• Sadia Gull

    so nice

    • Siddiq Abbasi

      it s about your web page, its great initiative and you should take it up through doing something unique and you should also do something to promote your VALLEY , like turism, valley pics etc, you know much better then else, but again say its really great, congrats, Siddiq Abbasi

  • guest

    thank you i am doing an exhibition about junk food

  • http://www.myqute.com/blog kelly

    Thank you for saying LACK OF FAMILY GATHERING as one reason contributing to obesity! How many of us miss this factor!

    Additionally, consuming foods with the right kinds of saturated fats do not actually contribute to heart disease eg medium chain fatty acids found in cold-treated coconut oil . It’s a mixture of oxidized sugar, animal protein and fat that makes plaques inflame walls of arteries that eventually become hard. Oxidization come quickly to those who rarely or seldom eat fruits and some raw foods like avocados. A living body needs living enzymes and most living enzymes come from some raw foods (my favourite are sunflower seeds and unroasted walnuts).

  • Jaleela Salih

    Good job! Although I found a lot of grammatical errors, I was fed a lot of useful information.
    Thank you!

  • prathmesh

    i have just buyed internet to study and i am really impressed by this

  • ananya

    never eat junk food its harmful