10 Heartbreaking Tales of Animal Cruelty

At some point in life, we’ve probably owned a pet. Whether a cat, dog or the not-so-friendly- alligator. We all love seeing our feline friends playing around and generally having it easy. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that animals have inherited millions of dollars from gratified ‘’masters’’. Away from these legendary friendships, history has had its fair share of charlatans whose mission is to unleash pogrom of terror on these hapless creatures. Whether as a gesture of idiocy, negligence or misplaced supremacy, these animals shared the same fate_they tested darker side of psychopaths. Though some escaped with their lives, others never made it out alive.

(Please note that the contents of this list may upset some readers.)

10. Raju; the grateful jumbo

10 Heartbreaking Tales of Animal Cruelty
On 4th July 2014, a team of wildlife experts from the London based Wildlife charity alongside twenty heavily armed officers pounced on an Indian province of Uttar Pradesh in the wee hours of the night for a landmark operation. This wasn’t the rigorous process of tracking neither an elusive beast nor a stolen trophy. It was an epic struggle to wrestle 3,356 Kgs (7,400 lbs) elephant from his captor.

Raju, as he was fondly known had a rough start in life. Having been poached from the wild as a young carefree jumbo, he was sold to different owners but life took a turn for the worst after being sold to Indian moguls who promptly turned him into a beggar prop. Unlike other circus elephants, he was chained on a single spot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for whooping 50 years! For these perpetually hungry behemoths, meals are a matter of life or death. However, Raju got a raw deal and was forced to feed on plastics and papers to supplement his meager ration of twigs and mere 5 liters of water. For comparison, mature Asian elephant his size weigh approximately 11,000-12,000 lbs consumes an average of 170kg (375 pounds) of vegetation and 90L (23gal) of water depending on the environment. As a result, his health gradually deteriorated over the years and developed chronic wounds and arthritis on the chained legs.

After a tipoff from UPD, the SOS swung into action and filed a legal suit for Raju’s freedom. They won. After secretly surveying his whereabouts, the group, under Katrick Satyarayan, the SOS manager swiftly moved in despite opposition from the ‘’Master’’ and loaded the sedated jumbo in to the waiting truck. To their amazement, Raju wept in relief after realizing his decades of suffering had finally come to an end.

Not willing to see his ‘’investment’’ go down the drain, the ‘’Master’’ sued demanding ‘’ his property back’’, but in their defense, the SOS argued ‘’…elephant cannot be owned by someone under Indian law[sic]as they are all owned by the government , and that only a license from Chief Wildlife Warden is proof of ownership.’’ Since the ‘’Master’’ could not produce the required documentation, the court ruled in favor of the SOS who later issued a statement ‘’this meant that Raju was finally truly free and there is no chance he will be returned to the shackles that chained him for 50 years’’. On 4th July 2015, he celebrated his first birthday.

9. Sipho and the unfortunate Goat

Goat beater to be charged with animal cruelty
Distinguishing stupidity from ignorance can be a herculean task to both educated and uneducated eyes. It is one of the instance elites and mediocres share table of brotherhood. We all love jokes and at some point pulled a trick on a friend, however when it’s a matter of life and death, utmost consideration must be taken or conveniently, the opera ignored altogether. Surprisingly, some individuals fail to get the memo and Sipho Makamu was one such guy.

On September 2014, Sipho Makamu stumbled across a goat in his property. Not happy with the impromptu guest loitering and bloating around in his compound, he cornered and proceed to give her a thorough beating, however before the storm cooled, another unsuspecting Billy showed up for a leafy meal and things went bananas. Sipho gave a chase and caught up with the vegetarian intruder before switching into martial mode. What happened next would be a chain of events that landed him a date with the custodian of the law.

Sandwiched between Sipho’s legs, he unleashed a series of slaps and blows in the neck, face, belly and ‘’nether region’’ of the goat. Egged on by his friends apparently amused by the unfolding drama, Sipho continued whacking the vegan interloper as the she gasped for breather. As shocking as the video was, she died of her injuries. Immediately the video was uploaded in youtube, Sipho found himself on the receiving end of public outrage, online criticism and sure enough the police came knocking. After the arrest, Colonel Leonard, the provincial police Spokesman issued a statement ‘’Makamu’s arrest would result in other community members learning from the consequences of his senseless conduct’’. He was fined R 6,000, equivalent to $ 517 at the then current rate.

8. Quattro and the Elementary Kids incident

Quattro and the Elementary Kids incident
Kids are a mischievous lot when bored. They often more than not use unorthodox means to circumnavigate boredom and sometimes not all things go to plan especially when life is compromised and authorities aren’t amused.

That was the scenario three elementary boys aged 6, 9, and 10 found them on 7th May 2014 after crossing path with a stray cat. The children out for a quick adventure cornered the stray feline. Cut off from an escape route, the cat found itself on a tight corner with the advancing battalion of three-kid-army equipped with rudimentary weapons; stones and sticks who promptly pounced. Caught up in hail of stones, flying sticks and ruthless kicks, Quattro endured a harrowing experience of unparalleled brutality. Just when all hope of survival seemed slim, luck called. Attracted by the commotion, two passing lads came to have a look, and to their horror made the startling find. Thanks to their intervention, Quattro, though mortally wounded escaped with her life. However, her condition deteriorated and before long, a sympathetic teacher learnt of the incident and took her in. Alarmed by Quattro fragile state, she had Quattro checked in at Life Cat Rescue center, New Jersey. She was diagnosed of a broken leg, fractured skull and lost an eye. Despite spending $1000 for her treatment and surgery, she died eight days later. As for the kids, they were suspended from school for five days and received two years of psychiatric therapy.

7. Liam Dowling, Dublin

Liam Dowling, Dublin
From pulling sledges to hunting maniacs, dogs have been at the fore front of exemplary services. Thanks to their super human courage and ability to hold their ground in the face of adversaries, the course of history has been altered and countless lives saved. In the police circles, they’ve been at the forefront of spine tingling operations and among the cartels; they are a bad news. It’s therefore safe to assume they’re one of mans’ most venerated friend and even the monarchy aren’t immune to these craze except for Liam Dowling…

Dowling, a drug addict and an ex convict had previously served four-and-half year stint on a drug related offence. Once released, he was forced to rely on antidepressants and financially, things weren’t on track either. To topple his woes, his pet’s health was in shreds and bills were fast pilling up. Desperation set in and things took a turn for the worst. On 19th August 2014, Liam took the frail Milo for a walk at Clonliffe College but with a sinister intension. Half way through the crowded park, he went berserk. Using the dogs’ lead, he lifted her up and repeatedly smashed her to the ground while walking across the lawn in front of horrified parents and kids. After emerging out of the bushes with no dog, he was confronted by a curious onlooker of which he reportedly said the dog had ‘’broken free of the lead and fled’’. The ploy failed and Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) showed up along with the police. Without much ado, he pleaded guilty at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court but insisted he thought he was doing nothing wrong. He received 200 Hours of community service.

In a later interview with the Sunday World Magazine, he confessed he didn’t remember nothing as he was ‘’hazy’’.

6. Basel and the unsuspecting Cockerel

Basel and the unsuspecting Cockerel
Living in society rife with tales of sorcery, witches and magic is a tough experience. Neighbors view each other with suspicion, men keep an eye on their families as well as their back and women never lose track of their kids. That limping granny isn’t good either nor is it a wise idea conversing with the old man asking for help. Based on mere suspicion, unwary men and women found themselves before judges on sorcery charges which meant certain death. Those who fought back the charges were ruthlessly tortured into submission and subsequently executed. So how does animal cruelty set in? Well, a cock found himself in the docks after laying an egg…

As ridiculous as this sound, we know cock do lay an egg or two but the Swiss of Basel town were a different lot, courtesy of illiteracy. The infamous incident of the year 1474 would gradually take its place in history books as ‘’Nature on trial’’. It all started when a farmer stumbled on an egg in the chicken coop. As a keen farmer, he noted none of his hen showing clutching signs. Concerned, he paid attention and after several months, nothing turned up. To his horror, another egg popped up. As fate had it, luck ran out and the rooster was finally caught pants down. After the discovery, the superstitious farmer alerted his neighbors and before long, the town was at a standstill. The hysterical community quickly pounced and hurtled him to the court. In the jam packed room, the prosecutor argued his case before the equally paranoid audience. Needless to say, the Cock lost the case and was sentenced to death. The hapless fowl was quickly dragged out of the room and escorted down town to the execution site. Before a crowd of hundreds, he was tied and burnt at stake alongside the egg.

5. The hungry thugs and the Camels’ left leg

The hungry thugs and the Camels’ left leg
We all love snacks and they come in all sort of size and shape. Though we appreciate a hearty meal, some vagabonds do so and in pretty grotesque manner and the Saudis’ know too well. Despite being one of the most suppressive nations where laws are followed to the letter, they aren’t immune to the cheeky-quickly type class of citizens either. That was the scenario the nation found itself in 2010 after a band of rascally thugs decided to have a quick meal. Normally the, modular operandi of thugs’ leaves little to no time of cooking on the crime scene and the Saudi felons weren’t an exception only they had a particular taste; a camels’ leg. After stalking a camel, the crooks descended on him late one night with blows from iron bars and knocked him unconscious. Using rudimentary knives, they cut off his left leg and left the helpless behemoth bleeding on the ground. With their spoil of thievery in tow, they left for a nearby house from which the leg was roasted and eaten up. However, hiding the huge bones proved a headache and they apparently planted it on the next farm. They were wrong. One by one, they were round up by the police and the incriminating evidence worked against them.

4. Staffie Mix, the Muzzled Dog

Staffie Mix, the Muzzled Dog
In 2014, a well known stray dog in Chicora Cherokee neighborhood went missing. This wasn’t strange as she was known to show up unexpectedly after rounds round the blocks. However, when she did show up days later, things we’re little different. Instead of scavenging for food in the bins, she needed help… her mouth had been sealed shut with an electrical tape with a small section of the tongue gripped by the menacing teeth. After being found, she was rushed to Charleston Animal Society, South Carolina for medical help from where the sedated beast had the tape cut off. Due to the severity of her injury in the tongue, the Vets feared, she would lose a section of her tongue.

As usual, the police were notified and investigations began in earnest. The dog was traced to an unidentified woman who asserted to have sold her to William Leonard Dodson, a career criminal and ex convict for $20. In a sworn affidavit, Leonard had previously boosted to the previous owner of taping her up to as ‘’ he was tired of her barking’’. He was released on $50,000 bond.

3. Candace Patricia Hauser

Nadia the mastiff died after delivering her puppies on March 4 in Tampa
You’ve all heard of charlatans; a class of hard eyed, tight lipped, highly educated team of laymen with fictional education and experience in their perceived field of specialization. On this list, no one fits the description as Candace Patricia Hauser, 31 year old woman from Florida.

On the dawning hours of 4th March 2014, Brenda Hines Mastiff dog, Nadia, went into labor. Caught up on a tight spot, she opted to seek help from her long time ally, Candace who had previously claimed she had done time in a medical examiner’s office. Candice was happy to help.

With zero hours as a vet, she pulled out her tool of trade; a steak knife and set down to work by ‘’manually’’ pulling out the stuck puppies. However, the two very last proved troublesome. After failing to get them out, she opted for a gruesome procedure that landed her behind bars. Using the kitchen knife and no anesthesia, she cut open her belly and pulled out the puppies. Triumphant of her achievement, she glued back the ‘’rugged’’ cut using house glue and called it a day.

Relieved, Brenda drove Nadia back home but as usual, her condition gradually worsened. Terrified, she drove to a nearby veterinary Healthcare Associates, a few miles away but the Mastiff was dead. A few days later, Candace was arrested and fined $ 2000.

2. The Yellowstone Grizzly Bear

Yellowstone Park kills grizzly bear that ate hiker
In terms of interspecies combat, we imagine we’re the supreme kind. Well, we come equipped with guns, but when things spiral out of control, all sorts of death machines roll in and the game changes to a whole new level.
However in the natures’ territorial setting, things are lot more different.

Man is unfortunate specie with literally no natural counter-attack mechanism against a powerful predator. Rabbits, antelope and zebra are heavily equipped with speed, crocodiles have massive jaws with atrocious crushing power, leopard, tiger and grizzly bear will most probably leave one a messy flesh of gore. Though possible, humans seldom cross path with natures’ killer machines but as intellectual specie revenge is always a viable option. This is the perfect scenario Yellowstone National Park officials found themselves in 7th August, 2015 after the body of 63 years old Lance Crosby was discovered in a thicket partially consumed.

Lance, a Medcor clinical company employee and experienced hiker had disappeared off the Elephant Back Loop trail prior to the gruesome find. Investigations revealed he’d been attacked by a female bear as little claws, probably of the cub were visible at the scene. Though grizzlies are generally peaceful animals, they transform into ferocious fighters within a matter of seconds and lock in deadly combat with an intruder when cornered or protecting the cubs. Equipped with razor sharp claws (some as long as 6 cm), nefarious teeth, keen eyesight, awesome sense of smell and powerful muscles to top up with speed of over 35 Mph miles, these moving ‘’tour de force’’ of nature are perfect killer machines that humans won’t stand a chance in flat form field of natural combat.

Immediately after the gory find, traps were laid and the unsuspecting bear caught along with her two cubs. The case took a turn for the worst when Yellowstone decided to euthanize her. Immediately, their lines were jammed by angry protestors who claimed Lance was at fault as he had disregarded the Park rules and gotten killed. The orphans were later taken to a zoo.

1. William Wiliford

William Wiliford Cruel Cases of Animal Abuse

William Wiliford’s name is synonymous with rape, blood, death and horror. Known for his sheer brutality of starving, strangling and hitting animals, he secures his place as one of the most brutal of all in this list.

In his heydays, William passed off as Good Samaritan on Craigslist prowling on desperate animal owners. After identifying his victim, he would begin correspondence with the intention of bagging the pet. Once at home, the animal would be tortured, kicked and starved. Dogs were held in freezing attic, rabbits were stashed in crates and some suspended from the walls with no water light or food. An empty wire cage contained animal bones and skulls as well.

Working on a tip off from a friend, the police raided his house and made the bloody find. His house was a scene straight from horror movie complete with blood spatters, filth and carcasses. Immediately after being taken into custody, his former girlfriend confessed to have been raped by William and before long, another girl showed up with the same allegations.

+ Awali Muganza

Owing to the sad nature of the list, I saw it fit to cheer our readers, so I thought it wise to include Awali Muganza. Awali, a Ugandan citizen knows too well how crafty man is especially when tough times call. As a farmer, he kept several herds of cattle and sheep alongside selling cereals. It’s therefore not surprising he was quite well off in an impoverished town. In the wee hours of September 20, 2000, he was awoken by sound of his goat bleating incessantly. Thinking they had been attacked by black ants-a common but rare incidence, he stepped out to check on them. He was wrong. Immediately he walked to the pen, he saw masked men squeezing the Billy’s testicles. In a hurry, he dashed back to the house but unfortunately, he was raced down, beaten, gagged and ordered to hand over the previous day paycheck…

In the course of investigation, it emerged the thugs had constantly pressed against the testis to attract Awali’s attention rather than break in into his house. It worked.

List compiled by Moses Onyango. Feel free to contact him here.