10 Summer fashion trends we’re looking forward to in 2020

Fashion is no longer a luxury for the deep pockets. The growing bourgeois and their interest in betterment of the lifestyle and forced fashion houses to improvise and capture their interests. Every year, famous fashion designers and manufacturers come up with tons of designs for the growing population. Designs change every few weeks with each collection matching an upcoming event or ongoing preference. They say fashion is too fast to follow but the common population can now easily afford a change of wardrobe every few months, if not weeks. With the vacation season around the corner, you will be needing fashion updates about what is trending and what is not, who is wearing this and who is wearing that. Read on to decide what your statement style for this season would be.

10. Trench coats

Trench coats

Although we can’t help but associate coat with cold but it is the new fad this season. Trench coats can be donned with anything to complete the outfit and are available in the market in a variety of colours and designs. There is a complete range of prices as well pushing itself onto any low end buyer to the most affluent consumers. You should be owning a trench coat by the time that you are 30. You may be able to couple it up with anything and never have that “I-have-nothing-to-wear” moment. There are slouchy fabrics and big buckles to add to the whole major trenching coating.

9. Stripes

Trends spring summer 2017 beach stripes
source; elle.com

Stripes are back and the good part is that they are not very extreme which means they are neither too narrow nor too wide to seemingly create a path for a truck! It is one of the major summer trends this year and whether you feel that they have come off lounge chairs or from beach umbrellas- stripes are staying and some outfits truly slaying.

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8. Khaki shades

Khaki shades ummer 2017 trends
image source; elle.com

From evening and lunch wear to street wear, khakis are trending on every design house’s list. We have seen some very modest pullovers with khaki pants and wearable separates not accentuating the figure but showing the cuts and cocktail hems that they have been given by designers. The utilitarian material has also been used for trench coats that is on our list and has been merged with printed silk skirts to create a touch of subtlety.

7. Yellows

nyfw spring 2017 yellow looks
image source; elle.com

No matter what your skin tone is, there is a perfect yellow on any one of the shelves stocked with the summer collection by different powerhouses and manufacturers of clothing this year. From sharp tones in contrast with black buttons to interlocks beneath pullovers in other colours- yellow is the colour of this summer. Bright and lively, it can liven up your closet just by being there; just like sunlight, just like sunflowers in an otherwise shabby garde- which being said says enough for yellow!

6.Banker Stripes

trends spring summer 2017 banker stripes
source; elle.com

Banker stripes have been inspired from the Wall Street geeks but the look has been modified just enough to make it look suitable for luncheons and streetstyle. So whether your street style is a couple of matching separates paired with an under toned shirt or you prefer those rather revealing necklines in opposition to buttoned up halter neck collars- banker stripes are the fad for summer of 2020.

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5. Shoulder cut off

trends spring summer 2017 shoulder cutout
source; elle.com

Imagine a whole outfit covering you up from everywhere except one shoulder- yes! That is the strategic placement of cut offs which creates maximum impact. Single cut off shoulders are the new trend replacing the very prominent off shoulder tops and peekaboo shoulders that are just waving us goodbye from the last block before they take a turn around the corner and disappear altogether for a couple of years. Ranging from tracksuits to evening formal gowns, cut off shoulders are there to stay.

4. Sleeve slits

Sleeve slits

Why does fashion focus so much around the shoulders and the sleeves? Some ensembles exude grace and fashion merely because of a small cut here or a little swag there. Sleeve slits are also one fashion trend that make an otherwise quite simple dress look chic and so designer. Their length ranges where some start from the shoulders, others begin from the elbows.

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3. White tops

White tops

Interestingly white summer tops are the rage of the season. Designers have managed it extremely well to give them an oomph by adding hemlines and cuts that seem quite unexpected. A casual top would apparently look harmless but when tried on, you would find it accentuating your waistline because of that unexpected cut and stretchability around the waist. Add a few white wearables to your summer wardrobe especially if you are working. You could rotate the tops with the only a few lowers during the whole season. Not only tops but also dresses completely in white will be a good addition to the trendy summer clothes.

2. Folding waistlines

Folding waistlines Summer fashion trends

This season you can banish your boring waistlines and seek folding options for the lowers be it skirts, pants or shorts. You won’t be able to wear a belt with these so they will have to be tailored with hooks and adjustments inside to make them fit around your waistline. Pair it with a jacket or a cut off shoulder top to complete the chic summer look that you need.

1. Ruffles

Ruffles Summer fashion trends

Our most favorite trend of the season are ruffles. Depending on how strategically they have been placed on the garment, ruffles make the shabbiest dresses more feminine and fashionable. Fashion designers are pairing up ruffled sleeves tops with palazzo pants and skirts to give you that chic look which is neither too low amongst your circles nor too overdone.

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The soul of his design house, Ralph Lauren himself said that “Fashion is something that comes from within you.” Sometimes a simple item would make a statement piece for you as it depends on what you want to make of a clutch that you carry or a headband that you wear. Sometimes it is just a little twist, a cut or a small slit that defines your fashion sense. Couple it up with these latest trends and you will make a good entry everywhere you go!