• akhlaq ahmed

    very nice

  • Gema Cratso

    Wow…Ultimate natural beauty with greenery. I am eager to visit these places. I would like to share some best travel ideas http://toptravelideas.tumblr.com/

    • Hamza Afzal

      hmm good come pakistan its very beautiful in the world

  • david miller

    great info about natural places in Pakistan

  • hasan

    I think u missed deosai plains. those plains are the highest plains in the world and no doubt, beautiful! That should be on like 2 or

    • http://www.wonderslist.com/ Ejaz Khan

      Dear Hasan

      Of course we missed Deosai Plateau, no doubt one of most beautiful and highest plateau in the world. We will surely include it in our next upcoming list. Stay tuned.

      • ish

        one of the worst countries on planet earth

      • ish

        one of the worst countries on planet earth

        • ish

          best is united kingdom

          • Khan

            shut your dirty mouth. what do you know about UK hmm i,m pretty you have never been to UK thats why you saying that.



      • nakhshab

        also you missed Naltar valley And Fairy Meadows at Nanga Parbat

    • http://www.wonderslist.com/ Ejaz Khan
  • K. Tania

    very nice place

    • Muhammad Yousaf

      places 😛

    • Muhammad Yousaf

      Places 😛

  • http://lombokbeaches.wordpress.com/ Soendoro Soetanto

    Never new that Pakistan is so beautiful. Thank you for posting them.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • fifa 2014

    “tourists coming to pakistan not only from asia but al over the world “?
    may be very very very few.
    not until there is militancy
    no sane person wil put his/her life in danger

    • Adil

      Not really what media showing face of pakistan.recently kenya cricket team toured pakistan and played 5 ODI in Lahore.No danger in Pakistan do not lie.If kenya team can come then why not other peoples :) so stop lie

    • nakhshab

      Pakistan Government has started a military operation against the terrorists and it has been successful to a great extent….Pak Army has eleminated most of the terrorist groups..soon Pakistan will beone of the most peaceful places and the Tourism will be established like it was once

  • Micheal Justin

    I can say that Pakistan is also beautiful and have lots of places to watch..


      Even if u have not said that we all know PAKISTAN is beautiful

    • nakhshab

      Pakistan is one the most beautiful countries of the world

    • Talha Tariq

      yea Micheal u say right

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    Thanks A lot

  • Muneer Seelro

    Very nice pic

  • http://www.learningall.com/ Learningall

    Kalash Valley is my favorite

    • Mujtaba

      Rohtas Fort is also a historical place in Jhelum District.

  • Humayoon

    nice places

  • http://infopaktel.com/ infopaktel

    add quetta also

    • arc

      whatt! quetta are you kidding me! name it what is so special about quetta? city without any law target killing rush of afghani refuges what else?? mountains under control of pak army where you can’t go?? hanna jheel which is dried few years back !! wali tangi where you can’t go without pass and for pass you need to visit cantt office and for cantt you also need cantt pass hahahah we can add quetta in Pakistani’s worst cities no offense but im resident of quetta city i know every single thing which is going on there so don’t name that city in best places of pakistan to visit no buddy would want to risk their life for nothing..quetta was once great tourist place but not anymore

  • shujaat karemi balti

    baltistan beauty
    shigrilla resort

  • Topely


  • Melek

    My second country! I love you Pakistan


    Respected editor,
    Some of the places is of disputed form (Indian – pak) territories, pakistan occupied kashmir, then how can u list them as pakistani tourist places??

    • Engr Rohail Khan

      sarinagar and occcupied kashmir are the parts of pakistan

  • laraib khan

    i like 10 places

  • Ibrahim G. Aurakzai

    These are very beautiful places, but I recommend everyone visit Kurram Valley, its beauty equals or better than Murree hills.

  • sawrabh

    Wow what a beautiful landscape are they pakistan is beautiful country run by Idiots if Paki govt stop the stupidity then they will be favorite tourist place in asia seriously awesome place man

  • iqra

    feel proud to be a pakistani..

  • Arslan Ali

    very beautiful places in pakistan

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    nice & well written :) :) :)

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    love It woww
    All my fvrt but specially nelum valley..:)