10 Spectacular Underwater Hotels in the World

An underwater hotel is one of the most amazing adventures of life. Those who love marine life and want to explore the spectacular water species either visit the artificial lakes or aquariums, or go to the nearby sea points and rivers. But what if you get the chance of exploring the beautiful underwater species very closely, isn’t it amazing? Yes definitely it will be. So here are the 10 of most spectacular underwater hotels from the world.

10. WebUrbanist Hotel, Poseidon Mystery Island

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

The WebUrbanist is a beautiful underwater hotel which offers us the chance of enjoying amazing sub-sea accommodation at reasonable price. The credit for creating the design of the hotel goes to Bruce Jones, a famous architecture who has designed more than 500 luxurious submarine hotel designs and structural maps. The hotel has various private rooms and honeymoon huts for its guests and resides at the depths of forty feet in the ocean.

9. Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

Jules’ Underwater Lodge is a famous residential point for sea life lovers. The hotel is named after one of the famous maritime authors, Jules. It was constructed in early 1970. Today the lodge has taken the form of an innovative underwater experience. Various celebrities love to come and enjoy their time at this hotel. The former president of Canada has name Jules’ Undersea Lodge an attractive resident point for the tourists. This hotel is situated about 20 feet under water.

8. The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

The Manta Resort is a famous African hotel with tiny yet luxurious rooms for the guests. It is about 13ft deep in sea. The resort’s per night stay is $1000 for one person. You can have exotic experience to view the beautiful underwater creatures from your bedroom and enjoy the cushy daybed.

7. Utter Inn, Sweden

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

The panoramic beauty of Utter Inn can make you crazy about it. It is not only an underwater hotel to stay at for exploring the water species closely, but also a luxurious residential point with beautiful rooms and honeymoon suites. Utter Inn was constructed in 2000 by Mikael Genberg in Sweden. This hotel has comfortable bedrooms, amazing dining area and a big swimming pool for the guests.

6. The Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

Fiji is a small yet beautiful land with lots of mountains, gardens and other attractive tourist attractions. The presence of Poseidon Underwater Resort completes the beauty of Fiji. The hotel is surrounded by over five thousand acres lagoons. The rooms are highly expensive; each room can be booked at an estimated price of $15000 or even more. What you choose is dependent upon your budget but this underwater resort will really make your residential experience top notch.

5. Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

The Apeiron Island Hotel is another beautiful underwater hotel of Dubai. This is a seven star hotel with all the facilities available for the guests. The estimated number of rooms in this hotel is 400, which are except the 200 luxurious family apartments. Most of its apartments have been designed and structured in a way that they give you a glimpse of jungle theme-park. From the top to ground floor, this hotel has beautiful interiors.

4. Crescent Hydropolis, Dubai

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

Crescent Hydropolis is a notorious underwater hotel. Usually it is chosen by celebrities or the members of royal families to stay at. All the rooms, dining area, meeting hall, reception area and even the indoor gaming area are beautified with glass cabinets. You can view the fishes and other underwater species right from the glass of your bedroom. The fairs of the rooms in this hotel are quite high. With its 230 luxurious suites Crescent Hydropolis adds a plus to Dubai’s level of beauty and charm.

3. Water Discus Hotel, Dubai

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

Among those so many beautiful and remarkable underwater hotels in Dubai, Water Discus is a pleasant one. Its structure and architecture is quite unique and innovative. The hotel is not too big but has only 21 luxurious rooms for the guests. Its lavish lobby, swimming pool and a big sitting hall make this hotel a comfortable and prior choice of underwater hotel lovers.

2. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

Huvafen Fushi is a popular underwater hotel of Maldives. The best thing about this hotel is that it is beautifully constructed and decorated both internally and externally. This hotel is featured up with world’s top notch spa and indoor gym. It promises its guests to enjoy their stay to much extent. Here you can not only view the water species but also give them a taste at a lunch or dinner deal.

1. The Shimao Wonderland, China

Spectacular Underwater Hotels

The list seems to be incomplete without Shimao Wonderland. It is a China based beautiful underwater hotel. The Shimao Wonderland isn’t hosted in any of the tropical locations but is situated in quarry. This sensational hotel has numerous luxurious rooms, a big hall, gaming area, indoor gym and swimming pool.

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