Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia-Ukraine conflict explained in 10 points

Russia-Ukraine conflict: What is the reason of conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Why Russia invading Ukraine is and what does Putin want?

Big powers have been try to cool down by negotiation to Russian President Vladimir Putin to pull back his army to free the borders of Ukraine from Russian Soldier.

Russia-Ukraine conflict: Top 10 conflict at the crossroads of Russia and Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine conflict

Why Russia builds up army near Ukraine border?

1- Ukraine want to join the NATO (a group of 30 country including UK, Germany and US). Russia does not allowed to Ukraine to join NATO and become its member, that will support to Ukraine to expand the grouping footprint to its border.

Another big reason, all members of NATO will show collective support in case of external attack to member country of NATO.

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2- The principle of defense, NATO as more than one time attack on member of NATO will be considered as attack on all members, it enshrined in article 5 of the Washington Treaty. That is why Russia does not allow to Ukraine to consider as part of NATO. Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia said that, its mandatory Ukraine will never be the part of NATO.

Let’s supposed if Ukraine is the member of NATO, Russia will face opposition from all NATO members and could never be happened like yesterday.

3- Another demand of Russia to pull back NATO forces and will not expand into Ukraine.

According to the article 4 of the agreement stated that all members of NATO will not deployed Military forces and weaponry in the territory of any other country in Europe. Therefore according to this article Russia do open violation by attack early in the morning on 24 February 2022 On Ukraine capital.

After Russian President declared war, 70 people were reported killed in Ukraine capital and elsewhere. US President gives remarks, Vladimir Putin show aggression and he will be responsible for all consequences.

4- In October, 2021 Russia starts moving Military forces near the Ukraine border with out any official notice and start incision.

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5- In mid December, 2021 Russian Foreign Minister issued a set of ultimatum to restrict Ukraine the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and also withdraw NATO troop and in Eastern Europe.

The United State rejects this demand and warned to Russia, if it is started from Ukraine, economic sanctions and other assistance has been deployed.

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6- This crises is basically start in 2013 when Ukraine start protest  against his Prime minister decision to reject a deal for economic with the European Union.

After a violation crackdown by stat security of forces enhances greater number of protester as a result President fled the country in February 2014.

7- Russian President secures the right of Russian citizen and in March 2014 took control of Ukraine Crimean region.

Due to this conflict it will increase the tension in Russian relationships with Unites State and Europe.

 8- Ukraine wants to be a member of NATO and it has been promised in 2008 by George W Bush. Ukraine waiting for membership of NATO which is still pending.

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9- Ukraine can divided into Eastern and western part, which are being close to Russia and other portion aligned to European Union.

10- Russia recognized Donetsk and Lahaska are separate regions. Russia has huge army and also have 10 time more budget then Ukraine. Therefore Ukraine need help of an organization such as NATO.

Ukraine purchase Weapon from Turkey and West including lethal, Tanks Drones that play a crucial role this war.

What is the main conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

The Russian Federation and Ukraine are currently in a state of war: the Russo-Ukrainian War began in 2014 following the Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine across a broad front. Source

What did Russia take from Ukraine?

In February and March 2014, Russia invaded and subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. This event took place in the aftermath of the Revolution of Dignity and is part of the wider Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

Is Ukraine under Russia?

The Ukrainian SSR was a founding member of the Soviet Union in 1922. The country regained its independence in 1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.