Top 10 Necessary Innovative Kitchen Tools

Kitchen is a place of our home where we don’t spend a lot of time but it is considered as one of the most important part of our home. A person’s kitchen should be perfect at any cost. You can make your kitchen perfect by decorating it with home decors, or by buying cool and interesting kitchen appliances or you can go for a modular kitchen. But all of these are really very expensive. What if you don’t have a huge amount of money to invest for your kitchen? Won’t you feel bad to stay away from making your kitchen perfect? I have a great plan to tell you, of course in much lower budget! Buy extremely specific kitchen tools. That will help you to do various important works in kitchen what you were probably doing in difficult way or you were avoiding of doing it. When a person finds these tools in your kitchen he or she will give you loads of compliments for having a perfect kitchen because most of the households do not have them and are facing trouble for not having them. Be the first to buy and use them. Save your valuable time by using them to do a work quickly. These are the top 10 necessary kitchen tools to make your kitchen perfect.

10. 8 In 1 /bottle Helper

Necessary Innovative Kitchen Tools
The cap of the bottle is used as a funnel. Then, the 1st part is used as lemon squeezer. The next part is a spice grater where we can grate garlic and all. It also has an egg scrambler. Cheese can be grated by the next part. It carries a bottle opener by which we can open metal caps of jam jars etc.

9. Food Huggers

Necessary Innovative Kitchen Tools
It is a wonderful innovation among kitchen tools. It has become the most popular kitchen tool now days. Food Huggers are, as the name says, which hugs food. Yes right. The tool actually hugs food materials. Like, for say, you have sliced 2 onions. Among them, only one and a half are required. So, don’t just slice both the two. Keep the remaining half as it is. Even if you refrigerate the left over part, it won’t give a fresh feeling. Instead of doing that, wrap the onion half with the huggers and then keeps them aside. Next day you will find the onion half as it was before. Usually huggers come in different sizes in a packet so that it can hold from a small lemon to a big eggplant. Food huggers are also used as can toppers. They are made of silicone thus prevents oxidation.

8. Folding Weighing Scale

Necessary Innovative Kitchen Tools
It is a weighing scale with a tare option. You can place a bowl in it and add the items one by one according to their weight specified in a recipe. The scale consumes little space in your kitchen yet handy.

7. Spiral slicer

Necessary Innovative Kitchen Tools
This tool is perfect for decorating your dish. It has a number of blades in it which can be used accordingly. It makes spiral ribbons out of the vegetables or fruits. The spirals are used in salads, custards, fruit mixes and decorating purpose.

6. 3 in 1 Avocado Tool

Oh my god, can anyone slice an avocado without doing much effort? NO! But the answer is YES! 3 in 1 avocado tool has made the work really very easy. The tool has a knife that can cut the skin of the avocado. The knife is very firm to cut the hard skin but it will not hurt your fingers. There is a magnet like tool which holds the seed and takes it out from the fruit. And the next thing is the scooper. The scooper scoops out the pulp as well as slices it up.

5. Instant Citrus juice sprayer

Whenever you prepare salads, this tool must be there with you. Citrus sprayers are tiny kitchen tools. They have a nozzle at the head of the tool. Usually they come into two sizes. One is for smaller citrus fruits and another one is for medium sized citrus fruits. They extract out the juice inside citrus fruits and evenly spray with their nozzles. The tools are dishwasher safe and can be used in any citrus fruits.

4. Slice and catch

Slice and catch is a single tool which slices a vegetable at the same time it keeps the sliced vegetables inside it just to avoid spoilage and to make the work easier. It is a cutting tool with a container attached with it. The desired veggies can be sliced with it just by pressing the whole vegetable once. Watch the demo to get an idea. Tomatoes or similar vegetables which are juicy in nature and difficult to slice up can be sliced with this small tool. Slice and Catch cutter is also available online for shopping purpose. The container attached with the blades can also be used to keep sliced veggies in refrigerator.

3. Pineapple slicer

(The tutorial to use the slicer is)
Pineapple slicer is a really handy tool to take out the pulp from a pineapple. It is mostly used in fruit shops. You can find them in your nearest supermarkets or for a better availability; you can search it on the internet. The tool has a rod shaped axis with a round knife at one of its end and in the other end, there is a handle. All you need to do is, cut your pineapple head to remove the plant part. Then take the slicer and place it just in the middle of the fruit. Press it down with clockwise turns till the slicer gets struck at the bottom. Apply a little force to take the slicer back from the pineapple. Place a plate at the table, take your slicer upside down, remove the rings and there you get your intact fresh juicy pineapple rings without a great difficulty.

2. Rotary 3 bladed peeler

Necessary Innovative Kitchen Tools
Rotary Peeler is a very useful tool for your kitchen because it serves more than one purpose. A peeler is always used for peeling potatoes. Rotary peeler is also used for peeling potatoes but along with this, it has a scooper like tool attached with it which scoops out the imperfections present in the potatoes. The next blade helps to peel off tomatoes without affecting the rest of it. Tomatoes are really hard to peel off by using any other peelers. The final blade helps to make thin juliennes out of potatoes, carrots etc. This one also can be washed by a dishwasher.

1. Corn Stripper

It becomes very hard to strip off the corn kernels from the main frame. But inventors have invented a brand new kitchen tool to strip off the corn kernels easily. They have named them, Corn Stripper. The tool has a hollow cylindrical container into which the corn has to be placed. The tool has a rod shaped stripper which removes the kernels from corn. The unwanted middle portion of the corn remains as it is inside the stripper rod.

List Created By: Pritha Ghosh