Top 10 Things Actually Worth Spending Your Money On

There are times in life when we don’t mind saving our money, like not buying a premium Spotify account or refusing to upgrade to the super-mega-value meal at McDonald’s. However, there are other times in life when we’re more than happy to spend our hard earned cash on something great – something that makes us happy and is actually a genuinely awesome product. Of course, choosing just one thing is way too hard, so we’ve put together the ultimate top 10 list for things worth spending your cash on.

Vacation home

A great home in the suburbs or penthouse apartment in the city are all well and good, but what about those times you just need to get away from it all and have some quality silence? You need a vacation home in a little village, preferably near a big lake, where you can sit next to the fire at night, go fishing in the day, and breathe the clean, open air.

Sports car

Anything from this list will be fine, thank you very much. There’s a reason that Ferraris and Lamborghinis have been so sought-after for decades, and that’s because they are utterly gorgeous, handle like a dream, and are lightning quick! It’s hard not to feel powerful and cool when stepping into a sports car every day.

Luxury watch

The Swiss do a lot of things well, like cheese and chocolate, but the best thing they do? Luxury watches. Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer… they’re all Swiss brands and each one of them makes beautifully crafted and exquisite watches. Don’t give into the temptation of trendy smartwatches that become obsolete in seven months, instead, buy an enduring mechanical watch from a Swiss brand. If you want to be even cooler than your counterparts, find a Swiss brand not as well-known as the others, such as Tissot. And yes, we know you still like to save money even on luxury watches, so look around here first before considering buying a brand new model.

Big TV

It’s evident that going to the cinema isn’t exactly cheap nowadays. After you’ve made the effort to travel there, pay the (often extortionate) ticket price, and get the obligatory popcorn and soda, you’ll look at your wallet and be shocked at where all your money went! Save those pennies for a big 65″ TV, then you can invite friends around and have your own cinema screen! Plus, you have the added advantage of being able to pause the movie for bathroom/snack breaks.

Memory foam mattress

king size memory foam mattress
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Seriously, are you still sleeping on an old mattress that is uncomfortable to look at, let alone sleep on? Your body deserves so much better, considering that a mattress is something you spend roughly one-third of the day on. Upgrade to a quality memory foam mattress asap, and you’ll wake up with a spring in your step.

First class plane ticket

We’ll take any of these first class plane options. Flying economy when going long-distance (say, New York to Sydney) is no one’s idea of fun. The seats are uncomfortable with barely any legroom, there’s way too much noise, the meals are usually awful, and the TV screens are too small. Solution? Always go first class. You’re treated like royalty and even when you get to your destination, you might find it difficult to leave! The seats are roomy and luxurious, the meals are heavenly and you’re given as much champagne as you can handle.

Top-of-the-range smartphone

The problem with buying cheap or used smartphones is that inevitably, you know they are going to break down within a matter of months. Getting a premium smartphone is the only way to go, and by premium, we’re thinking either the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8. Both are top-of-the-range and definitely won’t quit on you after using it for a few months.

Tailored suit

Wearing a suit should make you feel like James Bond, not like your first job interview at age 16. You need a tailored suit so that everything fits like a glove. No more rips due to being too tight, and no more bagginess around the ankles.


If you’re the type of person who constantly loses sunglasses or breaks them, perhaps you would be a bit more careful if wearing a proper brand name pair like Ray-Ban or Tom Ford. These are seriously cool and high-end sunglasses that you’ll guard with your life.

Quality coffee

Lastly, stop buying that cheap supermarket-brand instant coffee! Get the quality beans that have had so much care and consideration gone into them. If you go for brands like La Colombe, illy, or Lavazza, you’re treating yourself to a much better cup of coffee and overall, better start to the day.