of animal diseases then this app will prove to be very helpful for you. The Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, Small Animal costs $399.99, which is a huge amount, but it offers animal workers and owners with a graphical and detailed explanation of many diagnoses. It uses high-quality graphics and can easily help you understand what the problem with your little friend is in no time at all.

9. DDS GP Yes! (Price: $499.99)

If you are a dentist then this DDS GP Yes! app will certainly prove to be of great interest and help to you. This app for the iPads and iPhones is indeed pricey but will help make it very easy for you to explain treatment plans to your patients using informative visual display. It offers over 200 demonstrations and you can use them as and when needed. The procedures include treatment for cracks, tooth decays, cosmetic dentistry, dental surgeries, and a lot more.

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8. Gun Bros Apathy Bear (Price: $600)

Though GunBro is basically a free gaming app for iPad and iPhone users, you can make an in-app purchase that will cost you more than you can ever imagine. Glu Games, the game developer created a special character known as Apathy Bear, which you can get by spending $600. This character simultaneously can fire 11 bullets and every projectile can deal 4,000 damage points. So, if you are a serious gamer this can give you an edge over others and is worth investing in.

7. The Alchemist SMS (Price: $999.99)

If you are a part of the metal industry, particularly in scrap recycling and management, and have an Apple smartphone then the Alchemist app will prove beneficial for you. This program worth $999.99 helps users know how they can reduce the raw material costs successfully. The Alchemist app has many tools that will help with management of the metal inventory like exporting and importing steel catalogs, and much more.

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6. QSFFStats (Price: $999.99)

This is one of those apps that do not offer much as far as functionality is concerned and still has such a huge price tag. QSFFStats was launched in 2011 and hardcore football fans may find this app useful. It helps keep them updated with the stats for each of the passing leagues and also upload play-by-play stats through email. Yes, that is all it can help you do if you are ready to pay 999.99 for it.

5. Cybertuner (Price: $999.99)

Do you need some extra help while tuning your piano? If yes, then this app can prove to be helpful and is amongst the best that you can find for the purpose. This piano tuner app offers technicians the tuning tools they have never enjoyed using. It will help you in an amazing way if you ever face any issues while tuning. To enjoy access to this amazing tool, you, however, will have to pay $999.99.

4. BarMax California (Price: $1000)

The Bar Exam with a doubt is one of the most difficult tests to crack. If you want to clear this exam then it will be a wise idea to invest in BarMax California. This app has been created by a Harvard Law alumn and includes questions from previous Bar Exams and lectures from the law professors. This app has always managed to secure a place in top 40 iTunes educational apps and is the sole app that is considered to be an all-inclusive guide for Bar exam takers.

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3. Alpha-Trader (Price: $1,000)

If you enjoy trading and gambling in the stock market then Alpha Trader will prove to be very beneficial for you. This app is basically an all-inclusive investment trading suite available at the iTunes store and has many, many trading tools created for investment professionals and investors. With various portfolio management functionalities and features, Alpha Trader helps make stock marketing a lot easier. The benefits it offers include updated spreadsheet and real-time stock numbers.

2. Cyber Tuner (Price: $1,000)

Pianos are one of the most amazing instruments but are also complicated. It requires extra maintenance and care, and this is why piano technicians always have to be very cautious and updated when they service pianos. Cyber Tuner has been created by a registered piano technician and he says this app is far more superior to many other famous piano tuning software. Apart from the huge price that you will pay ($1,000), you will also have to pay $80 for monthly news and updates.

1. Abu Moo Collection (Price: $1,200)

If you are extremely rich and are not being able to handle all the money you have then you may indeed consider buying one of the most useless yet most expensive apps on Android. The Abu Moo Collection, worth $1,200, is a series of application that will offer you no amazing features, nothing to be excited about, just gemstones to decorate your home screen with. Each of these gemstones is worth $200 and if you want to own the full collection you will have to spend a total of $1,200. Buy this app and show your friends how very rich you are.

It’s hard to believe that some apps can be so, so expensive, nonetheless, it is true. Some of these apps can indeed prove to be of value, and some are just not worth the investment. Anyhow, the choice is completely yours.