• Tired of their Nonsense

    oh please. Kournikova is #1 not even close. Move Sharipova to about #4 and boot that she-male ape off the #10 spot to about #2385.

    • AdamG

      exactly. serena…..that made me laugh and choke at the same time.

  • chrobakos

    Dominika cibulkova is from Slovakia dumbass

    • Maya

      Exactly… And Hantuchova is pretty sexy as well!

  • LongMemory

    Go back in time a little and look up Gabriella Sabatini ….

    There is a real beauty.

    • The Tranya

      Yes, if you like your woman unibrowed and macho.

  • El Chele

    beauty is 51 % personality so #1, the sophia loren of tennis, is obviously Flavia Pennetta, and #2 is Flavia and Gisela

  • Hawk

    Had to toss in Serena to please the black community. She looks like a dude. What a joke.

  • Marcos Monteiro

    ana is the most beautiful….maria is no.4

  • Damien

    Grow up guys. The list is just one person’s opinion & if he thinks Maria is #1 then that’s it. You differ? Well, go make your own list…

  • No account

    Anna is much more beautiful than Maria. and also Ana Ivanovic so sexy hot babe

  • Ranbir

    I personally like Sania Mirza much more than my g/friend. What a chick she’s, damned hot, sexy.

    I love to watch when she play (especially her breast) .

    • AdamG

      sorry but she is not pretty at all.

  • H0MIE

    This is not an all-time list. Chris Everett is not on the list. Venus is better looking than Serena too.

  • Ron

    Genie” Bouchard isnt on the list? WHAT!?

  • Sashman1972

    Maria Sharapova is the most famous female tennis player of all-time? Are you smoking crack?

  • Poonscop

    Great to see
    Maria Sharapova is no 1. she is the most sexist tennis player ever. She is also tall and strong. If i have a chance to mix wrestling with her. I would like her to lift me like a baby and squeeze me in her strong sexy legs.