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  • Foot Bridges - Pakistan

    10 Highly Dangerous Bridges in The World

    From the depths of forests to the heights of skies, the world has various highly dangerous bridges. We should be thankful to the human efforts who originated the concept of bridge with a purpose to connect two areas or mountains. There are various things which make us decide whether to name a bridge dangerous or […] More

  • 10 Cleanest Cities

    Top 10 Cleanest Cities in The World

    We all want to live in the neat and clean areas. Everyone wants his surrounding to be fresh and relaxing. But it always takes a lot of human inputs to make a city neat and clean. In addition to the government efforts, it is the duty of common people to throw their garbage in the […] More

  • Spectacular Underwater Hotels

    10 Spectacular Underwater Hotels in the World

    An underwater hotel is one of the most amazing adventures of life. Those who love marine life and want to explore the spectacular water species either visit the artificial lakes or aquariums, or go to the nearby sea points and rivers. But what if you get the chance of exploring the beautiful underwater species very […] More

  • Most admired woman Angelina Jolie

    Top 10 Most Admired Women in the World

    On the worldwide list of the most admired women, entertainers are extremely popular. The majority of women featured are having a career in acting, television or music. Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Madonna and Emma Watson all feature in the top lists. However, humanitarian work also features more prominently, with Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson all in […] More

  • Deadliest Diseases Caused by Mosquitoes

    10 Deadliest Diseases Caused by Mosquitoes

    We never like mosquitoes and don’t want to see them around any time during the day. It is true that mosquitoes are amongst the most dangerous creatures in this world. They become the reason of a lot of diseases; Some of them are minor while others are life-killing. The U.S. Center for Disease Control has […] More

  • Mexico Doll Island

    Top 10 Scariest Places in the World

    If you have been looking for some interesting alien landscapes on this planet earth, then let me tell you that some of the places are much more strangers and adventurous than any alien landscape. Check out the best 10 scariest places in the world. I am sure the adventure lovers will love to read and […] More

  • costa coffee express machin

    10 Most Favorite Coffee Chains in the World

    Too much workload sometimes makes us feel tired. We need to get refreshed so that can restart the work with the same level of energy and motivation. But where does this energy comes from? Obviously the diets and drinks we have everyday. A hot cup of coffee is even enough when it is raining or […] More