pompadour hairstyle

Understanding More About Pompadour Hairstyle: How To Style It

Pompadour is a chic and sophisticated haircut that needs time and dedication to achieve the right results.

Is Pompadour Easy to Style?

pompadour hairstyle
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When you hear the mention of pompadour hairstyle, you will think about the celebrities such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash who were famously known for rocking this beautiful and unique haircut. The main component which defines pompadour hairstyle is the volume on the hair at the front and the nicely slicked back hair. When you look at this style from the sides, the voluminous front hair appears like a wedge. That is fundamentally what distinguishes this hairstyle from the rest.

But how do you achieve the desired volume and this shape? When you look at it, it seems like something easy to accomplish, but not everyone can style a pompadour. It is the real art that also needs time and understanding what you are doing.

1. Haircut for The Pompadour Style.

An ideal haircut for the pompadour hairstyle should incorporate an average length on the top, while the manes on the sides and the back should have a tapering off a half an inch. The sides, back and the top ought to be smoothened not to derail the general appearance of the pompadour.

2. How to Style A Pompadour.

Styling a pompadour is not as complicated as many men think. To style it, start by lifting the top hair using a comb. Once you have lifted it and gotten enough volume, take some gel or pomade on your fingers and work it through the hair and cover them with pomade. Once completely covered, start slicking back the hair.

3. How to Slick Your Hair.

Normally, you should slick your hair to the back using a comb. The slicking should start at the back of the top head and not from the front top. From the back head, slick back four inches, and then the next four inches and then compete slicking process by slicking the remaining portion of your hair remaining on the crown. Once you have completed slicking your hair in that order, repeat the same process, but this time start from the front.

pompadour hairstyle classic
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4. Comb Each Slicked Area.

When you are done slicking back your hair, comb through the slicked areas, this time beginning at the temple and finalising at the back of your head. This combing of the slicked back parts makes the hair lift up a little bit. Retouch the areas to flatten them, but leave the front part untouched. -The hair at the front is the one that will come up with short haircuts for men or a quiff, see more on Pinterest. So it shouldn’t be interfered with. Nevertheless, if by combing your hair, you achieved great hair volume, you can ignore flattening of the slicked-back hair.

5. Create the Pompadour Now.

Once you have slicked back and flattened your hair, proceed to the front and style a quiff which is what will finally create a pompadour. Comb the hair in front to gift it a lift. As you hold the hair up with your comb, roll it backward, thus coming up with a wave-like shape. Then take some more pomade on your fingers and apply it on the lifted hair to further define it and roll it back. The rationale for this is that, when observed from the sides, the pompadour appears like a wedge, with the hair at the front being taller and smooth compared to the rest and then decreasing in length as you approach the back of the head. You can retouch your pompadour as much as you need, but remember that the wedge shape should always be maintained.

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Another trick that works excellently for styling a pompadour is the use of hair pick for lifting the manes. The hair pick has longer teeth compared to that of the common comb, which allows you to comb the hair on the front deeply and get enough lift for slicking hair back. For that reason, it is vital to have a hair lift.

Celebrities Who Have Rocked Pompadour Hairstyle.

Pompadour is a famous hairstyle, but we can say despite its stylish look, it was popularised by the celebrities who rocked it. Talented roll singer Johnny Cash was legendary for rocking his cool pompadour in the late 50s. Another star who rocked pompadour hairstyle is Elvis Presley.

Pompadour hairstyle is a right hairstyle for men that will help you hammer the look you need for any occasion and make you stand out from the crowd.