Top 10 Incredibly Advanced Jet Fighters

Jet fighters have important role in military aviation. Military aviation is no doubt the foremost strategic weapon these days, each in terms of combat effectiveness and of crucial technologies enforced. In trendy warfare, air dominance is a must from day one, in order that air-to-surface and air-to-sea operations are often conducted safely and with efficiency. And fighting jets continually play a significant role in air dominance. With the advancement in technology several countries modernized their fighting jet to full fill the requirement of day. Here is a list of 10 incredibly advanced jet fighters; some of them are part of military aviation and other are going to be part in close to future.

10. Saab JAS 39 Gripen (Sweden)

Saab JAS 39 Gripen (Sweden)
A fourth-generation, lightweight, single-engine multirole fighter aircraft developed by the Swedish Saab the Gripen (griffin). The JAS 39 Gripen uses the latest technologies that can perform various missions, such as air defense, interception, and ground attack and reconnaissance. Beacause of its advanced aerodynamic layout, this fighter is very agile for close combat. It can take of and land on short-strip airfields.

9. F-16 Fighting Falcon (USA)

YF-16 and YF-17 in flight
Originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force, F-16 Fighting Falcon is at No. 9 in our list. Designed as an air superiority day fighter, this single-engine fighter evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft. Since production was approved in 1976, more then 4,500 aircraft have been built and serve in the air forces of 25 other nations.

8. Mikoyan MiG-31 (Russia)

Mikoyan MiG-31 (Russia)
At No. 8, the Russian fighter MiG-31 (NATO designation Foxhound-A) – stands as the ultimate evolution of the MiG-25 “Foxbat”. The MiG-31 is a supersonic interceptor aircraft. It has the distinction of being one of the fastest combat jets in the world. The latest version of this fighter jet is the MiG-31BM – a true multi-role Foxhound, able to undertake long-range interception, precision strike and defense suppression tasks.

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7. F-15 Eagle (USA)

Advanced Jet Fighters
One of the most successful modern and advanced jet fighters, with over 100 aerial combat victories. Designed by McDonnell Douglas, F-15 Eagle is a twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter jet. The Eagle first flew in July 1972, and since that, it has been exported to many nations, notably Japan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. It is still in service and is expected to remain operational at least until 2025.

6. Sukhoi Su-35 (Russia)

Sukhoi Su-35 (Russia)
At 6th place among the most advanced jet fighters is the Russian made heavy class, long-range, multi-role one-seat fighter Su-35. The jet is designed by Sukhoi from the original air superiority fighter Su-27. It was originally designated Su-27M and later named Su-35. The aircraft is considered a close cousin of the Sukhoi Su-30MKI (a modernized Su-30 variant for India), because of the similar features and components it contains.

5. Dassault Rafale (France)

Dassault Rafale France
The french Dassault Rafale comes at No. 5 among the world’s most advanced jet fighters. Designed and built by Dassault Aviation, Rafale is a twin-engine, canard delta-wing, multirole fighter aircraft. Almost entirely built by one country, Rafale is distinct from other European fighters of its era with a high level of legerity, capable of at the same time playing air domination, interdiction, intelligence activity, and mobile nuclear deterrent missions.

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4. Eurofighter Typhoon (European Union)

Eurofighter Typhoon
Eurofighter Typhoon spot fourth among the 10 most advanced jet fighters in the world. Built on the strength of four European nations: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy, and their leading defense and aerospace companies. Eurofighter Typhoon is the world’s most advanced swing-role combat jet providing same time deploy-able Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface capabilities.

3. Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet (USA)

FA 18F Super Hornet landing
Based on the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is a combat-proven strike fighter with built-in versatility. The F/A-18E/F’s suite of integrated and networked systems provides enhanced interoperability, total force support for the combatant commander and for the troops on the ground. Both the F/A-18E (single seat) and F/A-18F (two-seat) models convert quickly from one mission type to the other with the flip of a switch to provide consistent air dominance.

2. F-22 Raptor (USA)

Advanced Jet Fighters
The F-22 is a multi-role air-superiority jet fighter with improved capability over current aircraft. This ultimate state of art weapon was primarily designed as an air superiority fighter, but the aircraft has some extra capabilities like Air-to-Surface, electronic warfare, and signals intelligence roles. F-22 Raptor is a stealth technology, single-seat, twin-engine fifth-generation supersonic super maneuverable fighter aircraft. >> 10 Insanely Strange Aircrafts That Actually Existed.

1. F-35 Lightning II (USA)

Advanced Jet Fighters
The F-35 Lightning II is at No. 1 to the word’s most advanced jet fighters. The aircraft is designed with the modren battle space in mind. It is the most flexible, technologically sophisticated, fifth-generation multirole fighter ever built. With advanced stealth capability, F-35 delivers innovative capabilities to meet security needs for nations across the world.

Some Other Advanced Jet Fighters:

JF-17 Thunder (China/Pakistan)

JF-17 Thunder (China/Pakistan)
The JF-17 Thunder multi-role fighter was jointly developed by China and Pakistan. Its called Joint Fighter-17 (JF-17), while in China its called “FC-1 Xiaolong” means “Fighter China-1 Fierce Dragon”. It has a conventional aerodynamic layout. It is fitted with Russian Klimov RD-93 turbofan engine with afterburner. It is a derivative of the RD-33, used on the Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum. The JF-17 is intended for air defense and ground attack missions. It has beyond visual range attack capability.

Mikoyan MiG-35 (Russia)

A MiG-35D Flight
The Russian fighter MiG-35 – stands as the ultimate evolution of the MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter series. The MiG-35 has vastly improved avionics and weapon systems, especially the new AESA radar and the distinctive designed OLS, relieves the aircraft from relying on GCI (ground-controlled interception) systems and enables it to conduct independent multi-role missions. According to Russian military, the new MiG-35D multirole fighters as an equal to the U.S. F-35 jet fighters.

  • any country would love to own aircraft fight the world’s most powerful

  • CatHunter

    What a joke. #1 F35!? The Australians are furious after purchasing some, the Brits are politely trying to back away from it, the US Navy is raising a middle finger to purchasing it, and even the US Air Force had a Colonel (no General was willing to risk the truth) put out a “test” message that the USAF might have to rethink the F35 purchase.

    Ejaz Khan, you know so very little about air weapons … and for that matter, weapons in general. Stick to Facebook postings.

    • Rick 35

      While I do agree that the F-35 is a joke on almost all parameters, it is true that it is the most advanced aircraft in the world, albeit not in service yet. It has the most advanced technology in the world, it is the stealthiest fighter jet in the world (excluding f-117) and the most versatile and ‘flexible’ fighter jet. So it should be number 1 on this list.

      • DoYouEvenFifthGenBro

        It actually isn’t the stealthiest, even not including the F-117. While smaller than the F-22A, it has a slightly larger RCS(radar cross-section) than the F-22A. The F-22A has an RCS that’s roughly the size of a medal marble, while the F-35 has an RCS that’s about the size of a metal golf ball

        • Joe Schmoe

          The F-117 is not as stealthy as either one of those fighters, I think you meant the B-2.

    • Ricky Godsey

      What was the other design/aircraft that the F-35 beat out. I wonder how that design wud have turned out. I can’t believe how bad the F-35 turned out to be. Is it really that bad?

    • Avro Arrow

      Even better, he has a picture of an Su-32 Strike Flanker and he’s calling it a MiG-31 Foxhound. The Foxhound may be the fastest fighter in the world but it’s nowhere near the most advanced.

  • Zoolu

    Lol, the Rafale kick the Typhoon’s ass.

  • onlooker

    Su 30MKI semi stealth??

  • Gags

    Stealth Technology is not as good as we believe it to be now. A stealth fighter by itself is vulnerable, and they only do night missions. They need the support of other planes that have radar jammers etc. to make the stealth fighters fully effective. Most people think that stealth planes can not be seen at all, like we are ghosts and that’s not the case.
    The stealth technology was started in the 70’s, and like all technology you have to stay ahead of the curve. Im not saying these planes suck by any means but the fact is that other countries now know how to see them with modified radar and using multiple radar systems.
    The planes are not invisible it just makes them smaller on radar by deflecting radar and absorbing it. When used in conjuction with other planes and technologies we get the upper hand, but again other countries have figured out how to see the planes. If anyone remembers in 1999 we lost one in Yugoslavia after they modified a radar system in the field. The planes had no other support and that was probably the reason it was vulnerable.
    I wish I knew what new technologies they were using, I would say that the days of a manned fighter is pretty much gone. We can make drones stealthy and small with a decent payload. Now you fly a few of them in and you have a perfect scenario. Imagine 12 drones 6 with payload 3 with radar jamming technologies and the other 3 with technology we don’t even know about… Thats the future and Im sure it is here.
    Remember all the planes you see now were developed over 20 years ago, We can only imagine what the hell we have and how effective it is. I would say almost all UFO sightings are probably cases of our technology being spotted.
    Think of this…. F117 first flight 1981 thats 30 years ago….F35 is from the 90s over 20 years old…. B2 Stealth Bomber developed in the 80’s….. So all these planes we see are actually old stuff, yesterdays news….

    • Martin Mclornan

      I am sorry to tell you the only reason it has
      support aircraft is because of the cost of the
      the plane ‘ plus it has been well tested over
      the Navada desert and has been proven to
      be totally stealth . If you also would like
      to know the F15 has been proven to be. The
      # 1 fighter plane ever built ‘ the Isreali air force using 1 point shot down 5 Might in
      1 dog fight ‘ plus it is the only plane to
      shoot down a satellite in orbit !

      • Ricky Godsey

        Yeah, I agree. The F-15 is the top dog. It’s perfect. It’s beautiful. Flown by the right pilot means it will win everytime.

    • Ricky Godsey

      I remember hearing they shot down the F17 bc it flew the same flight pattern. They also had spotters on the ground watching them take off…along with radar signature n what not.

  • GonGimenez

    And the new pack-fa??? I mean list like that it’s a joke mixing old and new ones, but if you put an 5th Gen on the top of the list be equal for the other advanced proyects

    • Frédéric Pasinato

      pack fa and f-35 dosn’t exist

      • starkiller0907

        YOU don’t exist, look it up!
        the raffle is a steaming pile f rubble compared to even the F-35
        The T-50 should be at the top of the list, and the F-22 second

  • Williz

    I feel F-22 Raptor is far more advance and powerful compared to the F-35 Lightning II.

  • Biswasenator

    Morons of this post I guess u all never heard of SU 30MKI which blew F 16, Eurofighter Typoon, F 15 and others till date in all the war games and and missions.. go check out before posting such a falsified article. Do check out its operational measures and general Characteristics before such a spoof.. Bizzare list made by the editor. Go die….

  • Frédéric Pasinato

    -f-35 dosn’t exist
    -f-15 and f-18 better dassault rafale??? in yur dream

    real top 5 for air supériority is:
    1) f22
    2) typhoon eurofighter
    3) dassault rafale
    4) su-35
    5) f15

    next we have top 5 aircraft for help win a war (because war is not just air supériority)
    1) dassault rafale
    2) typhoon eurofighter
    3) f18 super hornet
    4) f 22 raptor
    5) su-35

  • bkr

    f 35 ? ,f 22 is far better

    • Вячеслав

      F-22 obsolete technologies.
      1. not compatible with AIM-120D & AIM-9x block 2
      2. Obsolete radar (can’t use Ku & L)
      3. Outdated tracking system
      4. Doese’t have laser tracking system (Rafale, MiG, Sukhoi, Eurofighter).

      • Carolina_Berg

        stop comparing d*cks

      • Jim

        Right out of the mouth of a Ruski. Not very realistic, are we?

      • Jim

        Sorry, Ivan. The SU-35’s strength is its close quarters combat; but that agility won’t escape an oncoming missile. The Raptor’s strength is that it sees you, kills you, and leaves the area before you even know it’s there.

  • Matt Filla

    looks like some buffoon spent 30 mmins compiling jet pictures that he thought was the coolest…

  • Ashis Kumar

    How did you get the ranking… Rolling Dice?

  • F-35 = ?

  • gary

    You gotta love patriotism. People, it’s just one person opinion. You gotta laugh at people with absolutely no aeronautical experience critiquing jets as rubbish. I appreciate all nations jet fighters as they are technological marvels. The F35 technology has never been done before, the amount of line’s of code is 8 million. Compare that to Facebook, worldwide, is about 9 million. So the original poster of this story is correct, the f35 has advanced technology. And for the person who said Australia is angry is cherry picking information. It is Australia’s Labor Party and the extreme left green parties that have question the need for the f35. The LNP party is committed to purchasing 73 planes.

    • Gavin Sullivan

      Gary hasn`t gotta clue…the Australian populace has no desire for overly expensive jets that neither have range for the required distances in Oz,nor a working gun.The fact the software just doesn`t work and the pilots are blind has no bearing on how many lines of code their are.And the people who are going to be footing the bill for purchase and care of this waste of money…don`t want it.Its not political in anyway…its just a useless plane for the Australian environ of operations,and since it still doesn`t work…the point is rather mute.

  • Joseph Tan

    F-35 is No. 1? Do you know what RAND Corp says about over-priced F-35? TCR

    “………………… Can’t Turn, Can’t Climb, Can’t Run ………………………..”

    Irony that you should that her as No. 1 …………..

  • Hollywood

    F-35 is a turkey.

  • felix

    I think russian made fighter jets are more advanced than US that is to say SU 35 &SU 27

  • Heebygeeby

    F-35 is a highly overrated fighter. In combat tests conducted by the Americans, the soviet SU -27 slaughtered the F-35 in every combat. In fact, the F-35 is still on the drawing boards strictly speaking. The damn fighter just won’t work according to all experts both American and worldwide. Even China has a fighter that obliterates the F-35 in combat. Kinda frightening isn’t it? U-S-A, U-S-A, OOPS !!

  • Roger Pierre Ouaret

    The F35 is a steaming pile, as an American aircraft expert said, it’s a flying donkey! the best fighter jet today is the Rafale! nothing else compares!

  • Trooper Chick

    lol ever hear of Russia’s T50

  • Lol ever heard of Sukhoi T50 ?

  • Kostas De

    F35 is shit clearly the one who made the article is pro-American… even the swedish Gripen is better then this shit. The best jets are Russian.

    • starkiller0907

      Agreed. They are more agile and faster, but take fewer ammunition in the air.

    • Eddie

      bro, “even the swedish gripen”, the gripen NG is more advanced than every fan fighter on this list except for the f35… No one rly wants to learn about the gripen lmao, it is so underrated though such an amazing fighter, hell, the NG E and F models have mounted hud displays in the helmet, something the f22 doesn’t have lmao… so don’t come with “even the swedish gripen”.

  • starkiller0907

    what about the T-50?
    It is better than the Lightning II, but only just

  • regards

    Advanced or the best? Grippen should be in top three in booth categories. Russian fighters are very good in spite of being 2-3 decades behind western world (less advanced). Nowadays jet fighters are “only” electronic eyes and carriers for weaponry systems


    F-35 is disaster

  • tapiwa

    f-35 is a pure baby of the mind

  • Ricky Godsey

    The F-15 doesn’t quite get the respect it deserves I think. It’s really quite perfect with a stellar record. One of the best looking aircraft as well.

  • Avro Arrow

    This list is a joke. You have the MiG-31 Foxhound listed and you put a photo of an Su-32 Strike Flanker? How can you possibly pretend to be an authority on fighter aircraft when you can’t even tell one from another? Also, how is the piece of trailer park trash F-35 more advanced than the F-22 and others when it can’t even fly in the rain and catches fire on the ground? That’s your idea of advanced? This list shouldn’t even exist if you’re going to have children do it.

  • Ayush Narain Mathur

    Can the JF-17 be even counted as an advanced fighter? I dont think so..

  • Pete O’k

    Of all the jets mentioned, this ranking is more accurate..

    #1 Russian SU-35
    #2 European Eurofighter Typhoon
    #3 French Dassault Rafale
    #4 US F22
    #5 Russian Mig-35
    #6 US F35
    #7 US F15
    #8 Russian Mig-31
    #9 US F16
    #10 US FA18
    #11 Swedish JAS 39 Gripen
    #12 Chinese/Pakistani JF-17 Thunder

    • Jim

      It’s been stated by the best experts in the business that the F-22 is to the F-15 as the F-15 is to the P-51. Now if the SU-35s can say that, then, and only then will it be what you say it is.

  • BBC

    The F-35 is not very good, Russia’s new Sukhoi PAK FA is much better.

  • Mohammad

    Please don’t sell those stuff for Muslim Arab. they are crusader enemy.

  • That’s not a MIG 31

  • Eddie

    want a fun fact? The gripes NG, the E and F model, is more advanced than the f22 raptor with its touch screen and helmet hud display just like the f35, the E and F models are also more advanced than basically every plane on this list except the f35, (and the f22 if account the stealth).

  • Avichal Sharma

    F-16 doesn’t belong to top 10 (or even top 20).

  • Bharath Kumar

    The MIG 31 pic shown is totally wrong. it is actually an SU-34.