10 Times Lionel Messi Humiliates Great Players

Undoubtedly Lionel Messi is the greatest football player of all time. The Argentine forward is carrying Barcelona’s attack on his back since the great Ronaldinho left Catalonia. During the course of his career, he has won a number of trophies with the club including 8 La Liga titles and 4 UEFA Champions League. Change of direction and speed as quick as lightning, are his greatest strength that makes him the best dribbler. Using his skills, Lionel Messi has humiliated numerous great players and following are the top 10 amongst them.

10. James Rodriguez

At the 10th spot is Real Madrid’s number 10, James Rodriguez. Rodriguez has fallen prey to Lionel Messi’s dribbling skills during a game between Argentina and Colombia in Copa America 2015. In a single match, Messi did it to him 3 times. 1st time James almost fall down and Messi created a goal chance. The second time he completely fell on the ground after Messi controlled the ball and did a fake faint. 3rd time Leo was on the ground and took the ball from his feet even though he was in the full control of the ball.

09. David Silva


Balotelli’s “Slow Messi” David Silva makes the list of Messi’s victims at the 9th place of the countdown. Barcelona and Manchester City came across each other in the round of 16 of UEFA Champions League 2014/15. Messi dominated both of the legs that were played at Etihad stadium and the Camp Nou. Although he didn’t even score a single goal in the fixture, his performances were phenomenal. On the 26th minute of the first leg, Messi nutmegs David Silva when he approached to make a tackle.

08. Sergio Ramos


Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos aka Mr 92:48 had been constantly victimized by Messi. Being in the same league, Ramos and Messi used to come across each other at least twice in a year. There is, probably, no player humiliated more times by Messi other than Sergio Ramos. Ramos is an aggressive player who goes for fouls and harsh tackles once things are not going his way and have received yellow and red cards plenty of times due to his actions on Messi.

07. Marcelo

Another Real Madrid player, the Brazilian left-back Marcelo is another victim of Messi. Not only with Real Madrid but Marcelo has been left on the ground by Messi various times. Although he is a great player with great skills and exceptional defending abilities, but nothing works when you are facing the greatest player of all times.

06. James Milner

One more Manchester City (former) player was tricked by Lionel in the same round of 16 fixture as that of the 9th spot holder David Silva. The famous nutmeg was carried by Messi when he was heading another direction and pulled a nutmeg out of nowhere over James Milner. Milner is a great player with both defending and attacking abilities with great stamina but looked like a Sunday league player in front of Leo.

05. Cristiano Ronaldo

Messi’s fierce rival Cristiano Ronaldo faced Messi few times with Manchester United. In 2009, Cristiano joined Real Madrid and became the league rival of Messi as well. Both have been fighting for the best player throne. Even though Messi has owned Cristiano several times, this was the best one by him when Barca scored using a great set-piece and Ronaldo tried to stop him but was left on the ground to watch his rival adding one more to his tally.

04. Roberto Carlos

The ex-Real Madrid full-back Roberto Carlos has been a legend and played mesmerizing football in his career. Even he wasn’t good enough to stop the 19-year-old Leo. This body faint by Messi left Carlos on the ground and Messi was far away until he recovered his balance.

03. Boateng

This one is the most memorable one when Messi made Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng look like a 10-year-old kid, and left him on the ground with just a single direction changing step.

02. Manuel Neuer

The great German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer came face to face with Messi in 2015 champions league semi-final after he successfully denied Messi in the world cup 2014 final throughout the game. Neuer challenged Messi that he would be the dominant one once again but Messi showed him who is the boss? Although Neuer was sensational the whole night but Messi humiliated him by scoring 2 goals in just 3 minutes, one from outside the box at the near post and other a chip.

01. Ilker Casillas


The Spanish world cup winning captain Iker Casillas has been a rival to Messi since both played in La Liga for the arch-rivals. Messi has 21 times against Real Madrid and the majority of the goals were against Ilker. Even this legendary goalkeeper had no answer to Messi’s goal scoring feet. Best among all was the 19 years old Messi scoring a hat-trick against the Los Blancos, and was an ultimate humiliation toward Casillas.