• Jamie R.

    woohoo to all these women!! great job, let’s keep it coming!

  • John

    No Margret Thatcher?

    • http://maginoid.blogspot.ru Denis Grozesco

      Don’t help me kill all , please- it’s tranlsate in Russian Lang

  • Du Peuple

    Generally, Park Geun Hye is know for his father who dictated Korean over 18 years disregarding Human Rights

  • Mo

    Margaret Thatcher should be number 1. She took on the Soviet Union, smashed down the Iron Wall, defeated terrorists all around the world…. Thatcher has had more influence on geopolitical and human history than all of the others on this list combined. I’m not sure how this list was compiled, but it smacks of a naïve recollection of history.

    • luke

      The USSR’s fall can hardly be attributed to either Thatcher or Regan. It fell mainly because Brezhnev let the economy stagnate and Gorbachev’s failed reforms. The most Thatcher did to bring down the USSR was too help the US by funding terrorists in Afghanistan who fought the communist government (which by the way was a lot better then the Taliban one that replaced it). The fall of the Iron Curtain is mainly down to John Paul II, Lech Wałęsa and Gorbachev who helped lead to the ousting the most extreme communist leaders like Honecker, Ceaușescu, and Zhivkov as well as put pressure onto the ruling communist parties to reform.

      As for defeating terrorists…the most notable anti-terrorist thing Thatcher did was to fund the Apartheid government of South Africa in its hunting down of members of the ANC including Nelson Mandela. She also supported the Pinochet government of Chile hunt down “terrorists” who opposed Pinochets oppressive rule, and as previously mentioned supported US funding of the Afghan Mujahideen who eventually developed into the well known terrorist groups of the Taliban and al-Qeada. Hardly defeating terrorists.

      Thatcher was influential – she helped reform the British economy into the horrible, horrible mess it is today and increase inequality in Britain. The only two positive things to be said about Thatcher is her role in the Falklands war and helping reduce the power of trade unions

      • Evi_Driehn

        Thatcher reforming british “economy” into a mess? It was Blair and Brown who transformed the city of london into a gobal call-center, not Thatcher.

  • Manish

    Indira gandhi should be in the list. She broke Pakistan into two countries.
    Got rid of khalistani terrorists. Was the greatest pm of India.

  • Evi_Driehn

    Merkel is, by all means, the worst chancellor germany ever had. Governing constantly against her own population, selling germanys respective interests to the facist eu-government, she transformed the former conservative CDU into a social-democratic mess.

  • Kamalnath Shenoy

    I thought, the names of Mrs, Indira Gandhi, Margaret
    Thatcher and Mrs. Sirimao Bandarnaike are prominent enough names.