• Ishwa

    I Like Celina Jaitley’s amazing eyes

  • http://www.facebook.com/akhlaqahmed.rana Akhlaq Ahmed Rana

    tere ankhin sharab hin jana

  • …..

    That’s bloody Paris Hilton dressed up as Audrey Hepburn, how can you make such a HUGE mistake?

    • http://www.wonderslist.com/ Muhammad Shoaib

      Its not Paris Hilton its Audrey Hepburn. Have a close look again.

  • mishal

    rani have also so pretty eyes

  • bob

    How in the world is Kristen Stewart on there and not Keira Knightley?

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    interesting…pretty girls

  • brown tony

    i love girls <3 <3

  • Ya Right

    I was pretty much on board until you threw Kristen Stewart into the mix. Ya…

  • KateB

    I think Maira Walsh and Saoirse Ronan should be in the list but i like this one..

  • MizzK

    Madonna hello.

  • ariel cruzin

    why not included Demi Moore

  • Neme

    Just curious why all your top picks but one, Audrey Hepburn have blue or green eyes.

  • Johanna

    Alexis Bledel

  • Adam Contreras

    Emma Watson deserves to be here

  • Amzari Akmar

    Olivia Wilde??

  • Fernando Chequetto

    Molly Quinn, Elisabeth Röhm and Saoirse Ronan

  • Fernando Chequetto

    Molly Quinn, Elisabeth Röhm, Saoirse Ronan and Alexandra Daddario.

  • antonis

    Joan Severance- Isabelle Adjani