Top 10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

Chocolate is loved by basically everyone, and no one can refuse to eat this tempting dessert. It has become one of the world’s most popular foods and is included in a lot of desserts and candies. Not only does it taste good, but also according to a study done at the University of Michigan, chocolate contains chemicals called opioids that serve to dull pain.

On any special occasion, a chocolate box along with a card is a great gift if you have a special someone. Love is priceless, so it’s okay to splurge on chocolate for your significant other. In this list we bring you the top 10 most expensive chocolates.

10. La Madeline au Truffe by house of Knipschildt

La Madeline au Truffe by house of Knipschildt
La Madeline au Truffe by house of Knipschildt is one of the most extravagant chocolates in the world. Made with 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, truffle oil and vanilla, this ganache definitely aims to impress. Each chocolate is made to order and takes up to 14 days to deliver and it’s a perfect gift for a special occaision.

For 250$, you will get La Madeline au Truffle in a bed of pearls in a silver box tied with a ribbon. The Danish born chocolatier uses French Périgord truffle, which is a rare mushroom that can cost up to 1,000$ per pound. The exquisite French Périgord truffles are often called Diamonds of Périgord.

They are characterized by a subtle aroma and an earthy flavor reminiscent of a rich chocolate. The truffle is then enrobed in the Valrhona dark chocolate then coated with fine cocoa powder. The classic recipe was created in 1999 and is still very known and loved by all.

Fritz Knipschildt was known as Maitre Chocolatier of his generation. He moved to the United States from Denmark in 1996 and founded Knipschildt Chocolatier in 1999.

He explained in one of his interviews that what makes the Madeleine truffle so beautiful is its simplicity. “It is a dark, classic truffle confection; extravagant certainly, but at the same time elegant and clean and unfussy. Eating it really is a unique experience.” Knipschildt said in one of his interviews. His decadent ganache was listed in Forbes magazine.

9. To’ak 50’s gram Chocolate Bar

To’ak 50’s gram Chocolate Bar
To’ak chocolate is a 50 gram chocolate bar that costs a whopping $260 per bar. There exist only 574 bars in the world. The luxurious chocolate is made from only two ingredients, cacao mass and cane sugar. Pairing the chocolate bar with certain whiskies and rum will give you a great experience.

To’ak, pronounced Toe-Ahk, is a word derived from a fusion of ancient dialects in Ecuador. The journey first started when the co-founder of To’ak, Jerry Toth, started to cultivate cacao trees in the coastal region of Ecuador. He made chocolate from a semi wild cacao tree that grew along stream banks.

Due to the lack of electricity, the process of making chocolate was done by hand. The process of chocolate making starts with roasting cacao beans in a pot over wood fire, and de-husking the beans one by one. He manually grinded the beans.

The box where the chocolate bar is presented is handcrafted and made from Spanish Elm wood. You can find in the center of each bar a single cacao that has been hand selected by To’ak co-founders. The box also includes an information booklet that tells the story behind the chocolate.

8. DeLafée’s Gold Chocolate Box With Swiss Gold Coin

DeLafée’s Gold Chocolate Box With Swiss Gold Coin
Delafee’s gold chocolate box contains 8 chocolate adorned with 24 karat edible gold. For 390$, you also get an antique gold coin, dating from the years 1910 to 1920. The gold used is edible and safe when ingested. In the luxury food industry, gold is used in multiple forms such as powder, flakes, sprinkles or leaves.

Eating gold is a current worldwide trend and the biggest consumer is India with an estimated 12 tons of culinary gold per year. This trend is hardly new, eating precious metal dates back thousand of years.God has been prized for its esthetic qualities and its symbolic strength,

If you are not in the mood for eating gold, you can buy the chocolate truffles with edible silver. The company offers a box of 8 chocolate truffles with edible silver for just 100$. The chocolates are presented in a dark brown, satin covered gift box.

DeLafee, based in Switzerland, was founded in 2004 by Sébastien Jeanneret. The company also offers a wide range of delicacies featuring gold-leaf and gold flakes.

7. Debauve & Gallais Le livre

Debauve & Gallais Le livre
Debauva and Gallais, founded by Sulpice Debauve in 1800, is a French chocolate manufacturer. In 2000, they introduced ‘Le Liver’ to commemorate Debauve & Galais 200th anniversary. Le Liver is a gold adorned leather box in the shape of a box filled with 35 handmade creamy ganaches and pralines. They offer a wide range of chocolate with cocoa percentage as high as 99%. This company’s clientele includes politicians, actors and businessman from all around the globe.

Sulpice Debauve’s magnificent chocolate creations began when Marie Antoinette complained to him about how she did not like the taste of the medicines she had to take. He started to create coin shaped Pistoles that earned the likes from the queen.

Debauve was able to open his first chocolate shop in 1800 in Paris and he became the only chocolate supplier to the French royal family. Debauve created a dietary version of his chocolate with the help of his nephew, Jean-Baptiste Auguste Gallais. The dietary chocolates were made with almond milk, vanilla and orange blossom water.

Le liver comes with the price tag of 550$ for 35 handmade ganaches and pralines. They also offer a smaller version, called ‘Le Petit Livre’, for 330$. It’s filled with 12 chocolates and comes in a blue leather box with gold embossing.

6. Noka’s Vintage Collection

Noka’s Vintage Collection
Listed as one of the world’s most expensive chocolates by Forbes in 2006, this box of chocolates comes with the price tag of 854$. The founder of Noka described his products as ‘not so much candy as a tasting experience’. Its price is due of the mixture of 75% pure cocoa along with sugar and butter. The chocolates are presented in Noka’s famous signature box, elegantly crafted of brushed stainless steel.

Noka’s chocolates were sourced from Ecuador, Venezuela, Trinidad and the Ivory Coast. The American company was based in Texas.

Noka’s high prices led them to close their doors in 2011 but you can find traces of their chocolates sold on the internet.

5. Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate

Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate
Would you pay 1,600$ for a Cadbury chocolate bar? If yes, then this is your bar of chocolate. In hopes to promote the re-launch Wispa chocolate bar, they created one of the world’s most expensive chocolate bar. It was designed as a marketing campaign to re-launch one of their signature caramel chocolate bars, Wispa Gold Chocolate Bar.

The wrapper of this bar of chocolate is covered in an actual gold leafed Twix-like wrapper, which is the cause for this insanely high price. It was on display in London’s Selfridges department stores for a week. It was to be sold to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, after a week of display, no one stepped forward for the purchase. Cadbury decided to ‘buy it back’ and placed it on display in its popular museum Cadbury World.

Tony Hadley, singer, and the band Spandau Ballet delivered the special edition of Wispa Gold, surrounded by a full team of security to make sure it’s under protection. The proceeds from the sale went to the UK Lowe Syndrome.

4. Swarovski Studded Chocolates

Swarovski Studded Chocolates
Priced at $10,000, a Lebanese chocolatier and Harrods have tied up to bring out Swarovski studded chocolates. The premium packagings are handmade and wrapped in Indian silk. In each package, 49 chocolates are placed on suede leather with gold and platinum partitions. The stunning box is made out of hand woven silk from China and India.

Each chocolate is dressed up with Swarovski crystals, gold and silk rose to enhance the look of the chocolates. They are a part of Harrod’s High Life collections which was launched in July 2008.

Patchi, the Lebanese chocolatier who created the Swarovski studded chocolates, is the leading chocolate brand in the Middle East. Along with the collaboration with Harrod’s, Patchi also creates customizable chocolates for events and festivals. Patchi’s boutiques are available all around the world, and their online boutique caters to their American and Canadian clients.

3. The Golden Speckled Egg

The Golden Speckled Egg
The 110 pound chocolate egg holds the world record for the most expensive non jeweled chocolate egg. This gigantic egg is crafted by chocolatier William Curley. Technology investor Cyrus Vandrevala bought the golden specked egg for more than 10,000$. It was auctioned as a part of the Faberge Big Egg Hunt to raise money for charity.

This chocolate masterpiece took seven skilled chocolatiers (William Curley, Amy Rose Curley, Alistair Birt, Sarah Frankand, Meissa Paul, Rhiaan Mead, Suzue Curley) over the course of three days to handcraft.

It’s made of Amadei chocolate from Venezuela and filled with caramel, juniper berry, rosemary, Japanese black vinegar and edible gold leaf. The egg was decorated with 12 little chocolate eggs, 20 mini chocolate bars and 5 white flowers. It weighted over 110.23 lbs and was 3 ft 6.13 inches tall.

2. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate
The staff at the Serendipity 3 restaurant set Guinness World Record with their 25,000$ chocolate dessert. The dessert is a high end version of the restaurant’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. The dessert is a mix of cocoas and milk in a slushy like form. The high price is due to the 24 Karat gold that is mixed in it and the ‘La Madeleine Au Truffe’ that tops this extravagant dessert.

Not only the goblet that holds the dessert is made of gold and diamonds, but also the spoon is gold. At the base of the goblet, there is an 18 karat god bracelet with 1 carat white diamonds. It is sold only with advance orders. The spoon and the bracelet can be taken home.

This chocolate dessert is collaboration between Stephen Bruce, the owner of Serendipity 3 and luxury jeweler Euphoria New York. It’s made with a blend of 28 cocoas that includes 14 of the most exotic from around the world.

1. Le Chocolat Box

10 Most Expensive Chocolates

Le chocolat box is considered to be the most expensive chocolates in the world to ever exist. Costing 1.5$ millions, this box of chocolate does not only includes chocolates, but also necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets adorned with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

The gourmet chocolates are from Lake Forest Confections and the jewelry is from Simon jeweler’s personal collection.

Top 10 Most Expensive Chocolates

  1. Le Chocolat Box
  2. Frrrzen Haute Chocolate
  3. The Golden Specked Egg
  4. Swarovski Studded Chocolates
  5. Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate
  6. Noka’s Vintage Collection
  7. Debauve & Gallais Le livre
  8. DeLafée’s Gold Chocolate Box With Swiss Gold Coin
  9. To’ak 50’s gram Chocolate Bar
  10. La Madeline au Truffe by house of Knipschildt

List Created By: Mariam Fahmy