10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Trump Family

Donald Trump has become the most talked about person on this planet and why not, this TV Star has risen above to become America’s President. It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, it looks like he is going to stay. Did you know he is a family person? Here are 10 facts you might know about Donald Trump family.

#10- Donald Trump Junior

Donald Trump Jr and his family
Donald Trump Jr and his family.

Yeah that’s right. There is another Donald Trump in this world who is the 39 year old son of Mr President. He was born from Trump’s first wife Ivana Zelnickova, and is his eldest son. Just like his father, Donald Junior has five children of his own with his wife, Vanessa Haydon, who happens to be a model. He holds a position of an Executive Vice President at The Trump Organization and along with his brother Eric, he is a trustee. He even attended the same university as his father which is University of Pennsylvania, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

What many people do not know that following his graduation, he moved to Aspen Colorado and remained estranged from his father for about an year. He worked as a bartender and skied, fished, hunted while slept in a truck at night! He returned to New York in 2001 to stand alongside his father and now he has been walking on his father’s footprints for quite a long time. Controversies stirred over him in 2012 when photos of him hunting illegally and posing with his trophies went viral. He is almost in his way to become just like his father, all he needs to do is to write book.

#9- Ivanka Trump

Most Beautiful Ivanka Trump
Ivanka is Trump’s first and only daughter from his first marriage, she is 35 years old. She was raised a Presbyterian, just like a father, but in July 2009, she converted to Orthodox Judaism and married Jared Kushner. She also graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Ivanka is a successful model just like her mother but at times, also takes after her father. Aside from being a model, she is also a best selling author and a businesswoman. In 2007, she formed a partnership with ‘Dynamics Diamond Corp’ in order to launch her own brand, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry. Her fashion line followed a few years later which included apparels, handbags, shoes and other accessories. Her success does not stop here, she has also rummaged into the world of writing and published her first book, ‘The Trump Card: Playing To Win In Work And Life’ which received mixed reviews. She has recently published another book in May 2017. Her self-help books are aimed at women who wish to achieve success in life and work.

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Quick Fact: Donald Trump published a book named ‘Trump: The Art Of The Deal’ in 1987 which stayed at the top of the New York Best Seller List for 13 weeks! It was this book that helped in making TRUMP a household name.

#8- Eric Trump

Trump Jr. Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump
Donald Trump Jr. Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump.

Eric Trump is Donald Trump’s second son and his third child with his first wife. Just like his siblings, he also wanted to follow his father’s footsteps in being a businessman but he was the only of his elder siblings who did not get to go to the University of Pennsylvania. Though now he serves as an Executive Vice President and a Trustee at The Trump Organization. He also is the Founder of the Eric Trump Foundation for terminally ill children at a research hospital in Tennessee. In addition to that, he runs the largest vineyard in Virginia named as Trump Winery, which covers around 200 acres. In 2015, he added a 25,000 square foot luxury hotel on the property.

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#7- Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump
Donald’s Youngest Daughter Tiffany Trump.

Tiffany is the only child of Donald Trump from his second wife, Marla Maples. Like every second girl of this generation, she has a dream to be a singer and to perform in front of a crowd chanting her name and unlike most girls, she has her daddy’s money to do something about it. When she was 18 years old, she recorded her first song titled ‘like a bird’. The song was virtually ignored by everyone due to its heavily autotuned ethereal tune and most of the lyrics being unintelligible. The only phrase which one can recognize is ‘Everybody’s Partyin’. Despite its failure to launch, its still available for download at Amazon.com. This song seems to be the only thing she ever recorded, she is 23 years old now.

Tiffany still recalls how there were healthy homemade chocolates in the Trump Tower when she lived there and how her father would sneak her downstairs to buy her some almond joys from the candy store!

#6- Barron Trump

President Donald J. Trump and his son Barron Trump
Donald J. Trump, Barron Trump and Melania Trump.

Barron Trump is the only child Donald Trump has with his third wife, Melania Knauss. He is the youngest and the cutest of all the Trump children being 11 years old at the present time. He is bilingual and speaks Slovenian and English fluently. Also, he has made guest appearances in TV shows such as ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ but as he got older, his parents wanted to keep him out of the limelight.

He attends the prestigious Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan where he lives with his mother. Trump did not want to uproot him while he was still in school so he decided to keep them in New York until they move to The White House with him as it costs $127,000 per day to provide security for the pair. According to Barron’s mother, he has an entire floor to himself in the ‘Trump Tower’, their fifth avenue penthouse home. It would be quite a melt down for little Barron when he finally has to move to The White House. He is the first president boy in almost sixty years since the previous presidents just had daughters, the last boy being John F. Kennedy Jr in 1961.

#5- Grandchildren

Donald Trump Grandchildren
Besides his five children, Trump also has a squad of grandkids! Donald JR and his wife Vanessa have five children of their own. The eldest being a daughter, Kai Madison, born in 2007, two years after their marriage. Born in 2009, their first son Donald III, named after his father and grandfather, lucky him! And two other son following him, Tristan Milos and Spencer Frederick were born in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Finally, the cutest of all, Chloe Sophia was born in 2014.

Ivanka Trump, who is very close to her father, emotionally and professionally, also has three children with her husband Jared. They welcomed their first daughter Arabella in 2011, a son Joseph Frederick in 2013. He was the second of the grandchildren to share the family name of Frederick.
Trump’s son Eric and his wife are also expecting a child this year so another grandchild shall be added to the list soon.

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#4- Ivana Zelnickova (The First Wife)

Ivana Zelnickova and Donald Trump 1980
Ivana Zelnickova is a Czech-American business woman and a former fashion model. Before marrying Trump, she was married to a real estate agent in 1971. After her divorce in 1973, she left Czechoslovakia and moved to Montreal where she lived with a childhood friend George. He ran a ski boutique while she modeled and improved her English by taking night courses at Mcgill University. By the mid 1970’s she was independent and living in New York when she met son of a real estate developer, Fred Trump. She and Donald just hit it off and were married in 1977. Their lavish wedding became the talk of town. They both invested in many projects together including the Trump Tower. She is the mother of the three eldest Trump children.

By the early 1990’s, rumours began to circulate that Trump was having an affair and Ivana filed for divorce. Their court battle made the national gossips headlines. After the divorce in 1991, she has been married twice till then. She is 68 years old now.

#3- Marla Maples (The Second Wife)

Donald Trump with Marla Maples
Marla Maples is an actress and a TV personality from Georgia. Her claim to being famous is just because of being Trump’s wife despite her appearance in several TV shows and movies. The mysterious ‘other woman’ who resulted in Trump and Ivana split was her. Neither of them truly confirms or denies about when they met but reports are that it happened in 1989. The couple however got married in 1993, two months after their only daughter, Tiffany, was born. In 1994, the couple appeared in an episode of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. She also has co hosted in the pageants of Miss Universe and Miss USA in 1996 and 1997. However in 1999, they both quit their relationship and divorced. She is 53 years old.

#2- Melania Trump (The Third Wife)

Melania Trump,  Wife of Donald Trump
She is Donald Trump’s third and current wife and most people believe that she is the first foreign born First Lady but actually she is the second, the first being John Adam’s wife Louisa in 1825. Prior to becoming the First Lady of the United States, she was known as Melania Knauss. She was born in Slovenia but became a full fledged American citizen in 2006. She began modelling when she was just five years old and is hardly unrecognizable in her early teens as she is 47 years old now. Melania modeled in Milan and Paris before she moved to New York in 1996.

She met Donald Trump at a fashion week party in September 1998. By that time Trump was separated from Marla but not yet divorced, but he began a relationship with Melania anyway. Seems like a familiar pattern! They announced their engagement in 2004 and married in January 2005. The couple’s only son Barron was born in 2006.

#1- Fred Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Family

What most people do not realize is that Donald Trump was not the only child, he has two sisters and two brothers as well. His older sister Marianne is a Senior Judge of the United States Court of appeals. His younger brother Robert is a retired real estate developer and currently serves under the board of directors for Zenimax Media. And, the younger sister Elizabeth works in the banking industry.

It was his older brother Fred Jr who had the deepest impact on Trump’s life. He was a pilot who married a flight attendant, also a domestic maid. He was not as ambitious as his father and brothers, but often regarded as a disappointment, which resulted in conflicts. The constant struggle for acceptance led Freddy down to the wrong path and he became an alcoholic in his 20’s. He succumbed to his addiction in the 1981 and died at an age of 42 which led Trump to abstain from alcohol himself. Trump strongly discourages his own children from indulging as he watched his brother suffer.