Top 5 Things To Do in Yangon Myanmar

Yangon, formally known as Rangoon, is the biggest city of Myanmar and a chief tourist attraction. Each year, Yangon attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world as it has some of the most widely acclaimed Buddhist pagodas and some notable and unique shopping articles that are a product of Yangon, Myanmar, only. Myanmar has long been a turbulent city exposed to the face of significant political unrest but now, fortunately, things are changing and the country has opened its gates for the people coming from all over the world. Now is the best time to explore this mysterious land and plan your next vacation to it.

Best Things to do in Yangon.

While planning you should also make a list of things to do in Yangon Myanmar. You must be thinking what activities you should during your visit to Yangon, we have done the work for you, and following are five of the must do in Yangon:

1. Visit Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda

When in Yangon making a visit to Shwedagon Pagoda should be the foremost things to do around Yangon. As mentioned earlier, Myanmar is known for its Buddhist relics and sky scrapping pagodas; Shwedagon Pagoda is the most significant religious destination in the entire Myanmar. It is also a best place to witness the ancient Buddhist culture; As you will see great amount of people performing prayers and walking around the base of the pagoda. The top of the pagoda is called ‘hti’, it is infused with gold and thousands of jewels and diamonds. Definitely breathtaking, and a sure place to visit.

2. Indulge with Local Cuisine

Myanmar is located between India, China and Thailand. It means that its cuisine is sufficiently suffused with all three regions plus their own flavours. While walking around the city, it is impossible that you do not come across several food stalls. Though there are good notable restaurants in Yangon but if you want to get a taste of real Myanmar food then trying out some street food one of the sure things to do in Yangon. Talking of local food, there are several dishes you must try. Some of them are mohinga, a bowl of rice noodles flavoured with fish broth, and spices, laphet thoke, rice congee, pork skewers and a number of stir fried dishes and curries.

3. Try Local Beauty Options

Things To Do in Yangon Myanmar

The very first thing that you may notice about women of Myanmar is their beautiful skin and glossy hair that are products of natural beauty ingredients. Besides going natural, there are a number of local spas that deal in traditional treatments. Some of them include; Shambalar Wellness Spa, The Spa Villa’ge, Eros Healthy and Beauty Spa and Sapel Traditional Burmese Foot Spa. To the natural side, women use homemade Tayaw shampoo that give their locks enviable lustre and shine. The shampoo is made by combining the bark of Tayaw and Kinpun tree fruit. Thanaka, made form a local tree’s bark, is the long held secret to Burmese women’s healthy and beautiful skin that you can get and take back home too.

4. Take a Trip to Bogyoke Aung San Market

Trip to Bogyoke Aung San Market

Yangon has a lot of local fresh markets that you would love visit, including; The infamous Chinatown Market. But if you are short on time and need to choose then Bogyoke Aung San Market should be the one to choose. Formally known with its colonial name; Scott Market, Bogyoke Aung San Market is a nearly century old place, which is now slowly fading away. It is notable for its shops having unique and rare collection of tapestries, lacquerware, jewellery and gems. The market is large and huge and you will need plenty of breaks to have a full visit. The place is filled with skilful artists and tailors that can fix anything with blazing speed. And the market is a perfect place to quench your thirst for photography.

5. Enjoy the Yangon Nightlife

Yangon Nightlife

Just because Myanmar started late on modernizing does not mean that it’s a boring place. It’s not at all, and it is evident from its lively nightlife. Yangon has a significant number of nightclubs and bars that offer lavish entertainment and delicious food. And also they have added more attraction for tourists. Some of the notable nightlife destinations in Yangon include; Blind Tiger, 50th Street Bar and Grill, British Club Bar, Coffee Club and Hola Dance Club. If you are a clubbing fanatic then Yangon definitely has something to offer.

Myanmar may not be your regular western style tourist place. But, it definitely worth a visit if you want to have a taste of rich cultural heritage and, of course, genuine art pieces. Did you visit Yangon? What activities you find interesting there? Please comment and share your experiences.