Unique Ideas for LGBTQ+ Wedding Outfits

The established norms of wedding day fashion are well-defined for heterosexual couples. However, for same-sex couples, the guidelines are much more flexible. One partner may opt for a modern blue suit, while the other might lean towards a black tie look. 

If both partners choose to wear wedding dresses, there’s an infinite range of silhouettes, styles, and gown types to either harmonize or contrast your ensembles. To assist you in navigating any potential attire conundrums for your special day, we’ve sought advice from experts and looked at fashionable newlywed couples for guidance and inspiration on same-sex wedding fashion.

Dark-Colored Styles for LGBTQ+ Weddings

Should your preferences lean towards the darker shades of the color spectrum, choosing an all-black or all-dark ensemble for your wedding can lend an air of sophistication and formality. It also  ensures your wedding photographs stand out remarkably.

Some duos opt for this look in both their suits, whereas others have brilliantly paired grand ball gowns with contemporary suits for a delightful deviation from conventional styles. It’s certainly an unconventional and inspiring idea for queer and lesbian weddings.

The Dress-Style Blazer

The blazer dress is an ideal fashion selection for contemporary brides whose style sensibility teeters between a classic suit or tuxedo and a conventional wedding dress.  Wearing it solo gives a more structured look, subtly nodding to the traditional bridal gown. For a look that is both suited and not, match it with a well-fitted pant and top or opt for a jumpsuit. 

Elevate the entire ensemble by attaching a long train at the back, eliminating the need for a typical wedding veil. You can also pair it with a micro bag from stores like Dihsan for a more delicate touch.

Bridal Attire for Lesbians in All-White

It’s hardly surprising to see a bride adorned in white, yet we admire how these brides have curated all-white outfits that not only harmonize with each other but also showcase their unique personalities and exude sophistication.

A predominantly white or entirely white suit offers a crisp, fresh take on this classic bridal color. We particularly adore when brides incorporate subtle metallic touches or other creative elements to personalize their look, but remember to steer clear of the red wine.

Wedding Dresses with a Contrast

If both of you are drawn to the charm of traditional wedding gowns, you can either opt to shop together and aid each other in selection, or you can involve your bridal party for assistance while maintaining the surprise element for each other until the big reveal.

However, if you wish for your wedding dresses to be distinct and reflective of your individual personalities, conversing about the desired styles is crucial. This way, you can ensure that your partner doesn’t pick something too similar to your choice.

A Vintage Influence

The affinity for vintage fashion is intrinsic to the queer community. Unless one was fortunate to be part of a society that celebrated queerness, adopting such attire can bring a sense of empowerment, given that in the era these styles emerged, dressing this way might have been unattainable. 


Regardless of your decisions, ensure your chosen wedding outfit deeply resonates with you. As it’s your day, everything should be tailored to your preferences. Delightfully, you now have an array of exquisite queer wedding attire to select from, setting the stage for you to develop your distinct wedding style.