10 Worst Defects to Watch Out For In Hotel Rooms

Just imagine if you enter a hotel where table is already covered waiting for you, the candles are burning, and the sweet fruits and fresh juices are already waiting in the lounge. As you enter the room several decorated bedchambers, with chandeliers, gilded mirrors, hand-carved wooden chairs and cabinets with fine and delicate miniature are revealed to you.

A fundamental sign of a good hotel is warmth, attention and friendliness. When you enter the hotel, you expect warm reception and greetings. You expect more than reception like elegant faces, delicious breakfast and rapid service. Overall excellent behavior from staff is already is what your mind is expecting from a good hotel.

A good hotel should represent normal standards. It should be having neat and clean rooms, family friendly and possess a home like feeling. The staff is expected to be friendly and absolutely helpful.

On contrary, what would you do if you’re bitten by a monkey as soon as you enter the hotel or if you encounter cockroaches, spiders or ants in your room? Results show that the nasty wildlife creatures can even be found at such places.

Following are the ten worst defects that you should be ever ready and make yourself well aware to experiences a hotel room may offer:

1. Schimmel

Worst Defects to Watch

The fungal spores necessarily have nothing to do with poor hygiene but it can lead to high humidity and poor ventilation. Therefore, warm countries must often use molds to reduce the amount of pathogens.

2. Blood stains

Worst Defects to Watch

Bloodstains from the pre-predecessor spread across the entire mattress can be no more than any nightmare. Such conditions would force the vacationers to immediately demand for a new room. If you find yourself in such a situation where you find blood or even urine stain, it is best to change the hotel instantly.

3. Soiled Sanitary

 Worst Defects to Watch

A scream Ughhhh….. A spider! This is how a real horror toilet would force you to act. The sites of toilets should be guaranteed. Sometimes even holiday check vacationers also report of pubic hair lying in the toilet. It makes the other person thinks that the other sanitary facilities of the hotel are also sub standard.

4. Cockroaches

Worst Defects to Watch

If you find a roommate having two sensors and six legs, it’s time to run. Cockroaches leave a feeling of disgust and can transmit diseases under certain circumstances. The worst is their nimble nature when they crawl through the entire hotel room to hide in the nearest crack.

5. Lethal power cable

Worst Defects to Watch

The phrase adding “Power to a holiday” can literally come true in such cases. The naked wires of cable with an open end, hanging down or torn cables can certainly trigger death. Some hotels try to remove the cable defect with plastic tapes temporarily which is the worst of the ideas. So make sure you keep yourself safe before you start playing with any electronic equipment at the hotel of your dreams.

Make sure that access point in front of the wall socket design combines wired and wireless connectivity in a small discrete unit. Some good hotels use “NWA5301-NJ” technology. It is developed especially for use in the hospitality areas for safe wirings.

6. Bed Bugs

 Worst Defects to Watch Out

Even if tiny bugs are only a few millimeters in size, they can be a huge nuisance. Bed bugs feed themselves mostly on human blood. During the day, they stay in dry places, and attack at night. Make sure you value your blood.

7. Broken tiles

 10 Worst Defects to Watch

Broken tiles do not only look bad but its pointed plates can cause serious injuries. The necessary tetanus protection must be ensured before the holiday; otherwise it can probably lead to a different kind of holiday.

8. Euro pallet instead of slatted

 10 Worst Defects to Watch

Euro Pallet is standard European by (Euro Pallet Association) which is made of wood with 78 special nails. It is mostly used for transportation purposes and ensures uniform goods shipment, but also adapted sometimes as a commodity. Where as a slat bed is type of bed that supports a mattress with a series of wooden slats. A solid slatted base keeps the mattress in place and makes a comfortable and cosy sleep. In some hotel rooms, alternatively, Euro pallet is provided instead of slat bed. One can imagine how the peace of sleep can be affected with this slight change.

9. Broken sockets

10 Worst Defects to Watch Out

One wrong move and you get wiped. It can happen sometimes that in some hotels you have to bear with broken but workable sockets. Two small screws can cause a huge problem and can possibly endanger your health.

10. Faulty TV

 10 Worst Defects to Watch Out

After a sunny day at the beach can bring to you to disappointment as soon as you step in your hotel room and try to turn on the TV.  Often this problem of TV occurs and many holiday makers have to [ay to borrow the remote control and many even the complete TV set which is pretty annoying.