Want to Have the Best Winter Road Trips? Follow 3 These Tips!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
With the kids’ jingle belling
And everyone telling you be of good cheer
It’s the most beautiful time of the year…

Blowing off the steam as the year comes to an end seems a tempting idea. And it’s jingles like these that add to the appeal. Gently, laze crawls in, and you want to slow down for a while.

We all deserve to hibernate for a few days. Our mind, body, and soul need a break from the daily grind. Thankfully, all institutions have started to give some time off during winters. While the days may vary, you can make the most out of it if you craft a perfect plan for the winter break.

Most people prefer to hop on a plane and get to a luxury destination. Quite frankly, that is not the kind of vacation I prefer.

My personal opinion is, people need to embrace the beauty of the world.

Rather than traveling amidst the clouds, they should travel off the beaten path, discover the secrets around them, and explore their inner beauty.

Words of the famous entertainer Danny Kaye “To travel is to take a journey into yourself,” perfectly explain what I believe.

Have the Best Winter Road Trips
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Joys of a Road trip

Staying on the road for hours on the stretch is not convenient for some people. You may have kids on board or numbered holidays. You cannot afford to lose days on a road trip. Reaching the destination as fast as you can is a better option, sometimes.

However, if there is no such obstacle, jump behind your wheels, and get going. You may find it annoying initially, but trust me, as soon as you reach the highway, you will fall in love with the winds. Plus, there is no hassle to change gates, tolerate annoying seatmates, nor any luggage limitations. No wonder the trend of road tripping is on a hike.

According to the 29th Annual Portrait of American Travelers survey by MMGY Global, there has been a 64% increase in respondents reporting they have taken a road trip. A primary reason is its convenience and the fact that you are in charge.

Getting on Road in Winters

For most of us, the idea of getting out on roads is scary enough. We will probably pass when someone offers a winter road trip. This fear of going across sloppy roads and harsh weather conditions is reasonable. Let us tell you a fun fact – you will have as much fun on a road trip in winter as you can have in fall or spring (or even more!)

It is the time of the year when most places are crowd-free. You can experience the country’s iconic routes at reduced lodging rates and less traffic (and take awesome insta-worthy pictures too!). Look up and research about the ideal road trips in the country. Then, confirm if traveling there in this season is a good idea.

Of course, winter has its caveats to take care of. Yet, if you plan at prior and make some smart moves, you will have inevitably have a blast through the trip.

Here are X tips you should follow when going on a road trip in winter:

1. Check your vehicle before you travel

Traveling in the snow and cold weather, in general, takes a serious toll on the mechanisms of your vehicle. You should make sure that all parts of your car can bear negative temperatures.

Just like you take your kids for regular medical examination, you should take your car for evaluation to ensure it’s healthy for winter travel, according to experts at the American Automobile Association (AAA). Moreover, these are some essentials to take along:

  • An extra fuel gallon
  • An excess windshield washer fluid
  • Jumper cables
  • Tools for snow and ice
  • Emergency car kit
  • Winter survival kit

The chances of being stuck in an isolated place are high when you are traveling on the road. Besides taking care of the vehicle, you should also make sure you have everything to pull you out of tough situations.

2. Check the weather forecast

Knowing the weather of your route and destination is the first step you should take. Although you cannot change your destination at the last minute, you can consider changing the route.

There may be a variation of a couple of hours in the commute, but it helps to ensure your safety and enjoyment. You can download apps like AccuWeather. Or you can log onto the local weather stations to know the local conditions.

3. Pack your layers

At some moments, you may have to sleep inside the car. Apart from having a sleeping bag, you should also have heavy wool to provide extra warmth. It is a must to have extra layers in case a mishap happens.

So, it is okay to flaunt your custom leather jackets during the trip. Make sure you have extra covers to protect all parts of your body. Fitting all coats, boots, and sweaters within limited bags is tricky. You have to make sure that the bags you use can easily hold all the clothes. Consider buying a duffle bag instead of the bulky suitcases. Following are some clothes you should pack, as stated by arcteryx

  • Two fitted sweaters
  • Two pairs of pants/leggings and jeans
  • Three long-sleeved shirts and tops
  • Lightweight pair of long underwear
  • A lightweight, warm scarf
  • Two pair of shoes (boots and sneakers)
  • A few pairs of warm socks

No matter how hard you try to keep it light, winter clothes will consume more room in your luggage. Try not to over pack. Read up online to find how you can pack smartly. You can also go for options like renting clothes from the destination or ship your clothes in advance (at a friend or family’s place who are living there).

Parting Thoughts

Snow and negative temps should not waver your ambitions to get on the road. The key is to plan well. And you will have a fabulous road trip. Are you about to set out? Let us know how it goes.

Take care, and have fun!