10 Things Women Hate About Men

No one is perfect, agreed. But there are some things that women hate about men, and they are definitely not interested in hearing the “nobody’s perfect” statement in this case. These things immediately turn off a woman. And to be very honest if the lady did some of that the other way round- men would hate it too. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, so both of them being from different planets is evidence enough for them to differ over everything in life. Things are done differently on their respective planets and hence the issues! If you are a guy then the following ten points are on your don’ts list especially if you are trying to impress a girl.

10. When they don’t ask you any questions

10 things women hate about men

Women expect men to know how they feel, live, eat, sleep and practically every other thing that they do. Women want men to ask questions that would help them understand each other in a better way. Whilst a lady loves asking questions. She also loves answering them- but only if the questions are about her. They don’t want you to tell them about the new Avengers movies and certainly they don’t think you are Chris Evans either. So if it is a date- try to make the lady feel like you are there for her and not for discussing the three hour long Chinese movie that is full of martial arts but without a storyline or plot. Know about her and don’t behave like, “well who cares?”

9.  Looking at the phone in the middle of the conversation

Looking At Your Phone During A Conversation Hurts Us

There was this popular video on the social media about a woman plastering her boyfriend’s phone on her forehead just so he would look at her. That video should have gone viral, but it didn’t. It was worth seeing because nothing irks a girl worse than not been looked at when she is talking. That is the most basic of all manners anyway right? When a person is talking to you, you look at them and if that person is your lady- don’t even think of looking at your phone. I mean, is what she is saying any less important than your friend’s text? Please don’t say yes!

8. Men who never laugh

10 things women hate about men

Men who never laugh are simply not having fun. Period. So why would a girl like to  think that the boy she is with is not having fun being with her? Alright, she is not Jeremy McLaren and she does not expect you to laugh at every joke that she throws your way- but still… Show some expression of entertainment and fun when you are around your girl. That sloppy and serious face that barely makes a cat sneeze like sound while laughing won’t work. See also; Amazing Benefits of Laughter.

7. Guys who don’t look at her during conversation

Guys who don’t look at her during conversation

Honestly, that is basic manners. When the girl is talking to you, do not look out of the window and don’t ogle the waitresses, please. She is there for you, craving your attention with the conversation that she is making so give her what she deserves. If you are feeling guilty about something and you do not want to make eye contact then look at her eyebrows, her nostrils or her lips: but look at her and not everywhere else. The “who cares” facade and seemingly zero interest turns the lady off.

6. No shower

10 things women hate about men

There are guys who wear the same socks for let’s say four days in a row, there are guys who wear the same clothes for two days in a row, some who brush their hair twice a week and others who have given up on the idea of being hygienic altogether. If you smell like the cat that lives by the dumpster then you are certainly on the “never-go-out-with-him” list for the girl.

Being lazy is different but not showering because you are lazy is crazy. If you think we are exaggerating, please bow your head and turn it a bit to the left or the right. If your armpits are exuding a sedative then you do need to shower- regardless of how dictating and bossy your girlfriend is. Think of the whole lot of prospects the night holds for you if you go to your wife in a bathrobe that is faintly smelling of the same body lotion that you have applied after the shower! Being just the opposite is one of the most horrid things that women hate about men.

5. When he won’t include you on a friends’ gathering

10 things women hate about men

There are some men that take pride in their companions so much so that they would invite them over to have fun with friends but make no effort to include them. What is the point of calling her over if you are too busy to notice that she is sitting alone, smiling continuously like a jerk and not saying anything. The girl wonders whether the guy even likes her and tries to make conversation with other friends who don’t even know why the girl is there. That kind of behavior is downright embarrassing for the lady. So, if you are planning on something like a joint gathering then make sure that you know why you are taking her along. See also; 10 Ways to Be a Better Date.

4. When he won’t care how he looks

10 things women hate about men

There are some men who refuse to throw away the T shirt that they used to wear as nineteen year old boys just because it says something like Cool Dude 2007. There is no emotional attachment with it by the way, it is just that it is one of those shirts that is always peeking through the cupboard. Then there is a class of boys that have hand-me-down sneakers from their college years that they still wear with laces that are barely tied up. Again there is no affiliation, the reason for wearing these is that they were the only pair out of the shoe closet. Another category of boys will come out in Pjs if they could.

Keeping life simple is good and not being very excited with the way you look is better but giving up on the idea of looking good on a date is pathetic. Men will never acknowledge the amount of effort that a women puts in, in order to get ready for a date. If she is taking hours, literally, wouldn’t it be kind of the boy to at least change into something more presentable and decent?

3.  Guys who make conversation about something that doesn’t matter

10 things women hate about men

Owning the same phone and being lovers of PS4 or Wii is good to start a conversation on a date. After all, there are women out there that share common interests with men. You like Crossfit and she likes Crossfit- fine, but just because both of you like Crossfit doesn’t mean that you keep the conversation revolving around Crossfit only! Now suppose that you are with a girl that doesn’t like Wii at all but you keep going on and on about how you procured it, where you placed it, how you clean it, where you place the wire when you put it down and so on… Please, you will kill her and she will hate you for it.

2. Talking badly about the ex

10 things women hate about men

That very conveniently means that the man is going to talk about the present one in bad words probably a few months later? Seriously women hate that about men and it is rightly going to turn her off. Everyone is bound to spend some good time with their companion so trying to mention the bad points with your partner is giving her a signal about what you are not willing to accept in the relation. Every relationship is different- you didn’t like chicken with your ex but you might like it with her because of the way she roasts it. So do not defame your ex in front of your girl. Women hate it! See also, why women are better than men?

1. Ignoring the expression of love

10 things women hate about men

This takes the top place on our list of things women hate about men, and for the rightful reasons. Romance is one of the most innocent aspects in a relationship and when the expression is taken for granted by the man, it turns his lady off. Women do not expect a man to be the teenage boyfriend with a bubbly relationship aura all the time. However, they do like being appreciated for how they look, they love it when the partner steals kisses, gives warm cuddles out of nowhere and gifts them something for no reason- even if it is something as trivial as a flower that he plucked from the front lawn.

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