10 Hilarious Differences Between Mom and Dad

When God first sent you to this world, your mom and dad were already in place waiting for you. You already had two caretakers, people to stay awake with you, people to play with you. You had someone to do the laundry, change your diapers and feed you. Parents are the best thing that happens to many people on this earth. Only those who have been extraordinarily successful in love or have had extraordinarily bad parents would deny this. Yet, the parenting style of your parents would be so different as compared to each other. Like the kid who wanted to break down the chimney in “Storks” said, “Dads are fuuun..moms are mean!” Below are few funny points to let you understand what we mean!

10. The way they feed

differences between mom and dad
Your mom would give you little bites one at a time. Slowly and steadily along with phrases like, “aaa”, “oooh”, “my little baby is going to open his big big mouth now. Aaa” and so on. When it comes to dads- well they will shove the spoon into your mouth regardless of how big the bite it. If it’s a pizza slice, they would stuff it along with the topping, if it’s a sub- it goes in as a whole big bite. Mommy would probably take off the topping bit by bit, one mushroom at a time or one olive with a small piece of chicken. Let’s not even try to dig into daddy details.

9. Taking permission for an afterschool match? Try it!

Taking permission for an afterschool match
image source; wikiHow.com

You: Mom can I go to football match after school?
Mom: What time? Till?
You: 7 – 9 but i will go a bit early for the T shirt
Mom: How early? You have to be back by 9
You: probably 5:30 or 6 ok? 9 is fine
Mom: Go after 6. Back by 9.
You: Thanks mom
Mom: Tell your dad

And then

You: Dad can i go to football practice after school?
Dad: Yes

This doesn’t need explaining right?

8. At the Zoo

Mom and Dad at Zoo
Mommy is going to pick the baby up in the lap and give it a small bit of the burger she is eating. The baby will then be allowed to feed the animal “if” the sign says so (there is no question of trying if you are not allowed). Mommy makes sure that the distance between the fence and her lap is directly proportional to the size of the animal, better if a couple of inches extra. Then, she is going to bend very lightly and slightly, allowing the baby to reach out to the animal, full stretch. As for dads? He is going to hold the baby by the feet and pour him down into the raccoon pen. Feed the animal baby! Have fun!

7. The new toy

Hilarious Differences Between Mom and Dad
Your grandma got the younger sibling a new toy? A bicycle maybe? Or something safer (remember your grandma was a woman too). Your mother is going to make sure that the baby learns to use the toy in a safe manner by reading all the instructions on the leaflet. Then she is going to help the kid play with it. If it is a bicycle, she will teach him or her how to ride- probably holding the carrier on the back. But dads? Oh first they are going to ignore the leaflet. Next they are going to play with the toy “on their own” and if it is a bicycle, they will definitely start enjoying the ride before the little one!

6. Strolling down the park

Strolling down the park
Moms take you down for a stroll while dads think you are a troll! We have all come across those pictures on the web where two mothers are walking side by side, with babies settled down gently in the strollers. A good day for a refreshing walk in visible in the photo. Meanwhile, dads are seen carrying babies with the leg (one each) as they enjoy a chat and walk down the lane. Trust us when we say this- it is not exaggeration but a hundred and ten percent truth!

5. In the pool- or the tub

In the pool- or the tub
Mommies will make sure they have everything on for safety. Dads will probably just bother with the floats and might even give them a dip or two- you know- tough knut in the making! As in the tub, mama is going to put the baby in gently, rub you and scrub you with soft tender hands. Father will make sure that it is “red as a lobster” for otherwise won’t pay back enough for his time spent on bathing the baby. Ah, did we mention how he converts the baby into all the characters of “The Smurfs” with the soapy no-tears bubbles? (Three stars to dad for using no-tears bubble bath by the way).

4. What they hear and what they think

Getting kids ready for school
At night in the bed mom’s be like…

Am I a Good mom?
Am I giving the kids enough time?
I think I ought to loosen up a bit on the elder one.
But I don’t want to spoil the younger one.
I think I should lose some weight too. Be a smart mom to make him proud.

At the other side of the bed…
Dad: I am an awesome dad… ZZZzzzzzz

While in the morning,
What mom hears…
Mom where’s my jumper?
Mom can I stay at school late?
Mom I can’t find my assignment.
Mom what’s for breakfast.
Mom I don’t feel so well.

What dads will hear…

Dad? where’s mom?!

3. The Bedtimes

The Bedtimes for Kids
As a kid you probably went to snuggle up with your mother and that ended up either in tears or mom kind of pushing you away to say, “enough already now grow up”. She would then hug you and kiss you and maybe sing a lullaby. Sometimes, she would find the energy to read a story to you past your bedtime despite being tired.

Dads would play a game of wrestling before putting you to bed. And yes that wrestling would definitely include making a mess of the room that mommy just spent fifteen minutes doing. “Good” night!

2. Their reactions?

What mom says when you are bullied
What mom says when you are bullied?

When he does it again let me know. I will take care of it.

Well, he thinks bullying makes character. Builds it.

What would mom say when she finds you find love life tough?
Be patient honey. You will find your fish sooner or later. There’s plenty.

What would dad say?
Don’t want someone you love. Just love someone you are with! (yea, goes without saying).

1. The way they punish

The way they punish

Dad lowers his voice slightly.
Mom raises voice tenfold. Err..ok twice the actual!

Dad times you out till infinity.
Mom would feel sorry till night.

Mom would say, “wait till daddy comes home.”
Dad would whisper, “Wait till mommy cools down.”

The person who said “Men are from Mars and Women from Venus” was so right in so many ways. Our parents are a completely different set of emotions and reactions. Yet, life is not complete unless you have them around! They are truly the best thing that could happen to a little life in this earth.

Image courtesy: justsomething.co