Amazing Purple Hair Ideas For 2024

Purple hair colour is not considered royal for the sake of it. This colour evokes magic, intrigue and mystery. Purple hue is naturally sensual and alluring. It is the most innovative way of refreshing your looks. However, to achieve this, you should know how to shade your hair with purple or a combination of purple and violet.

For instance, it is important to select purple hair colour that complements your skin tone. Ignore this at your own risk! But before you do that know that wrong choice of purple pigment can ruin your look and appear cheap. Luckily, this is something you can avoid easily. All that you need is understanding your skin tone and then choosing appropriate purple pigment.

Super Cute Looks with Purple Hair Colour:

Looking for a loyal and attractive hair colour to shade your hair this spring? Purple hair colour is your best pick. Listed below are some most amazing purple hair ideas for 2024.

1. Glittering Amethyst Purple Hair.

A beautiful gradient that will leave everyone staring at you! Colours of fuchsia, mauve and electric mulberry is what characterises this dreamy purple hair shade. Moreover, a sleek retro weave is ultra-sexy.

2. Cosmic Wine Colour.

If you brought together a space-time with a transparent cup of wine, what do you get? Definitely, the results are this grape-inspired hair colour. We all like the charcoal base and neon amethyst, magenta and the glittering violet colour. The intricate finger waves take this style to a new different level.

Purple Hair Ideas 2019

3. Ice Princess Shade.

This ice-cold shade is undoubtedly romantic. It exudes images of sexy princess trapped in a beautiful palace. The waves are styled to reflect the light and bring an illusion of winter tempest on the two colours. Match this stunning purple hair shade with a black necklace and golden earrings and you would have something worth stopping a show.

4. Velvet Wine.

The feathery, back combed texture is what makes this purple colour alluring and brings an enigmatic mood. You can visualise the choppy cascade of wine and purple shade under the romantic beret. The shaded magenta refreshes this style and maintains it with an appropriate amount of edginess.

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5. Peacock Imaginings.

We are sure you haven’t seen this purple hair colour. It is something unimaginable. The radically inventive water gun technique employed here comes up with rippled gradient colours of pure purple and burnt teal. Incorporating a complex chignon into the mix with have everyone staring at you.

6. Orchid Mirror Purple.

The hair that could steal the attention of everyone including the one styling it! The destination of the deep lilac and orchid shades leads to the colour combo that is unique and inspiring. The solid colour of purple hair is romantic when applied with a thin and glossy shine.

7. Royal Eggplant.

Messy, sophisticated and mussed up purple hair shade is ideal for the too cool to experiment with. The eggplant colour is given some life with bold amethysts and understated mauves. The style also features babylights but they are too insignificant to notice, the blending is excellent.

8. Flower on The Sun.

Shine beyond our understanding. This mermaid hair colour represents a mysterious goddess coming from the sea. The hair is dyed in violet, iris and lilac colours with a beautiful floral beauty that undoubtedly highlights the entire colour. Match it with diamond earrings and you will have a WOW style worth admiring.

Purple Hair Ideas 2019

9. Candy Vamp.

No, this is not a witchy style as you might think, but the withy vibe is shown in this hairstyle. The mysterious shade of purple hair is creatively shaded for a dynamic mid-fall month. The royal purple colour is intertwined with butterfly tangerine shade with subtle knots to reveal two distinct and vibrant colours. However, this colour shading is only for the courageous girls.

10. Charcoal Violet Hair.

The combination of violet, gunmetal and charcoal shades is sexy and unimaginable. It is actually impossible to know where one shade ends and where the other colour starts. The intricate finger waves change this into something wearable for an everyday style.

11. Violet Bunny.

Rock this sexy and beautiful pop pf violet shade with retro waves for a surprisingly ultra-feminine look that you will be proud of. The subtle gradient created by purple hair colour is ethereal and substantial. Match it with pearls for a truly seductive twist on your old standard look.