Top 10 cricketers who died while playing cricket

Top 10 cricketers passed away due to an accident during the match.

Cricket is known as “Gentleman’s sports” because of its techniques, rules, passion and patience. Cricket has evolved continuously since its discovery. As cricket is evolving it’s formats are decreasing like 5 Day Test Matches To ODI’s and now T20’s . The aggression of players and their passion for cricket makes the sport classic and elegant for both players and viewers. The game is as dangerous as enjoyable and sometimes costs the lives of players. Below we have listed some of the players that passed away due to an accident during the match.

Top 10 cricketers who died while playing cricket

10. Phillips Hughes (30 November 1988– 27 November 2014)

cricketers who died while playing cricket
cricketers who died while playing cricket.

Phillips was a Young left handed opening Australian cricketer. And also, he was an emerging player for the Australian team. Phillips has also played domestic cricket for South Australia and Worcestershire. He played two seasons with New South Wales in his lifetime and made his test debut in 2009 at the age of 20 and his ODI debut in 2013.

Phillips was the bright future of Australia but things don’t go the same as we always think and on 25 November 2014 a bouncer hit his neck during a match in Sydney Cricket Ground and he was admitted to the hospital but unfortunately he passed away after surviving in coma for 2 days.

9. Raman Lamba (2 January 1960 – 23 February 1998)

Raman Lamba Cricketers Who Died During Matches

Raman was an Indian Cricketer and played 4 test matches and 32 ODI’S for the Indian cricket team. He was among the famous cricketers of his time and represented India in the Australian League in 1986 for the first time. Raman Lamba passed away at the age of 23 due to internal haemorrhage while fielding in the Bangladesh Cricket League after facing a 2 day coma attack. Raman’s death was a tragic death for the Indian team and this player will always be alive in the hearts of cricket fans.

8. Raymond van Schoor (23 May 1990– 20 November 2015)

Schoor Cricketers Who Died During Matches

Most people don’t know about this Namibian right handed batsman. Raymond was the most capped Cricketer of Namibia representing his nation in more than 200+ matches. Raymond experienced a stroke while playing a match against Free State at Wanderers Cricket Ground in November 2015. He fought but was unable to survive after a severe storke and passed away at age of 25. Raymond will always be Alive in the hearts of Namibians.

7. Abdul Aziz (1941- 17 January 1959)

Abdul Aziz players who died while playing cricket

Pakistan cricket history is amazing and Pakistan is also known as the place of bowlers but Pakistani batsmen were also not less talented. Abdul Aziz a right handed opening batsman played for Pakistan in the early stage of cricket. Abdul Aziz was struck by a cricket ball in his heart and passed away at the age of 17 and it is believed that Abdul could be among the famous cricketers of Pakistan if completed his career but we humans can’t decide anyone’s death.

6. Darryn Randall (2 December 1980 -27 October 2013)

Darryn Randall

Darry Randall was a right handed South African Cricketer and occasionally wicket-keeper. Darryn’s death was among the most painful death of any player. While playing a match in Alice, Eastern Cape, a fast bowl directly hit Darryn’s head and he was dead at the spot on 27 October 2013 at the age of 33.

5. Ian Folley (9 January 1963- 30 August 1993)

Ian Folley

Ian Folley was a right handed English cricketer and a left-arm bowler, a medium pacer and spinner.

While playing a match against Workington, a ball hit underneath his eye. Ian was immediately taken to the local hospital for a minor operation of his eyeball and prevent future problems. But unfortunately the operation didn’t go well and due to a heart attack, Ian lost his breath. Ian Folley was a great talent and started his career as a pacer in 1982 for Lancashire.

4. Ankit Keshri (28 October 1994- 20 April 2015)

cricketers who died while playing cricket

Ankit Keshri was a right handed Indian Batsman for Bengal. Keshri never played for India internationally but played domestic match for Bengal. During a match, Ankit was fielding at the sweeper cover and rushed to take a high catch but due to confusion both Ankit and Sourav (left-arm pacer) rushed to take a catch and collided with each other. It was just a normal accident in the cricket field but not for Ankit and became unconscious on the ground, bleeding through mouth and he was immediately admitted to the hospital and passed away during treatment.

3. Wasim Raja (3 July 1952-23 August 2006)

Wasim Raja Cricket

Wasim Raja was a multi-talented player as he was a match refree, a cricket coach and a left handed batsman. Raja has represented Pakistan in more than 100+ international matches and more than 250 first class matches scoring 11,334 runs. He passed away at the age of 54 due to heart attack.

2. Zulfiqar Bhatti

Zulfiqar Bhatti

There is not a much information available about the player on the internet but some reports tells us that he was the future and rising star of Pakistan cricket. Zulfiqar was died due to hitting of a rising ball in his chest. It is not mentioned anywhere whether he died on the spot or in the hospital. Zulfiqar passed away at the age of 22. Second on our list of cricketers died while playing cricket.

1. Richard Beaumont

Richard Beaumont

Richard Beaumont was an English club cricketer and a bowler (type not mentioned). Sometimes the day that is one of the luckiest day of our life suddenly changes into the Black Day and something happened just like this with Richard. Richard took his five wicket haul for Pedmore CC and was very happy but just after his five wicket haul he fell on the ground due to heart attack. Richard was immediately taken to the hospital but he was reported dead on his arrival at the age of 33. He was top our list of cricketers who died while playing cricket.