The 10 Inner Monsters To Be Careful With

The world is filled with lots of people finding it hard to be successful. The question borders on why it is increasingly becoming difficult to succeed or achieve goals. Well, I think the world is changing too. I am sure you agree that the world is changing but not in the sense you are thinking about. The world is changing because we are changing. So, literally, we are becoming the change we have created. Unfortunately, it isn’t a good or positive change we are talking about here.

In recent times, the world has seen people exhibit their inner monsters more prominently than they are expressing positivity. This is both an individual problem and a serious issue for us all to deal with. If this is not dealt with, the younger generation will soon see it as the normal way of living. So, we need to arise and chole these inner monsters to death before they break our sanity and destroy humanity. To this end, we shall be looking at 10 inner monsters limiting people.

inner monsters

The inner monsters: Ten Inner Demons You Need to Battle.


One of the most powerful self-limiting inner monsters is doubt. It is the feeling that makes you uncertain about yourself. It is a feeling of lack of conviction in one’s ability and possibility for success. This has haunted many great dreams and shattered many destinies. It is one major reason people never take steps to do anything worthwhile with their lives. The doubt either makes them do little or avoid doing anything at all. Get rid of your doubt, or you won’t do anything worthwhile with your life.


This is another inner monster we have created by ourselves for ourselves limiting us from advancing in life. It is a self-imposed thought that suggests things will be bad or that they won’t turn out well. It is the state of being afraid that the step you are about to take will end in catastrophe. Because of this feeling, many great projects never began.

They were simply shut out at the ideation stage because fear suggested that they will end in pain. It is time to face your fear, facing it makes you overcome it.

Delay or Hesitation

Here is another inner monster that often prevents people from achieving anything in life, it is called delay. It is a way people respond to impulses to get things done either by being slow about it or making it late. Many people hesitated about what they should have done when they were young until they had no more strength to go for it.

Sometimes in life are unique and will only go for some adventure or goals, if you keep delaying, you may never be able to do it anymore. You need to kill this inner monster by taking action.

Low Self Esteem

When people do not know who they truly are and what they can do, they are said to suffer from self-low esteem. People in this category are just ignorant of the possibilities of what can come out of them. So, they don’t ever see themselves doing anything worthwhile. To them, great things are meant for a certain set of people which they are not among.

Several millions of people across the globe have never attempted anything worthwhile because of low self-esteem. If you are one of them, it is time to arise.


As long as we are humans, we will always have someone that will offend us and we will offend people as well. When people offend you, you must learn to let go because it is the best thing to do to give room for your creativity. When you hold people in the prison of your heart for the wrongs they once did to you, you are also in that prison with them.

With this, you create a spiritual force around you that will keep you off great things. You will suddenly realize your mind is not capable of processing great things. Unforgiveness shut you out whereas the person you are holding has moved on with their life. You will soon realize you are the only one left behind.


This is an intense dislike for someone, people, or place. Hatred often arises because of what someone or a group of people may have done for you in the past. It is taking unforgiveness to the extreme. Many do not know that hatred is a poison that kills your creativity and drags you back on the path of fulfillment.

Hatred will make you lose people that ought to be your leverage. It will also keep you in the thought of whatever they have done while you ought to be thinking about new ideas. Break off from the prison of hatred. Whoever hurt you, just forgive, make friends with them, and move on.


You and I know what this is all about. Several people will always give reasons why they can’t do something. They will never see reasons why they should. Excuses are other ways the unserious and lazy people reiterate that they don’t want to do something or achieve a goal. It is the path most traveled by many, but it is the path of doom. You need to arise today and realize that greatness never comes by making excuses.

It comes only by defiling the excuses to do what needs to be done appropriately. You need to make a decision to stop giving excuses. If you do this, you will automatically find ways to get things done irrespective of whether it is convenient or not.


Distractions are attention stealers. They steal your attention and creativity of what matters per time. The truth about distraction is that it needs you to take you off the goal, and if it succeeds in taking you away, it means you gave yourself to it. Whatever that takes your attention is already in you, this is why it is an inner monster. Something that does not interest you will not take your attention. If you resort that nothing will take your attention, nothing will.

So, fix your distractions, they are the seeds you planted in yourself growing to block your goals. If you are truly focused on your goals, you should not be distracted because focus blinds you to every other thing around. Stay focused and you will get read of this inner monster.


This is a level at which one is no longer motivated, moved, or willing to press further in the pursuit of great things. They just feel they have done enough. This is a dangerous point to be at even if you have achieved some goals before. It means no more aspirations or goals to achieve anything. If this is the point you are at now, it is an inner monster you must kill at all cost.

I advise you to give yourself some break and visit a new environment to catch new breath and ideas. You can not be complacent and make any significant use of your life. Arise from that and go for gold. If you are getting close to complacency or you have people with that already and they are almost dragging you into it, then stand up for your future.

Imposter Syndrome

This is best defined as a feeling that you are a fraud when you are about to launch into new areas of your life to explore greatness there. You begin to feel like you are not part of the kind of people making waves there or that you don’t have the qualities to be an authority in that niche. While this is mostly attributed to those who have achieved a lot in certain niches trying to venture into other industries, unfortunately, it is affecting people who haven’t done much too. This has a way it cripples your ideas and leaves you empty.

You must realize that as long as an idea flows through you, you have got capacity to deliver it. God will not give you an idea you don’t have the capacity to deliver. Sometimes, it may be the next thing God wants to make you but rest assured that the capacity has been installed in you first. Just bring it out in you!

Now is the time for you to ask yourself a sincere question and provide a truthful answer to it. Which of these 10 inner monsters is or are yours? I am sure you will have at least one of these 10 inner monsters, and it is most likely the reason you have not been achieving your goals. Now that you know the enemy of your achievement, would it not make sense to nail it to the cross so that you can achieve the goals and dreams of your heart?

List out all the inner monsters you have and sincerely seek help from professionals to help you break loose from them. Achieving anything worthwhile will always require you to be intentional. So, stop the inner monsters before they stop you!