12 Brain Rules for Better Mental Health by John K Medina

John K Medina in his book ‘Brain Rules’ has explained 12 Brain Rules to increase our brain power by 34 per cent. John K Medina was a Development Molecular Biologist and was specialised in ‘Isolation and Characterization of Genes Involved in Human Brain Development’.

Brain Rules for Better Mental Health

Brain Rules for Better Mental Health.

1. Exercise Boosts Brain Power

According to John K Medina our brain was developed for such a body that walks about 12 miles per day thousands of years ago. So our brain performs better when we regularly do aerobic exercise, the exercises in which heart rate increases and our brain gets more glucose and energy for consumption. Our brain functions increase by 2 times because of more energy and efficiency.

2. ‘The Human Brain Evolved Too’

Researchers say that it took millions of years to develop such an amazing brain. Researchers say that we evolved from a lizard brain that was capable of basic body functions like breathing and heart rate maintenance. After AMYGDALA was added to our brain and evolved like a cat brain that was able to reproduce, hunt for food and more. At last the cortex was added to our brain and helped in deep communication in the brain. Due to cortex we got amazing skills like:- speaking, memorising and more. Try to use the complete power of our amazing brain. Our brain can do so many functions that you can’t even think. You can see many magicians out there doing different tricks that’s not any magic that’s is the power of our brain.

3. Every Brain Is Wired Differently

According to researchers whatever we do physically that changes the wiring of our brain functions. Means, in the same situation two brains will respond differently. For example if two persons are stick in a situation then they will think two different ideas to get out because there body is developed differently from their birth.

4. We Don’t Pay Attention To Boring Things

Scientists have proved that our brain is not developed for multitasking and we can focus on one work at a time. For extreme focus we need to be emotionally aroused to that thing. Meditation is the best exercise to increase our focus because it makes us feel relax and think easily and sharply then normally we do because during mediation we try focus our brain at one point or position or anything else.

5. Repeat To Remember

We should learn the things in an environment in which we want to memorize the things the next time. It helps in improving memory. Ex:- There is extreme silence in the examination hall. So we should study in a room where is extreme silence and no one is disturbing you and creating a same atmosphere like the atmosphere in examination hall.

6. Remember To Repeat

Experiments have proved that we forget maximum things in just a few minutes. We usually memorize things for long term due to Hippocampus and Cortex Communication.

So, to remember things for a long time we should learn more information about the same topic and revise at a regular time. To remember things you can write down that thing and read daily or weekly so that your memory will increase and you can remember things for a long term.

7. Sleep Well Think Well

Lack of sleep causes too many negative consequences like:- lack of attention, lack of memory and more. According to research a nap of 26 minutes can improve brain performance by 34 percent.

Research also says that our brain replays every information at sleep time whatever we do in our active time or day time.

8. Stressed Brain Don’t Learn The Same Way

Generally brain performance decreases when we are stressed for a long time because our brain releases Adrenaline and Cortisol that makes our brain attentive for a short time. But long term stress causes scars in our blood vessels that could lead to Heart Attack.

9. Stimulate More From The Senses

Researchers say to complete a work perfectly or efficiently we should involve as many senses as we can. Example:- For study we should learn, write and speak for better performance.

10. Vision Triumph All Other Senses

Our vision uses 50 percent resources of our brain. So whatever we see we remember it the most. Practical learning is always better than theoretical learning.

11. Male and Female Brains Are Completely Different

Experiments have proved that male and female brains work differently in the same situation or condition. During stress Left AMYGDALA of the Brain gets activated in a woman and she rethinks the emotional details of that work whereas in man Right AMYGDALA gets activated and he rethinks the conclusion of any work.

12. We Are Powerful And Natural Explorers

The rule tells us to ‘Believe and understand’ the complete power of your brain. Human mind is very curious and Pre Programmed for exploration from birth. Example:- Small kids always keep questioning and want to learn everything.