How To Buy A Quality Mobility Scooter

Finding a high-quality mobility wheelchair is no simple task. The price, make and model are all important factors, and there are many retailers to choose from.

How To Buy A Quality Mobility Scooter

Before deciding on a chair, rank the importance of each factor and how much weight it holds for you. It will make your final decision easier and lead to a confident purchase. Disabled scooters, provide the flexibility and ease that you need to enjoy the outdoors. Consider ranking the following factors:

  • Size
  • Suspension
  • Wheels/Model
  • Comfort


Scooters are generally divided by their size. Small chairs are for users that plan on using their scooter to aid them in basic everyday tasks around the house or in well-paved public places.

You can use them at shopping centres, the grocery store or even a short trip around the block. It’s not advisable to use small chairs to go long distances, though. For that, it’s best to buy a medium or a large.

Medium scooters are made of a bit sterner stuff, and usually have foam-filled or pneumatic, air-filled, tyres. These chairs can travel longer distances (20-40km) and will serve you outdoors.

Large scooters are heavy duty and will provide maximum comfort and durability. Travelling long distances (30-50km) is much more feasible, and outdoor activities are a breeze. The battery will last longer – depending on usage – allowing you to enjoy longer periods of activity with friends and family.

Suspension System

Your chair’s suspension system will determine the distance and variety of terrain that you can comfortably navigate. Large chairs have high-powered systems which allow them to ride on bumpy surfaces with little damage.

Medium-sized scooters also have a decent system that permits them to take on all but the toughest kinds of terrain. And small chairs have little to no suspension or support. This relegates them to smooth surfaces and indoor use.

Wheels and Model

The model and size of your chair will determine which type of wheels you need. They can be foam-filled, solid or air-filled (pneumatic). The correct choice will vary based on the model of the scooter. Some require a heavy-duty tyre and others run just fine with foam-filled.

The model of chair that’s right for you will depend on your needs and preferences. If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors and travelling many kilometres a day, then a large or medium would be fitting. These categories come with outdoor chairs, luxury scooters, and light models.

The price goes up as a function of size and complexity. Larger scooters require tougher wheels and a hefty battery.


How comfortable your scooter is will vary by what measure of daily comfort you’re accustomed to and how you use the chair. If you plan to be very active, it’s best to consider a large and durable one. If most of your use will be around the house, a small and simple chair should fit your needs.

Think about what activities you’d like to use the scooter for and how often you’ll use it. Those factors will determine in part what kind of chair you need. Contemplate which daily activities will require extra help and how powerful the chair would need to be to do its job in those situations.

Although it may not seem as crucial as the tyres, suspension and size, comfort is equally important. Considering daily use, usability, flexibility, and the power of the scooter is all part of the process. Source.