TOP 10 Most Stunning Fountains in the World

Fountains originally were created to serve functional purposes. They were connected to aqueducts or springs and provided drinking water and also water for washing and bathing. Most of them were very simple but some created then and some made now are very beautiful and attractive. Let us get to discover 10 such most stunning fountains from all over the world.

10. The Fountain of Wealth – Singapore

The Fountain of Wealth (Singapore)
The Fountain of Wealth is located in Singapore and is the largest fountain in this planet. The big bronze ring that is a part of this fountain is designed keeping in mind the Hindu Mandala, which means the universe and symbolically represents the unity and oneness in spirit and also is symbolic of harmony and equality of all religion and races in Singapore. It’s the largest fountain in the world. Also, listed by the Guinness Book of Records the largest in the world.

9. Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain – South Korea

Banpo bridge rainbow fountain South Korea
This is the longest bridge fountain in the world and had set a Guinness World Record with about 10,000 LED nozzles running along both sides, which is 1,140m long and shoots out 190 tons of water every minute. It was installed on the Banpo Bridge in September 2009. Seoul Oh Se-hoon’s former mayor said that the bridge will add to the beauty of the city and reflect the eco-friendliness of Seoul since the water is pumped from the river directly and recycled continuously. The bridge has 380 nozzles on both sides and 38 water pumps.

8. Trevi Fountain – Rome, Italy

Trevi Fountain (Rome, Italy)
This stunning piece of artwork was designed by Nicola Salvi, an Italian architect, and then a few years later Pietro Bracci completed it. It is about 50 meters wide and over 26 meters high, and is the biggest Baroque fountain in Rome and also one of the most popular ones ever. You may even have seen it in many films including the famous La Dolce Vita. It was completed in 1762 and refurbished in 1998.

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7. Bellagio Fountains – Las Vegas, USA

Bellagio Fountains (Las Vegas, USA)
Constructing the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas was very expensive and it cost $40 million but is considered worth every penny spent. The fountains are choreographed to many pieces of music and it presents a water and light show once in every 15-30 minutes. Before this water show starts the water surface is broken by the nozzles and the color of the Bellagio hotel structure changes depending on the event, holiday, show, or day.

6. The Mustangs of Las Colinas

The Mustangs of Las Colinas
These horses in the fountains located in Irving, Texas, are seen running proudly through the water while splashing it and creating a beautiful effect. Though the horses are not real but the way it is created it looks like they are actually running. These sculptures have been created in honor of the legendary wild mustangs, which used to reside in this area a long time ago. The fountain even represents the Native Americans’ dynamism and uses water just as a decorating element.

5. The Burj Khalifa Fountain – Dubai, UAE

The Burj Khalifa Fountain (Dubai, UAE)
Situated in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Lake, this fountain is extremely beautiful and offers a splendid show to see in this gorgeous city. This is the biggest choreographed fountain system and is located in the 30 acres big lake, at the base of the tallest building in the world. The water jets of the fountain can shoot up nearly 150 meters in the air and has 25 color projectors that help the water jets to display many images. These beautiful images can be seen from more than 20 miles away.

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4. Vortex Fountain ‘Charybdis’ – Northern England

Vortex Fountain Charybdis - Northern England
This is an unusual and beautiful fountain that you are not likely to see elsewhere. The water sculptor William Pye created the Charybdis in 2000 in Sunderland, Northern England, for the Seaham Hotel and Spa. Charybdis is a siren’s name that you may have seen mentioned in Homer’s Odysee who got hit by Zeus’ thunderbolt and hence got transformed into a whirlpool as a punishment for stealing Hercules’ oxen. Inspired by this story Pye built this beautiful water fountain.

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3. Aquanura, Efteling

Most Stunning Fountains in the World
Aquanara, designed by Water Entertainment Technologies and Efteling is the third largest fountain show in the world. Within this 15,000 sq meter lake, there are approximately 200 fountain jets and they show a play of light, fog, fire, and water, and are choreographed on the musical artworks that are composed by the popular Brabant Orchestra. This fountain show goes on for 10 minutes in the evening and is witnessed by more than 6500 people every day.

2. Magic Fountain of Montjuic – Barcelona, Spain

Magic Fountain of Montjuic (Barcelona, Spain)
Montjuic’s Magic Fountain is located in the Montjuic neighborhood of Barcelona, at the head of Avenida Maria Cristina. This fountain displays many choreographed performances set to music and light. The show is beautifully stunning and attracts many, many spectators each evening.

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1. Nine Floating Fountains – Osaka, Japan

Nine Floating Fountains - Osaka, Japan

Isamu Noguchi, the Japanese-American landscape artist designed these fountains for the Osaka World Expo in 1970. The fountain looks like it is floating in the sky but in reality, they are supported by hidden pipes that come out of the river. Though they had been built more than 40 years ago they still are very popular.

Each of these 10 fountains is very beautiful. Also, these are masterpieces, examples of great effort and creativity. And this is why they easily attract so many people’s attention from all over the world. These are some of the world’s Most Stunning Fountains.