10 Ways to Save Money During a Trip

Money is always an important factor to consider before, during and after a travel. We all start thinking about the place we want to go, how are we going to get there, how long will the trip be, etc. and in this process we need to make a plan that contemplates the whole budget, which includes: flight or transportation tickets, gas, accommodation, food, shopping, and many others.

But the reality is that you don’t have to be rich to live this experience, here are 10 money saving travel tips that will definitely help you from the beginning to the last day of your trip.

1. Book for best flight deals

Best Flight Deals
If you book your tickets with a few months of anticipation the rates will definitely be lower. There are many websites like kayak.com that provides you a list of airlines and the best ticket prices; this way you can compare and select the best option.

2. Rent a car or share a van

Family Travel
If you are planning to travel with family or friends, one great option is to share a car/van and the transportation expenses. If you can choose this way, you and your travel partners will save lots of money on tickets.

3. Eat at street

Eat at street
Restaurants are not the only option; there are many economical ways to eat cheaper on street like food trucks, fast food places and consuming local food. When you’re traveling you usually don’t have much time to eat, you probably don’t realize when you’re hungry or not so, you could take it as an advantage and make less but plenty eating times per day.

4. Avoid taxi cabs

taxi san francisco luggage
You may think that taxis are cheap and safe transportation option but unfortunately is not always the best. You should book for legitimate companies that can offer you a safe and cheap transportation services like Uber.com or ShuttleWizard.com. This way you don’t need to worry about high prices or finding a taxi at street, you can ask for them on their websites or with a simple call, they’re always on time and you and even your driver are registered with all your information.

5. Save on accommodation

Save on accommodation
If you want to stay in a hotel you should do the same booking as flight ticket deals, you should go to a website like booking.com or hotels.com that show all the options and rates. Consider that if you want low rates you may find a low stars place. Quality is fundamental here and making a good search will bring you options where price and quality are balanced.

Other option is choosing a private room instead a hotel room, this could be one of the cheapest accommodation ways. You can find those deals at the same websites, but remember safety is first, check out all the comments and recommendations first.

6. Travel in low season

Travel in low season
Try to avoid traveling when everyone is looking to get away, there are off-peak times when all rates are lower (hotel, flights, transportation, etc.). If you choose a correct season everything is going to be less expensive. You need to know that each country has different seasons.

7. Pack light.

Make sure that you weigh your luggage before you leave home, especially if you’re going to travel by airplane. Airlines are charging everything on your trip if you are traveling with many bags that will cost you much money. You also need to check the size and weight of your allowed bags, you don’t really need to take many clothes or pairs of shoes, make two or three outfit options (maybe a casual and a formal one) and that’s it. Packing smart and traveling light will save you extra bucks.

8. Search for coupons.

Have you ever checked the coupon websites? Or, what about the ones inside newspapers? We might don’t take care about them at first sight but coupons are really really valuable when you’re shopping. If you are a fanatic of any brand or store you should search on the web if there’s any coupon you can use and apply on your next purchase. Make a shopping plan. They’re very useful and definitely will help you to save money.

9. Location is fundamental.

10 Ways to Save Money During a Trip
You need to choose an accommodation wisely, checking all the hotel options, location, services they provide, prices and type of rooms. As we said before, webpages and online services are one of the best options but you can also take a call to the hotel manager saying you’re interested in staying and looking for a good deal, this way they will offer you a better service and maybe some extra deals.

10. Duty Free

You should take advantage of Duty Free shops, many airports have at least one and they’re also in cities. Must of times we don’t consider taxer when we are shopping but reality is that they really affect our travel budget. So, if you are traveling and you want to buy some souvenirs (family and friends are always expecting at least a little present from your trip) this kind of stores are a very good option.

Beside all this tips, you also need to take care about other travel facts like shopping, location, currency and safety. Take care about yourself and your luggage, visit public and safe places especially at night, and remember what you mom always say to you: “don’t talk to strangers!”. Have a nice trip and enjoy the adventure!

List Composed By; Erick Clifford.