Top 10 Spectacular Tree Houses in The World

Here is a list of top 10 spectacular tree houses from around the world. These are some of the incredible tree house building designs and ideas that range from functional to fanciful, sustainable to strange and affordable to incredibly expensive. Some structures are built on trees or hung from trees. But some unusual tree house building designs are even grown from trees or built right into a tree. Some people live in trees as a luxury, some to help save the environment and others out of tradition or necessity. And some tree houses were expressly built by owners for the purpose of renting.

These are top 10 spectacular tree houses around the world.

10. Alnwick Garden Treehouse

Top 10 Spectacular Tree houses

The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland commissioned this spectacular tree house to be the jewel in the crown at Alnwick Gardens, the largest public open gardens in Europe. The tree house accommodates a 120 seat restaurant, two classrooms, juice bar, and visitor facilities; All connected via tree top walk ways and rope bridges. The project was completed in 2005, and is constructed from sustainably sourced cedar from Canadian, English and Scottish pine.

One of the world’s most beautiful and unique restaurants to be found at the heart of the Treehouse. The structure spreads across many trees in a small glade. There is an expansive deck area and rope bridge loop behind the house. The building comprising the following features.

  • Main house with two towers and extensive decked area
  • Two subsidiary tree houses linked to the main deck
  • Walkway to reach the spectacular tree house
  • A three-sided partially covered raised walkway through the trees
  • Two suspension bridges

9. The Minister’s Tree house

Top 10 Spectacular Tree houses

Located in Crossville, Tennessee, the Minister’s house is the world’s biggest tree house, and was built by Horace Burgess. It is 97 foot tall (30m), 10-story high, uses 6 trees as its foundations, and took over 14 years to be built. Unfortunately, this ambitious project has been closed down since 2012. So far the tree house has cost a modest estimated $12k. This is due to most of the construction timber being recycled or donated from local construction sites.

The world’s largest tree house has a penthouse on the 10th floor. There is a large space in the center of the building that can be used for both devotional prayers as well as basketball games. It also has a church supported by a still-living 80-foot-tall white oak tree with a 12-foot diameter base, relying on six other oaks for support.

Horace Burgess (the owner) claims that God personally gave him the contract to build this spectacular tree house.

8. The MirrorCube

Top 10 Spectacular Tree houses

The Tree Hotel in Sweden has possibly one of the most minimal tree houses in the world. The Mirrorcube is an exciting hide-out among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings. The dimensions are 4x4x4 meters.

The base consists of an aluminum frame around the tree trunk and the walls are covered with reflective glass. To prevent birds from flying into the mirrored walls, they have been clad with infrared film. The color is invisible to humans, but visible to the birds.

The Mirrorcube reflects the surrounding forest and sky. It is accessed by rope bridge. The plywood interior is designed to accommodate two people, containing a double bed, bathroom, living room and roof terrace.

7. High-Tech Hideaway

Top 10 Spectacular Tree houses

This amazing tree house was design and built by Blue Forest, in response to the client’s brief to create a James Bond-style hideaway for his children. It is located on a beautiful private estate in Athens, Greece. The tree house is the epitome of luxury and has been designed to accommodate some fantastic high-tech gadgetry.

This includes a state-of-the-art biometric security system, featuring fingerprint locks and a CCTV system. This controls five ultra sharp, color night vision cameras, which are positioned to cover the entrance / exit to the tree house.

The control center allows the user to move and zoom the cameras and take still shots or video footage of any intruders. The interior of the tree house is equipped with every comfort including a kitchenette, bathroom, and an entertainment area equipped with a plasma screen television, game consoles, and digital photo frames.

This is at number seven among spectacular tree houses in the world. It marries high tech home comforts with elements of play and the excitement of a secret agents base among the high branches. Like all Blue Forest’s bespoke builds, this high tech tree house takes the landscape of the area into account, fitting snugly between the trees and branches and incorporating them within the structure where possible. (source,

6. Cedar-Shake Tree house

Top 10 Spectacular Tree houses

Photographer, designer, artist, industrial designer and handyman Nelson Chan, of 2Chan Design, has worked on many diverse projects. But the first treehouse he ever designed was this stunner, located in Oakland, Calif. He got the job on referral from fellow builder John Lionheart, and designed it winsomely — that cedar-shake siding and wraparound deck had us at “hello.”

5. Lantern House

Lantern House

Roderick Romero is known for incredible and versatile tree house design. He is one of the biggest names building tree houses. In addition, he designed tree hoses for stars like Sting and Val Kilmer, but it’s his desire to live a more minimalist, ahimsa-focused life that first inspired him to create his treetop masterpieces.

His Lantern House is situated among three eucalyptus trees in Santa Monica, Calif, and 99 percent of it was built with salvaged lumber; Including the stained glass, which he recovered from an old movie set. Lantern House is perhaps his most famous work.

I can’t imagine building in the Trees while knowing that the materials I use could be contributing to a clear cut somewhere else on the planet. Romero says.

4. Reclaimed Tree Houses

Reclaimed Tree Houses

Former Atlantan (and now California girl) Susan Fairbanks LeCraw completed this treehouse a decade ago when she was living in the Southern city. Located close by the governor’s mansion, it perches over a lush fern garden and looks entrancing in all seasons.

Constructed entirely of reclaimed materials, approximately 25 windows comprise its walls. A bridge from the main house extends to the space, where an upstairs loft has a king-sized and a downstairs sofa bed extends into a queen for company.

3. Temple of the Blue Moon

Temple of the Blue Moon

This charming treetop cottage is just one of the many amazing tree houses. Lodging available at Pete Nelson’s Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Wash. Nelson, a world-renowned tree house builder and author, created this sustainable destination as a beautiful, educational getaway that provides visitors with a unique way to connect with nature.

The Temple of the Blue Moon sits partway up a 300-year-old, 160-foot-tall Sitka Spruce and boasts skylights, built-in cedar beds and handmade quilts.

Treehouse Point is an intimate alternative for individuals and groups who seek comfort and style in friendly and natural surroundings. All accommodations are well designed and artfully decorated, with touches like handmade beds, original art and charming vintage furnishings. Treehouse Point

2. A Live-In Oregon Tree house

A Live-In Oregon Tree house

The world’s largest concentration of tree houses is found in Cave Junction, Oregon. Here, architect Charles Greenwood spent 12 years building tree houses for others. But in 2006, he took some engineering risks by building his own live-in treehouse.

Set aloft with the help of some support poles. The studio is fully outfitted for modern life. Complete with an east-facing “tea deck” and west-facing “drink deck” that allow him to enjoy the scenery from sunset to sunrise.

1. The HemLoft – Whistler, Canada


A secret tree house, hiding in the woods of Whistler. Joel Allen, the former software developer built his egg-shaped structure, called HemLoft. He built this on government-owned crown land in the woods outside of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

Truly a labor of love. Allen and his fiancee, Heidi, crafted much of it together using free materials claimed from Craigslist ads. It hangs on a precipitous slope, in a towering stand of hemlocks, about a five minute walk from the nearest road.

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