The Top 10 Uses of Almond Oil – Amazing Benefits Of Almond Oil

Almond oil is indeed a gift of nature and offers so many health benefits. It contains vitamin E, proteins, monosaturated fatty acids, zinc, and a lot more vitamins and essential minerals that are great for your body.

Basically, there are two types of almond oil – bitter and sweet. The bitter ones do have medicinal properties but can be harmful if ingested. The sweet almond oil, however, is perfectly safe to be consumed and can be used in a number of ways which we shall now discover.

10. Treat skin problems

Almond oil is rich in essential fatty acids like linoleic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid which are good for skin health. It also contains vitamins like A, B, D, E, and F which helps fight inflammation and regenerates skin cells. The fatty acids present in the oil controls excess sebum production and thus help cure acne and the scars they cause. Sweet almond oil can also treat skin conditions like rashes and eczema. Simply apply a little bit of this oil as a mask on your face each night and be free of all skin problems.

9. Keep skin moisturized

Since it is rich in vitamins, almond oil serves as a great moisturizer. If you have a dry, flaky, or mature skin, you can use this oil to make your skin soft and smooth. The oleic acid present in almond oil cleans pores, moisturizes skin, and improves the elasticity of the blood vessels. The vitamins and zinc in sweet almond oil repairs and nourish chapped lips, cracked heels, dry feet and hands, and fights wrinkles. You just need to add one drop of the oil to your moisturizer and apply it on your face every night.


8. Get rid of stretch marks

Almond oil is also known for its skin tightening properties, and this is why it can help get rid of stretch marks and cellulite. It helps to improve blood circulation and thus if massaged regularly it fades away the stretch marks. Just add equal amounts of coconut and almond oil in a bowl and using it massage the affected area in circular motions. Follow this procedure twice every day until you notice the marks have faded away.

7. Best eye care

The area around the eye is very thin and thus easily prone to problems like wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. Almond oil can prove to be very beneficial in this case as well. You just need to take a drop or two of the oil on your fingertips and very gently massage your eyelids and under eye area in circular motions, Remember to be very gentle so as to not harm the skin in this area.

Top 10 Uses of Almond Oil

6. A safe makeup remover

Though you have many branded makeup remover available in the market, they are usually expensive. You can use almond oil for the purpose as it does a great job while also offering your skin extra benefits. It will easily remove even the deepest eyeliner and long stay lipstick at a go. Simply take a little almond oil on a cotton pad and rub your makeup off with its help. Do remember to be gentle on your eye area.

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5. Get rid of dandruff

Almond oil helps eliminate dead skin cells and thus is a great solution for you if you suffer from dandruff. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil to sweet almond oil, massage your scalp with it, and let it stay overnight. Next morning wash your hair as you normally do. Alternatively, you can add a little amla powder to the oil, mix and massage it on your scalp, leave it for about an hour, and then wash it off using a mild shampoo. Your scalp will be squeaky clean and your hair smooth and silky.

Top 10 Uses of Almond Oil

4. Cure ear infection

Almond oil helps relieve earaches and can also cure minor infections easily. You can also use it to soften ear wax and then remove it. Since it is safe to use and causes no side effects you may give it a try. Take a tablespoon of warm water in a bowl and to it add about 3 drops of almond oil. Now, with the help of a dropper pour a few drops of this mixture in the affected ear and stay still for a few minutes.

3. Ease muscle ache

You can use almond oil as a massage oil to relieve muscle pains and soreness. As the oil contains a good amount of proteins it can easily rejuvenate tired muscles. You simply need to warm the oil slightly and then massage the aching area with it. You are sure to experience great relief from the first application itself.

2. Control cholesterol

Almond oil can regulate cholesterol levels naturally and thus is good for your heart. If you consume almond oil on a regular basis it helps lower the LDL cholesterol and raises the HDL cholesterol. It allows easy flow of oxygen and nutrients through your bloodstream and helps you enjoy better health. So, if you have high cholesterol levels, make sure to consume one teaspoon of almond oil every day, preferably in the morning.

Top 10 Uses of Almond Oil

1. Make your nails healthy

If you have zinc deficiency it can make your nails thin and brittle and they may chip off easily. In such situation you can use almond oil, which is rich in B-complex vitamins and zinc, to make your nails healthy and strong. Warm a little almond oil and apply it to your nail and cuticle and let it stay overnight. You shall notice changes pretty soon.

So, almond oil is actually a wonder oil which offers so many benefits and can be used in so many different ways. There are many types of almond oil available in the market, you need to opt for the one that is 100 percent pure and sweet, and once you get a bottle of this amazing oil, you open doorways to an array of health benefits.